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Friend: Ted Haggard was a 'Sexaholic' and Used the Drugs

Ted Haggard's close family friend Kurt Serpe shared an email with Colorado Springs' News 13 in which Haggard confessed the details of his relationship with escort Mike Jones. If you'll remember, back in 2006, Haggard said that he'd received a massage but not sex, and bought meth but didn't use it. His email to Serpe tells a bit of a different story. He also sent a letter to his congregation before leaving for his spiritual restoration.

HaggardSerpe, who says he has known the pastor for more than 20 years, said that Haggard sent him an email because he "asked Haggard point-blank for the truth." In the email, which you can read AFTER THE JUMP, Haggard says he met Jones at a Marriott hotel after asking for a masseur, that Jones masturbated him, and that he took drugs before three of his five visits with Jones. Serpe says "He craved sex, he was a sexaholic. This is something that he has been struggling with all of his life."

Earlier this week, it was reported that Haggard had returned to Colorado Springs but he has been forbidden to talk to the media. His "close family friends" on the other hand...

Read Haggard's email to Serpe, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Ted Haggard 'Restored' to Colorado Springs

Though various reports have been published on the whereabouts of deposed megachurch pastor Ted Haggard — that he had moved to Arizona and that he had "quit" a "spiritual restoration program" he had agreed to undergo last February — current New Life pastor Brandon Boyd said Haggard had moved back to Colorado Springs where he was in "private business."

TedhaggardHaggard was forced from his position as the head of the megachurch following his admission of "sexually immorality" after escort Mike Jones came forward saying the pastor paid him for sex over a period of three years. Jones also said Haggard bought methamphetamine, which Haggard admitted he bought but didn't use.

Said Boyd: "They have moved back and they live in the original house that they lived in for many years."

The Gazette of Colorado Springs attempted to contact him personally:

"'I can't talk to you. I am forbidden from talking to the media,' Haggard said Saturday evening after answering the doorbell at his home on Old Ranch Road in north Colorado Springs. He declined to elaborate. Haggard and his wife, Gayle, are still listed as the owners of the five-bedroom, three-bath home, whose market value was assessed at $715,000 earlier this year, according to the El Paso County Assessor's Office. It sits behind a gated entrance on 5.1 acres two miles from the 14,000-member megachurch Haggard founded in his basement...Haggard's gate stood open at the time of the visit, about 5:30 p.m. Saturday. Water was burbling from an electric fountain in the front yard, and five vehicles sat near a multi-car garage, including two motorcycles and a cream Cadillac Escalade."

News: Hubble, Ian Thorpe, South Park, Sean Hayes, Poland

road.jpg New York Post theater columnist Michael Riedel questions whether Sean Hayes is "virile enough" to play romantic lead to Anne Hathaway in revival of Promises, Promises.

Britneysp_2road.jpg Britney goes to South Park to escape the paparazzi.

road.jpg The NYT talks to gay New Yorker Brendan Fay about the Polish President's use of his wedding video: "[Krzysztof W. Kasprzyk, Poland’s consul general in New York] said he did not know why President Kaczynski’s staff members used Mr. Fay’s image. 'Probably they were just looking for a useful picture,' Mr. Karkowski said, 'a visible sign of what he and his followers are against and what, supposedly, his political opponents are for.'"

road.jpg Huffington Post's Barbara Ehrenreich on Hillary's nasty pastorate: "You can find all about it in a widely under-read article in the September 2007 issue of Mother Jones, in which Kathryn Joyce and Jeff Sharlet reported that 'through all of her years in Washington, Clinton has been an active participant in conservative Bible study and prayer circles that are part of a secretive Capitol Hill group known as the 'Fellowship,' aka The Family.' Sean Hannity has called Obama's church a 'cult,' but that term applies far more aptly to Clinton's 'Family,' which is organized into 'cells' -- their term -- and operates sex-segregated group homes for young people in northern Virginia. In 2002, writer Jeff Sharlet joined the Family's home for young men, foreswearing sex, drugs, and alcohol, and participating in endless discussions of Jesus and power.

