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Ted Haggard Starting New Church in His Living Room

Ted Haggard is back in the church business:

Haggard "Haggard will hold his first gathering at 7 p.m. Nov. 12 at his house at 1865 Old Ranch Road. He referred to it as a 'prayer meeting,' but said it would also be correct to call it a church. The gathering will include music and an offering to New Life Church. Haggard also will give a talk about the power of prayer. Although Haggard said just recently he had no plans to start a church, he changed his mind two weeks ago after talking to a friend in Florida who was involved in prayer meetings. Haggard anticipates that 10 to 20 people will show up, and said he has no expectations of building his new enterprise into something on the scale of New Life. 'For this prayer meeting, I have no goals,' he said. 'I have no secret hope that more people will come. I am not driven as I was. Before I focused on the Great Commission. Now I focus on helping other people.'”

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News: Martha Stewart, Iran, Wilson Cruz, India, Dustin Milligan

 roadManhattan DA pledges to investigate NYPD for false arrests of gay men in New York City.

Vets roadTwo gay veterans, together for more than 50 years, reconsider marriage.

 roadMartha Stewart prepares Chinese lunch after her Chow puppy perishes in a propane explosion.

 roadHate-watch groups keep eyes on Utah after Buttars scandal.

 roadWilson Cruz speaks out about criticisms of effeminate portrayals in He's Just Not That Into You: “I want to see more effeminate men on television and in film. I think there is a lack of that. The more we see effeminate men on screen, the more we can help those young people who are exactly that feel okay about it. And that’s really the whole point of my career.”

Eye  roadTehran court rules woman blinded by a man who threw acid in her face will get an eye for an eye. "Bahrami, who moved to Barcelona after the attack to get medical treatment, said the court had originally ruled that she was entitled to have the man blinded in only one eye in Iran because 'each man is worth two women'. 'But I explained to the judge that with one eye one can still live,' she told top-selling newspaper El Pais in another interview. The court then ruled that the man would be blinded in both eyes if in exchange Bahrami agreed to give up the 20,000 euros (25,000 dollars) which she was set to receive from her assailant's family."

 roadMichael Jackson to appear on American Idol?

Deer  roadRun! UK hunters line up for chance to kill rare white deer.

 roadEcstasy may be effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

 roadEx "ex-gay" urges others to confront their sexuality: "Whitfield, a veteran Sacramento attorney, quit years of therapy that he once thought would exorcize his homosexuality. Today he is openly gay and has lent his voice in opposition to California's ban on gay marriage."

 roadGay marriage vs. Democracy: "Like it or not, the California Constitution notes a basic truth in a democratic society: 'All political power is inherent in the people.' Advocates of same-sex marriage might do better by treating those people not as opponents to be defeated but as allies to be won."

 roadIs Avalon Equity/Window Media mogul David Unger's 'empire' on the verge of collapse? Wouldn't surprise me.

Milligan  road90210's Dustin Milligan gets sexed up for V.

 roadI declare it a tie.

 road"Concerned Christians" launch hate drive over public forum scheduled over rescinded gay rights ordinance in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

 roadPossible love mystery surrounds final two male competitors on Big Brother Brazil.

 roadGavin Rossdale runs around half-naked for a day.

 roadCourt in Mumbai, India grants bail to man whose wife accused him of having a gay affair: "Shrivastav's wife Pooja had on February 16 filed the complaint against her husband under Section 377 of IPC for allegedly having a homosexual relationship with a man, whom he met on the internet. Earlier, on Thursday the court had granted anticipatory bail to the man, an officer in the merchant navy, with whom Shrivastav was allegedly involved. Shrivastav and Pooja have been married for the last 15 years and have a son. In her complaint, Pooja had stated that she became aware of her husband's homosexuality in 1998 and had tried hard to rid him of his ways."

 roadTed Haggard scandal "haunts" Mike Jones: "It's like a cancer I can't escape. I will forever be tied to this story."

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #424

DENVER SIGHTSEEING: Michelangelo Signorile and Mike Jones visit the apartment where Jones had sex with Ted Haggard.

