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Ted Haggard Escort Mike Jones: I Knew There Were Others


Following the recent revelations that Ted Haggard had sex with a male church volunteer, and perhaps others, escort Mike Jones unleashes on those who have mocked him for coming out with his Haggard story and made assumptions about his reasons for doing so, as well as the Human Rights Campaign, and New Life Church.

Says Jones in a new video:

"With all the recent news that’s coming out right now, I hope people understand why I had to say something. Because if I hadn’t said something, this would still be going on at the church. And it’d probably be even worse. I’ve always been a bit disappointed in the gay community and some gay groups. I have been ostracized by the gay community. I contacted groups like the Human Rights Campaign when my world was coming apart for help. They refused to even return my phone call. In Denver, I have been spit on, I’ve been yelled at, I’ve been called just a whore. And I would be lying if I didn’t say that hurt. But I am sick of people also making decisions based on headlines. Do you know just the other day, the LA Times printed something about the upcoming documentary coming out, and stated that Ted Haggard and Mike Jones did drugs together. I never did drugs with Ted Haggard. Never. Ted Haggard has said it’s a good thing Mike Jones spoke up. Otherwise he would probably be a drug addict and he would probably continue his deceitful path. The reason I am saying this is because no one else will. So if you want to continue with your nastiness towards me and your jokes, I want to ask you to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What have I done to make a difference in this world?"

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Partial transcript via Box Turtle Bulletin.

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Ted Haggard Made it Through The Wilderness, Not Like a Virgin


Ted Haggard told reporerts at a 25-minute press conference that his days of meth and gay escorts were a "wandering in the wilderness" time and he's back and busier than ever promoting the new HBO documentary by Alexandra Pelosi (Nancy's daughter, above) in which he criticizes his former church.

JonesThe AP reports: "During a guest sermon last November at a friend's church in Illinois, Haggard said a co-worker of his father molested him when he was 7, an experience that "started to produce fruit" later. Clarifying that Friday, Haggard said: 'I'm certainly not saying that because of that, I did this. I did what I did by my choice, and I'm responsible for it.' Haggard said he isn't qualified to judge what factors into one's sexuality, but still believes it's 'God's perfect plan' for marriage to be between a man and woman. 'I think sexuality is confusing and complex,' Haggard said. 'I am totally completely satisfied with the relationship with my wife now, but I went through a wandering in the wilderness time, and I just thank God I'm on the other side of that.' Asked whether he could define his sexual identity, Haggard said: 'The stereotypical boxes don't work for me. My story's got some gray areas in it. And, of course, I'm sad about that but it's the reality.' Later Friday, in a Q&A session with reporters at a Television Critics Association meeting in Universal City, Calif., Haggard said he should have been more open with his family and his congregation earlier, calling his actions 'hypocrisy.'"

Gay escort Mike Jones (above, right) said Haggard was simply a good salesman: "I know he's gone through a lot. When he said he had to say something, I believe it. And I think that was God encouraging him to do that. I know he's apologized to his church and family, blah, blah. But the people he hurt is the gay community, and he's never apologized to the gay community. He owes that."

Ted Haggard to Promote HBO Documentary About Life in Exile

He can't stand to be out of the limelight.

HaggardTed Haggard will promote a documentary directed by Alexandra Pelosi that follows the disgraced pastor and his family after he stepped down from New Life Church following revelations that he bought meth and had sex with male escort Mike Jones.

Said an HBO spokesperson: "We look forward to presenting the film, Ted Haggard and his family at a press tour in Los Angeles next month."

The AP reports: "Neither Pelosi nor Haggard responded to requests for comment on the documentary, which is scheduled to first air Jan. 29. However, a Web site for a Toronto-based entertainment company that promotes HBO and other television projects describes it as 'a behind-scenes-look at the rise and fall of Pastor Ted Haggard.' The 41-minute documentary 'follows Haggard and his family as they move from houses to motels as the excommunicated pastor tries to redeem himself and support his loved ones,' it says."

Haggard, who recently began speaking publicly again, has been released from restrictions placed on him after the scandal, according to New Life's new pastor Brady Boyd. Said Boyd: "They are not acting outside any parameters we set for them. We want them to be free to move forward with their lives the way New Life has really moved forward."

Watch a clip from the 2007 HBO documentary Friends of God: A Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi, which was filmed before the scandal, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Ted Haggard Breaks His Silence on Gay Sex and Meth


Ted Haggard broke his silence on his gay escapades in two recent sermons.

Says Haggard: "The first thing I want you to know is that I sinned. I really did sin. And I'm very, very sorry that I sinned...My wife - all my sin and shame fell on her. People treated her as if she had fallen. And my children...they all went through carrying my shame. And I'm so sorry that I did that to my family..."

Haggard blames his experiences with gay sex and meth on sexual abuse he suffered as a child.

According to the AP, "Haggard said church leaders missed an opportunity to use his scandal to 'communicate the gospel worldwide through secular media.'...'We consistently blow it' when those opportunities arise, he said."

We all know the only thing Haggard consistently blows are male escorts.

Watch the GMA report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Mike Jones: Larry Craig 'Ate My Butt'


New pressing details have emerged in the Larry Craig saga you may (or may not) want to hear.

Mike Jones, who as you remember, also said he counted Larry Craig as one of his clients along with Ted Haggard, appeared on Michelangelo Signorile's Sirius show, and Signorile has released a previously unaired version of the show.

Jones: "Well one of the other things he liked to do was, uh, he ate my butt. Yep. I'll tell you what. I think the Statesman knew that but they chose to, they were kind of... He did it first, and then he performed oral sex on me while he got off."

Craig is a proud sponsor of the Marriage Protection Amendment.

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Ted Haggard Escort Mike Jones Says 'No' to Moment of Truth


Mike Jones, the escort who outed pastor Ted Haggard, has reportedly turned down a half-million dollar offer to appear on FOX's lowbrow game show Moment of Truth, in which contestants are given lie detector tests and asked to predict the results in front of friends and loved ones on national TV. Considering he's already failed the test once, Jones says he won't be doing it.

Laughed Jones: "It would be a ratings bonanza if I went on. But I volunteered to take a polygraph test when my story first broke, and I flunked it, so those things can happen. I'm not going to humiliate myself on national TV. And who needs $500,000 anyway? I could use $1,000."

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