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McFly's Harry Judd is Sweetened Up, Bound in Public: VIDEO


Harry Judd of the UK boyband McFly, who won 'Sexiest Man of the Year' at last week's Attitude magazine awards, gets objectified as the Master of Mischief in a new Sour Patch Kids commercial.

The sweet part, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Light Bulb Ban, Shia LeBeouf, Evolution, Torture Orders

road.jpg CLOSET OF FEAR: Congressional candidate Jared Polis discusses his trip to Iraq and his attempts to meet with gay Iraqis there.

road.jpg New poll shows Hillary Clinton losing lead in New Hampshire. Final debates before Iowa - Republicans tonight, Democrats tomorrow - will prove critical.

Mcflyroad.jpg McFly: the Brit boyband we've featured four times already for taking off their clothes in public, have done it ONCE AGAIN. Strangely enough, I don't think I've heard any of their songs.

road.jpg Gay historian Allan Berube dies at 61: "Berube is best remembered for his groundbreaking work of gay history, Coming Out Under Fire: The History of Gay Men and Women in World War II, published in 1990. The Lambda Literary Award–winning book was later adapted by Arthur Dong into a Peabody Award–winning documentary and was often cited in 1993 Senate hearings on the military’s ban on gay service members." More from Servicemen's Legal Defense Network...

road.jpg One hundred million pennies laid out in Rockefeller Center in New York: "The exhibit, 30 feet by 165 feet, as long as a city block, is the culmination of the nonprofit organization Common Cents' 17th annual Penny Harvest, a national educational program designed to teach children about their value as contributors to society."

road.jpg David Cooley, owner of West Hollywood's The Abbey bar and restaurant, ready to take it national: "Cooley intends to build Abbeys in cities across the country, and has spent much of the past year scouting locations including San Diego, Phoenix, Miami, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Las Vegas; the plan is for the first new Abbey to open in Chicago within a year."

Dinosaurroad.jpg Scientists discover massive new Antarctic dinosaur: 25 feet long, climbed trees.

road.jpg Humans evolving rapidly according to researchers: "Many of the recent genetic changes reflect differences in the human diet brought on by agriculture, as well as resistance to epidemic diseases that became mass killers following the growth of human civilizations, the researchers said. For example, Africans have new genes providing resistance to malaria. In Europeans, there is a gene that makes them better able to digest milk as adults. In Asians, there is a gene that makes ear wax more dry. The changes have been driven by the colossal growth in the human population -- from a few million to 6.5 billion in the past 10,000 years -- with people moving into new environments to which they needed to adapt, added Henry Harpending, a University of Utah anthropologist."

road.jpg Ireland to ban incandescent light bulbs by the year 2009.

Shiaroad.jpg Shia LeBeouf gets off.

road.jpg Sacha Baron Cohen obsessed with big packages: "Of the many surprises in Sweeney Todd, Tim Burton's musical ode to early-Victorian cannibalism, the appearance of Sacha Baron Cohen as barber rival Adolfo Pirelli is one of the most pleasant: The British comedian ably tackles the part's considerable vocal challenges, and cuts a fine figure in a form-fitting, periwinkle dandy suit, beneath which protrudes a bulge even more distractingly prominent than the one poking out of Borat's signature neon nutthong swimwear."

road.jpg Former CIA interrogator on torture: "This isn’t something done willy nilly. It’s not something that an agency officer just wakes up in the morning and decides he’s going to carry out an enhanced technique on a prisoner. This was a policy made at the White House, with concurrence from the National Security Council and Justice Department."

road.jpg In honor of the Cycle 9 finale of America's Next Top Model tonight, NewNowNext rounds up the show's most pro-gay and just gay moments. Meanwhile, AfterElton looks at the year in gay television.

News: Cheney Impeachment, Gavin Rossdale, Jenkem, Iraq Gays

road.jpg As safe houses close, Iraqi gay activist Ali Hili says world has left them behind: "Over 30 gay residents who we cared for in these three safe houses now have to take their chances in a country where religious militia regularly seek out gays and execute them. Several months ago, two lesbians working with Iraqi LGBT were assassinated in the safe house they were running in Najaf, along with a young boy the women had rescued from the sex industry. We feel deserted by the international gay community. Few people seem to care about our fate."

Cheneyroad.jpg Dennis Kucinich to force vote on impeachment resolution against Vice President Dick Cheney. And he's not stopping there....

road.jpg Jenkem is the shit: Florida police investigating new fecal drug craze. Disgusting.

road.jpg Scottish parliament considering sexual orientation hate crime law: "There are no guarantees that enough MSPs will support the bill, but it appears to have received a warm welcome from the government. Today it comes before a committee of the Scottish Parliament."

