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McDonald's New Hamburgular Is A DILF In A Mask: WATCH

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McDonald’s has been dealing with an image problem for the past few years. As other fast food chains like Chipotle, Panera, and Subway have made inroads with more health-minded consumers, the iconic hamburger empire’s struggled to keep pace. The chain’s recently revamped its menu and introduced a new happy meal character (clearly meant to scare children) but its latest brand makeover is almost assuredly targeting demographic.

McDonald’s has unveiled the new Hamburgular to be featured in a set of super villain-themed ads and let’s just say that he’s...well he’s fine.

"We felt it was time to debut a new look for the Hamburglar after he’s been out of the public eye all these years," McDonald's' Vice President of U.S. Marketing Joel Yashinsky explained to Mashable. "He’s had some time to grow up a bit and has been busy raising a family in the suburbs and his look has evolved over time."

Over the years the Hamburgular has been both a troll-like old man and a rambunctious, ginger-headed child. With this new incarnation, perhaps McDonald's can convince a few gay couples to have the Hamburgular show up and cater their weddings. Check out the first of the new Hamburgular ad spots AFTER THE JUMP...

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McDonald's Suspends Security Guard After He Tells Gay Men To Stop Kissing in UK Restaurant


A security guard at a McDonald's in Leicester, England has been suspended after telling two gay man to stop kissing, claiming that the couple would make "people feel uneasy." One of the men, Matthew Dummigan (above), says he felt “insulted” and “belittled” and claims that the kiss he shared with his companion "wasn't even a proper kiss, it was a peck."

Dummigan asked the guard if his "no kissing" rule also applied to straight people. Apparently it didn't. The Leicester Mercury reports:

The 23-year-old said he then asked if it would be "acceptable" if his friend had been female – to which the doorman replied "yes". “He said it was making people feel uneasy.

“It was really upsetting for me.” Matthew, of Leicester city centre, was with four friends at the time. “I tried to confront him about it,” said Matthew. “I told him his attitude wasn’t right. I was really angry and upset.

 “Gay people can get married and divorced, yet they get told off for showing a bit of affection - his attitude was so outdated. One of my friends stuck up for us and he got chucked out,” he added.

The burger chain has suspended the security guard while they investigate and have apologized to Dummigan:

“We are very sorry for Mr Dummigan’s experience when visiting our restaurant. We have taken this complaint very seriously and are conducting a thorough internal investigation and while this is happening have suspended the security guard in question. Our customer care team is in touch with Mr Dummigan.”

The head of the Leicester LGBT Centre has issued a response saying that he's “disgusted but not surprised” about the incident. He added: “Things like this demonstrate that we are nowhere near where we should be when it comes to equality. We are around 25 to 30 years behind."

McDonald's Is Rebranding to Take Advantage of All the Lovin' That's Going Around


For years right-wing loons warned about the devastating consequences that might befall America should gay people be allowed to marry their loved ones - but no doomsayer could have predicted all our talk of love might lead to something like this...

The AP reports:

As the world’s biggest hamburger chain fights to hold onto customers, the company unveiled a new marketing strategy and ads it says will emphasize the “love” in its long-running “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan.

As part of the push, McDonald’s released TV ads it says will begin airing this week, including an animated video where the Joker and the Batman, a mail man and a dog, a blue donkey and red elephant and Smurfs and Gargamel show affection to each other and share McDonald’s products.

The upbeat spot ends with the words “Choose Lovin’, “ encompassed by a ring of hearts. 

McDonald's says it will also be “assuming less” and listening more to customers and pointed to the company's new campaign starring sellout former Mythbuster Grant Imahara that features customers asking tough questions about the fast food corporation's processed goodies.  

Foodies vs McDonald's, A Taste Test Trick: VIDEO

McDonald's vs Foodies

You've no doubt seen this experiment done with everything from water to wine, but here's another one for the pile: can trained foodies tell the difference between fresh, organic food and standard McDonald's fast food fare? Netherlands-based LifeHunters decided to find out the answer by doing some shopping at McDonald's and re-plating the food before handing out samples to quality- and health-minded individuals at a food convention in Houton. 

You already know the results - they couldn't - but it's still a fascinating thing to see in action how much that what we believe we're eating affects our perception of quality. You'll need to turn on English subtitles, but you can watch the video AFTER THE JUMP...

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Transgender Woman Denied Access To Bathroom At Richmond, VA McDonald's: VIDEO


McDonald's made the news this week, though not for the usual reasons (obesity, unhealthy fast food, burning hot coffee, etc...). Eryn Brown, a transgender woman from Richmond, VA says that the restaurant denied her entry to the women's restroom. Brown has been protesting outside the McDonald's.

GayRVA reports:

“They would either stop me at the door or just before I got to the door,” Brown told WRIC-CBS 6. “They told me that I wasn’t to use the women’s bathroom, I’m to use the men’s.”

There is no law protecting or requiring equal treatment for transgender people here in VA, and Brown said this is an issue trans people face often.

“That’s something that all transwomen face,” she said. “Violence and possibly getting raped.”

According to the news report, McDonald's management has claimed that they will look closely at the situation for evidence of customer mistreatment or discrimination. 

Watch the CBS 6 story, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Arkansas Transwoman Fired For Using Women's Restroom: VIDEO

Kaye Bowens

Kaye Bowens of Star City, Arkansas claims she was fired from her job at McDonald's for using the women's restroom. Bowens is transgender, a fact that she was up front with from the very beginning of her employment, and had been using the women's room for three months without issue. Then one day two weeks ago a shift manager confronted her about it, and the next day Bowens was called into the general manager's office and fired. 

Bowens threatened with a lawsuit and was offered her job back, but only on the condition that she used the men's room going forward. The franchise owner Michael Retzer issued the following statement about the incident:

We believe in the value of a diverse workforce, equal opportunity and a workplace free from all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment.  As such, we continue to do our best to meet the needs of our employees and customers, and we are reviewing this situation carefully. It is important for us to share that the employee in question is a current employee and has not been terminated. We have asked the employee to discuss this issue with us, but we have not received a response.

Bowens in the meantime has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and is considering hiring a lawyer. You can watch a news interview with Bowens AFTER THE JUMP...

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