Wolfmanroad.jpg There's a new wolfman in town.

road.jpg Australian Olympian Ian Thorpe against boycott of Beijing Olympics over Tibet crackdown.

road.jpg The gay divide in doctor's advice: " Gay men are much more likely than straights to consult a medical specialist, while lesbians are more reluctant than heterosexual women to go to a family doctor -- if they even have one. The study for Statistics Canada found 29% of gay men consulted a medical specialist in a one-year period compared with 19% of heterosexual men."

road.jpg Barack Obama gets his own plushy doll.

road.jpg Ted Haggard escort Mike Jones told to keep his pants on in Naked B4 God: "In sharing his story, Jones drops tidbits about not just Haggard, but Paula Woodward, the TV reporter he first talked to (and who was in the audience at the premiere) and Peter Boyles, on whose radio show he went public. And on opening night, he also dropped his shorts around his sneakers — showing his jones as he demonstrated how he would massage Art. But that was before someone suggested to director Michael Dempsey that the full-frontal nudity that had been part of the play when it debuted in California might violate Denver ordinances."

Hbroad.jpg Hubble telescope detects first-ever organic molecule on a planet orbiting another star: "Hubble found the tell-tale signature of methane in the atmosphere of the Jupiter-sized extrasolar planet HD 189733b. Under the right circumstances, methane can play a key role in prebiotic chemistry – the chemical reactions considered necessary to form life as we know it. Although methane has been detected on most of the planets in our Solar System, this is the first time any organic molecule has been detected on a world orbiting another star."

road.jpg Hugh Jackman isn't the only X-Men cast member enjoying the beach in Sydney.

road.jpg The Daily Mail looks back on Sir John Gielgud's men's room arrest: "And so, despite his brand-new knighthood, one of the most celebrated men of the times found himself that October in a Chelsea lavatory well-known as one of London's favourite pick-up joints, looking for his usual evening's entertainment. But this time, his eye lighted not on a fellow member of the underground homosexual community, but on a plain-clothes policeman."

Naked B4 God: Ted Haggard Escort Mike Jones Takes the Stage

Mike Jones, the escort who exposed New Life pastor Ted Haggard is taking his story to the stage in a play premiering in Denver entitled Naked B4 God.

Nakedb4godJones told the Rocky Mountain News: "It gives me a chance for people who don't want to spend a lot of time reading the book. It's much bigger than just the headline people saw in the papers...I'm up there actually doing a performance. I actually go through and act out some of the sequences of what I was going through. I just don't stand there and just talk."

Producer Chris Johnson told the paper that the play adds another dimension to Haggard's story:

"It moves into the realm of a national debate, really, touching on the topics of religious hypocrisy, the culture that breeds such secrecy. News stories are kind of ADD, where they move on to the next biggest headline and yesterday's headline is kind of forgotten about. I wanted to bring this story back to life to not necessarily preach to folks but to maintain that dialogue...There's some hesitancy with going with a non-actor for anything theater-related. It's a very big risk, but it's one we're willing to try...We took some test footage of him, and he has a personality and he has some presence onstage. Director Mike Dempsey worked really hard with him to make sure he was able to not only connect with the material, but also to connect with the character...One of the things I'm trying to get out there is, unfortunately, a lot of people see this story and because of the labels that are involved - prostitution, sex, drugs, religion - they think they understand the story based on stereotypes. For Mike, this was a very difficult decision. It's adding insight to the story."

Naked B4 God runs from March 13 - 22 at The Bug Theater in Denver.

Ted Haggard Quits 'Spiritual Restoration', Cuts Ties with Church

Reverend Ted Haggard, the New Life church pastor who agreed to undergo a "spiritual restoration" aka "pray the gay away" following revelations that he was involved with escort Mike Jones, has reportedly quit that program and cut ties with his old church.