Glendonroad.jpg Bush to nominate anti-gay Harvard law professor Mary Ann Glendon as U.S. ambassador to the Vatican: "Glendon, 69, is an anti-abortion scholar and an opponent of gay marriage who also has written on the effects of divorce and increased litigation on society. Her 1987 book 'Abortion and Divorce in Western Law' was critical of the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that established a legal right to abortion."

road.jpg Eric Dane is a silver fox.

road.jpg CBS News on LOGO expanding to half-hour weekly broadcast: "Brian Graden, Logo president and president of MTV Networks Music Group Entertainment, said Monday afternoon that the network had gotten to the point where it had the distribution and roster of advertisers to take things to another level. 'It seemed like there was enough news to sustain that (half-hour) format and then some, and that the audience had a concentrated interest' a year out from the 2008 general elections, Graden said. He didn't rule out further news programming based on how things go."

Rossdaleroad.jpg Gavin Rossdale flexes his tennis chops.

road.jpg Discharged lesbian nurse battling "Don't Ask, Don't Tell": "Margaret Witt's ACLU lawyer told a federal appeals court panel in Seattle that child molesters in the armed forces are treated more leniently than homosexuals because molesters don't face mandatory discharge. Witt contends the policy-driven discharge violated her right to be free from governmental intrusion in her private life, and that her lawsuit against the Air Force should be reinstated...Witt, 42, spent more than 18 years building a stellar reputation as a McChord Air Force Base nurse who saved the lives of soldiers on medical-evacuation missions. Twice decorated by President Bush, her career was on the rise until an anonymous tipster told the Air Force in 2004 that Witt, a major, was in a long-term relationship with a civilian woman."

road.jpg British boyband McFly are pube-burning sensations at G-A-Y nightclub in London.

road.jpg Slow-going as jury selection enters day two for Florida Rep. Bob Allen: "It's "very unusual" for jury selection on a second-degree misdemeanor charge of soliciting a prostitute to enter a second day, attorneys agreed. 'The typical misdemeanor trial would generally have jury selection concluded in a half-day or less, and some are done as quickly as an hour or two,' said Michelle Perlman, misdemeanor division chief for Brevard's State Attorney's Office. Many potential jurors were dismissed immediately after they said they believed Allen, accused in July of agreeing to pay an undercover police officer he encountered in a Titusville park bathroom $20 to perform a sex act, was guilty based on media accounts."

News: Gaysted, McFly, Grace Kelly, Molly Ivins, Al Franken

road.jpg Columnist Molly Ivins has died of cancer at 62: Tribute: "But there was more to Molly Ivins than insightful political commentary packaged in an aw-shucks Southern charm. In the coming days, much will be made of Molly's contributions to the liberal cause, how important she was as an authentic female voice on opinion pages across the country, her passionate and eloquent defense of the poorest and the weakest among us against the corruption of the most powerful, and the joy she took in celebrating the uniqueness of American culture -- and all of this is true. But more than that, Molly Ivins was a woman who loved and cared deeply for the world around her. And her warm and generous spirit was apparent in all her words and deeds."

Gracekellyroad.jpg Princess Stephanie of Monaco says her late mother Grace Kelly would have approved of pop star Mika's chart-topping song referencing her: "He is very talented and handsome and I'm sure my mother would have liked the song very much." Said Mika of the icon: "The song is all about identity and what people expect of me and how I'm perceived. I think Grace Kelly was a rebel and I liked that about her, rather than actresses like Audrey Hepburn or Sophia Loren." (more on Mika...)

road.jpg Aussie Olympian Ian Thorpe and Lachlan Murdoch team up to fight AIDS in Papua New Guinea: "Thorpe says the disease threatens to wipe out up to 30 per cent of PNG's future workforce. 'We've listened to what the local interests are, to what's required here,' he said. 'It's wonderful to be able to see Australian businesses and PNG businesses coming together.' The business coalition launch raised close to $1 million in pledges."

road.jpg African LGBT leaders angry that British activist Peter Tatchell and his group Outrage! are getting into their business.

