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Matthew Bourne's Dorian Gray is a Gay Fragrance Model


Matthew Bourne, choreographer of the all-male Swan Lake and several other transformed works, has been working on a version of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. The final version is set to debut in August in Edinburgh. Like most of his other works, it's taken to a new place:

Dorian2"Having decided to bring the piece to the present day, the two men had to choose an appropriate milieu for Dorian. They finally settled on the world of arty, upscale photography. Brotherston's plan for the set is an ingenious revolve that can turn the production on a sixpence between loft apartment, studio, club and even the Royal Opera House. Dorian's beauty becomes immortalised through an ad campaign, rather than through a painted portrait, as in Wilde's novel. 'We were trying to think how a person would become the talk of the town today, and it had to be through an image that you see everywhere. So Basil [the portrait-painter in Wilde] is going to be an iconic photographer, someone like Annie Leibovitz, and Dorian is going to become the face of a new perfume, like in a Calvin Klein ad.'"

A clip from Bourne's all-male Swan Lake, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Matthew Bourne to Stage Gay Romeo and Juliet Ballet


Matthew Bourne, who dazzled audiences with his all-male version of Swan Lake in 1995, plans to tackle Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in an upcoming production entitled Romeo, Romeo, the Sunday Times reports.

Bourne says that the adaptation presents challenges due to the male-female dynamic of traditional dance partnering:

"It’s more to do with dancing than with sexuality. A male dancer, whether he’s gay or straight, fits into a relationship with a female partner very happily. Getting away from that, making a convincing love duet, a romantic, sexual duet, for two men that is comfortable to do and comfortable to watch — I don’t know if you can. I’ve never seen it done...I have a way of approaching it so as to make it — I hate to say ‘acceptable’, it’s a terrible thing to say — but so that people don’t run screaming from the theatre. I let them find their own way with it, take it as far as they want in their own heads."

Bourne plans to begin rehearsals early next year after a summer of improvisation and testing of scenes with small groups of dancers.


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