TedhaggardHaggard was forced from his position as the head of the megachurch following his admission of "sexually immorality" after Jones came forward saying the pastor paid him for sex over a period of three years.

The Denver Post reports: "Ted Haggard's leadership of New Life Church for many years was extraordinary and the depth of spiritual maturity that is found today in the church is in large part attributed to his leadership as the founding senior pastor," the statement said, adding that the church's 'overseers' and 'restorers' would not make further comment about Haggard's 'spiritual restoration.' New Life added that Haggard has joined another mega-church, Phoenix First Assembly of God, and that its founding pastor, Tommy Barnett, is overseeing an 'accountability relationship' with the disgraced Colorado pastor. Barnett could not be reached Tuesday night. New Life has been at odds with its former pastor since he left. In its statement Tuesday night, church officials said, 'New Life recognizes the process of restoring Ted Haggard is incomplete and maintains its original stance that he should not return to vocational ministry. However, we wish him and his family only success in the future.'"

Just one year ago today, a four-member oversight board announced that after three weeks of intense counseling that Haggard was "completely heterosexual".

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Idaho Paper Out to Disprove Larry Craig's "I'm not gay" Claims


Not content to let Senator Larry Craig's now famous statement — "I am not gay, I never have been gay" — stand, the Idaho Statesman has continued to ferociously pursue claims by four men that they had sex with Craig. Yesterday they published a blistering exposé which collected the five men willing to come forward and discuss their intimate relations with the Senator, complete with audio recordings:

Craig"David Phillips is a 42-year-old information technology consultant in Washington, D.C., who says Craig picked him up at a gay club in 1986 and that they subsequently had sex. Mike Jones is a former prostitute who told the world he had sex with the Rev. Ted Haggard last year. The former Colorado Springs evangelist at first denied it but eventually confessed. Jones says Craig paid him for sex in late 2004 or early 2005. Greg Ruth was a 24-year-old college Republican in 1981 when he says he was hit on by Craig at a Republican meeting in Coeur d'Alene. Tom Russell, now 48, is a former Nampa resident who lives in Utah. Russell said his encounter with Craig occurred at Bogus Basin in the early 1980s. A fifth gay man, who is from Boise but who declined to be named for fear of retaliation, offered a recent and telling account: He was in a men's restroom at Denver International Airport in September 2006 when the man in the next stall moved his hand slowly, palm up, under the divider. Alarmed, the man said he waited outside the restroom and then identified the man in the adjoining stall as Craig, whom he had met in Idaho."

The Statesman, which gives each man's story in extensive detail, says, "As with [our] August report, the new evidence is not definitive. There are no videos, no love letters, no voice messages. Like last August, they are he-said, he-said allegations about a man seeking discreet sex from partners whom he counted on to never tell. But the Statesman's investigation, which included reviews of travel and property records and background checks on all five men, found nothing to disprove the five new accounts. The men offer telling and sometimes similar details about what happened, or the senator's travel records place him in the city where sex is alleged to have occurred, or his accusers told credible witnesses at the time of the incident."

Listen to David Phillips here, here, and here. Listen to Mike Jones here, here, here, and here. Listen to Greg Ruth here. Listen to Tom Russell here, here, and here. WARNING: Some of the audio recordings may contain graphic language.

Larry Craig released a statement responding to the Statesman's claims. Said Craig: "Like its previous coverage, these latest allegations are completely false and have no basis in reality. In fact, the paper itself states that these baseless accusations contain no definitive evidence, yet they still decided to print them anyway. Despite the fact the Idaho Statesman has decided to pursue its own agenda and print these falsehoods without any facts to back them up, I won't let this paper's attempt to malign my name stop me from continuing my work to serve the people of Idaho"

Good luck with that.

More gay men describe sexual encounters with U.S. Sen. Craig [idaho statesman]
Craig: Statement's Completely False [idaho statesman]

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