Mcfly_3road.jpg Brit boyband McFly takes it off in the new Attitude.

road.jpg Gaysted: "Heterosexual people getting so wasted, they slip into seemingly gay acts. The loose definition: It is when you are soooo drunk (wasted) and dudes start dancing with you and you just sort of go along with it and then they start putting their arms around you and you just kind of keep rolling with it because you're drunk and you sort of think the dude is being your dancefloor bro, but then when you sober up you realize that the situash is sort of weird. when this happens, you tell your friends, 'dude, i got so gaysted last night.'"

road.jpg Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley gets ready to offer fashion commentary on Oscar's red carpet.

road.jpg High school wrestler from Valentine, Nebraska who spread Herpes to 24 guys on 10 different teams at a wrestling meet in late December not likely to have a valentine this year. (via deadspin)

road.jpg Al Franken to run for U.S. Senate from Minnesota: "In a statement, Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Ron Carey said he was confident Minnesotans 'will reject Franken's divisive, scorched-earth attacks.' The state Democratic Party declined to comment. Should he win the Democratic primary in Minnesota, Franken would take on Republican Norm Coleman (news, bio, voting record), a first-term senator who is among the Democrats' top targets. Coleman declined to comment Wednesday."

News: Cuban Gays, Darren Hayes, Bradley Whitford, Naked McFly

road.jpg Has the 2006 mid-term election already been stolen? Let's hope not.
(via virtual matter)

Mcfly_1road.jpg Brit band McFly in steamy Swedish interview.

road.jpg Police continue search for 19-year-old Daquan McGill, suspected in the murder of 55-year-old John Canora. Canora's body was found decomposing in his home in Howard Beach after a fatal beating. Police suspect McGill and Canora were involved sexually.

road.jpg Genetically altered HIV virus proves successful in battling AIDS in early trials.

road.jpg Studio 60 actor Bradley Whitford makes calls on behalf of Fair Wisconsin to help fight amendment banning same-sex marriage in that state: "Whitford told voters that he was a Madison native and University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate, and reminded them to show up at the polls on Tuesday. Fair Wisconsin spokesman Josh Freker said that the group will have called about 1.6 million people in the last stretch of the campaign."

Darrenhayesroad.jpg Notoriously private Darren Hayes, who came out of the closet and married his partner earlier this year, is set to release a new documentary look into the private life of a performer. Hayes: "It's an inside look at the person I've become today. And it looks back on a period which now, with retrospect, was a difficult time for the ego. It was a really transitional period in my life."

road.jpg Cuban TV introduces gay characters on soap opera: "Some of the island's gays say the overwhelming popularity of 'The Hidden Side of the Moon' is proof Cuba's hardline communist government has become more tolerant of homosexuals. In the past, gays in Cuba were routinely harassed and beaten by police. Other gays, however, took issue with the fact the gay characters on the show are HIV-positive. 'The simple fact that they put a gay issue on TV shows a lot,' said Oilime, a gay Cuban who would only provide his first name. 'But it promoted the idea that if you sleep with a gay man, you will get a fatal illness.'"

road.jpg 37%: Men in India who have reported having a homosexual experience.

News: UFO, Firefighters, McFly, American Idols

road.jpg Tee hee. Samuel Alito's daughter pretend married her friend in the Facebook. Ha ha. A Supreme Court justice's daughter mocking the struggles of a minority group. Hysterical.

road.jpg American Bar Association says Bush is violating the Constitution; says President threatens democracy by overstepping his authority and attaching challenges to hundreds of new laws. ABA president Michael Greco: "This report raises serious concerns crucial to the survival of our democracy. If left unchecked, the president's practice does grave harm to the separation of powers doctrine, and the system of checks and balances that have sustained our democracy for more than two centuries."

Mcflyroad.jpg Boyband McFly in onstage strip show at London's G-A-Y.

road.jpg A Wisconsin woman, Dale Leibowitz, has given Fair Wisconsin $275,000 to fight the proposed amendment to ban same-sex marriage in that state.

road.jpg A sneak peak at the new Justin Timberlake vid; here's when you can see it.

road.jpg Astronaut Buzz Aldrin says a UFO buzzed Apollo 11: "Now, obviously the three of us weren't going to blurt out, 'Hey, Houston, we've got something moving alongside of us and we don't know what it is,' you know? We weren't about to do that, because we knew that that those transmissions would be heard by all sorts of people and somebody might have demanded we turn back because of aliens or whatever the reason is."

Scottish_firefightersroad.jpg Scottish firefighters target gay bars to bring more recruits into the service. Poster: Macho, straight, institutional, tough, white, masculine, rough, hard: We're breaking down stereotypes: why don't you?"

road.jpg Senator Inhofe, our favorite piehole as of late, has compared those who believe in global warming to Nazis: "It kind of reminds . . . I could use the Third Reich, the big lie." (via americablog)

road.jpg NZ STUDY: Gay males receive better health care than gay females.

road.jpg American Idols to visit George Bush at the White House.


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