SHINING LIGHT: The new Annie Lennox single.

CHER ON MADONNA: A new clip from Nadya Ginsburg.

GOOGLE EARTH 5.0: The new version allows you to see historical imagery, dive beneath the ocean's surface, and record a tour of your travels.

Ted Haggard: 'I am the Chiefest of Sinners'


Tired of Ted Haggard yet? I pray we get some rest from this PR blitz soon but somehow I've got a feeling his mouth's not shutting anytime soon.

Unfortunately I'm without HBO so I haven't yet seen The Trials of Ted Haggard which aired last night, though no doubt many of you did. Please tell us your thoughts in the comments section. Haggard and his wife were interviewed about his time "in the wilderness" on CBS' Early Show.

Watch that interview, and a new clip with Grant Haas, the church volunteer who recently came forward, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Ted Haggard: 'I am a Heterosexual with Issues'

Michelangelo Signorile spoke with escort Mike Jones on his show yesterday. Jones told him that he knows of two other men at New Life Church who had similar experiences as Grant Haas, the church volunteer who most recently came forward. Jones posted a YouTube video on Monday saying he knew there were others.

Haggard_2Said Jones to Signorile: "The interesting thing about all of 'em is that all of 'em went to the church or Ted Haggard regarding their homosexuality, not sure how to handle it, or what to do with it. That's what all three of these have in common."

Watch a short clip of Signorile talking to Jones, AFTER THE JUMP...

The Trials of Ted Haggard, the HBO documentary made by Alexandra Pelosi, premieres on HBO Thursday. The L.A. Times did a Q&A with Haggard and asked him about the film, and about where he is now in "wrestling with the issue that led to [his] departure from the church."

Said Haggard on that: "I am very pleased with where I am now. I have an incredibly satisfying relationship with my wife, and I no longer have the compelling and obsessing thoughts attached to same-sex attraction that I used to. So I’m very pleased. I think I’ve met myself more and I’m a healthier person...I don’t know what will always be a part of me, but I know they are no longer compelling, they are no longer compulsive, not even strong. Once in a while, I’ll have a thought. I think it’s just like a person’s thought about whether or not they should -- you know, it’s just an intellectual debate now inside of me from time to time, or an intellectual decision from time to time, rather than a compelling drive or urge. And that’s what I used to wrestle with...What my therapist says is that I am a heterosexual with issues, and I think that’s accurate."

Haggard is also scheduled to appear on Oprah today and Larry King Live Thursday night. Questions for Haggard are being accepted by CNN.

NOTE: Photoshopped illustration a satire, in case anyone, aside from Haggard, is confused.

Watch Signorile's clip, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Grant Haas, Haggard's Accuser, Says Pastor Encouraged Sex, Meth Use

Last night, Colorado's KRDO aired their interview with Grant Haas, the New Life church volunteer who has come forward with new claims against Ted Haggard. KRDO spoke with Grant and played phone messages in which Haggard thanks the volunteer for erasing damning text messages that might have hurt the pastor.

Grant_2Haas claims Haggard's "eyes lit up" when he first learned the volunteer had been in a treatment program, struggling with his homosexuality: "His whole attitude toward me changed."

Haas also talks about a 2006 trip to Cripple Creek, Colorado he took with Haggard: "He asked me if we were going to be godly or bad that night? Were we going to just hang out and be friends or was I going to go buy him porn and masturbate with him and take methamphetamines with him and show me all these things he likes to do with him when he travels."

Haggard claims their relationship did not involve physical contact. And of course we know Haggard has a record of telling the "truth" before the real truth comes out.

Says Haas: "They don't think Ted Haggard is a harm to the community, and I really think that they're wrong. I think that they're dead wrong"

Yesterday, Mike Jones, the escort at the center of the original Haggard scandal, posted a video saying he knew there were others and expressing anger at organizations within the gay community that didn't take him seriously enough to return his phone calls.

The Trials of Ted Haggard, a new documentary by Alexandra Pelosi, is set to air on Thursday night. Haggard himself is scheduled to make an appearance on Larry King Live that night as well.

Watch KRDO's new video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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