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The OXD Mirror: Ru's Top 10 Tracks of 2014



It's that time of the year again when we look back and list our favorite tracks of the year.  Given the plethora of amazing music on the disco and house scene this year, this was no easy task. Nevertheless below is a list (in descending order) of my favorite tracks that I played while spinning at our Occupy The Disco parties here in New York. 

While it's actually the Bixel Boys remix of Kiesza's acclaimed lead single, 'Hideaway' that holds the #10 spot on my list (listen after the jump), I'd be remiss to not also include the fantastic music video that accompanied the original cut. Whether it's the rhythm that hooked you, or the chorus of ooh's and aahs, 'Hideaway's brilliance lies in it's simplicty; which is echoed in the music video. It's a refreshing to watch in a world where the opulence of Gaga and Beyoncé seem to reign.

Listen to the Bixel Boys Remix of 'Hideaway' and the rest of Ru's top 10  AFTER THE JUMP...

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The Most Misheard Song Lyrics of 2014: WATCH


Gather all your Starbucks lovers and black widdle babies and see how many of your favorite songs you've been screwing up all year long.



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Erasure Song Inspires London Tube Sing-Along: VIDEO


While waiting for the Tube in Kentish Town, North London, a man decided to pass the time by bursting into a musical number, as ITV points out. While the impulse may be fairly common, this man did what many only dreamed of and brazenly threw caution to the wind. His tune of choice? Erasure's 80s hit "A Little Respect." Soon, the entire crowd waiting on the platform got in on the sing-along.

Watch as the travelers appeal for a little respect, AFTER THE JUMP...

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66 Tracks Find a Place in the Annual 'Pop Danthology' Mash-Up: VIDEO


Daniel Kim has released his annual 'Pop Danthology' mash-up of this year's best pop music. Did he outdo DJ Earworm in the battle of the mixes? Kim's mash-up includes 66 tracks. Can you name them all?

Check it out and weigh in, AFTER THE JUMP...

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NEW MUSIC: To Be Frank, Pop-Op, Johanna Glaza, You Are Number Six, Dirty Dishes, Stereoshock


New Music is brought to you weekly by Deadly Music!, which covers mostly indie/alternative music as well as electronica, ambient/modern classical, pop and anything really, really good.

Most tracks are available on a Soundcloud playlist, some of them on a Spotify playlist....both of which are embedded at the end of this post.




To Be Frank: “Let It Go”

To Be Frank is a musician/producer from Suffolk, England who over the past two years has released a number of EPs and singles that verge between piano-based heartbreakers and glitchy electro pop tracks like his latest “Let It Go”.  

Taken from his debut album to be released next year the track is “a bittersweet tale of a break-up foreseen and foretold, love gone bad with a distinctly wintery feel” for fans of James Blake, Halls, Brolin and one of last year's best new artists Ryan Vail.



Pop-Op: “You Are The Eyes”

Pop-op is a brand new post punk outfit from Belfast, Northern Ireland of which no further information is available.

Shouty debut track “You Are The Eyes” is all sort of anti-establishment sloppy punk via The Fall and Parquet Floors, so fresh its not even completely mixed yet.


Listen to new tracks by Johanna Glaza, You Are Number Six, Dirty Dishes and Stereoshock, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Sam Smith Finds Romance with Extra from His Music Video as Debut Album Goes Platinum


Sam Smith tells The Sun that he is dating a man who served as an extra on his video for "Like I Can":

“It’s very early days. I’m talking very, very, very early days. But he’s really sweet… he was one of 20 extras. It’s a surreal thing to be talking about because I haven’t even confirmed with him that we’re officially seeing each other."

Sam doesn't think that he'll ever find a place where he is content, however: "People need to realize I’m never going to be happy. The reason I do what I do is because I’m an artist who is always going to be blue about something."

Smith has a lot to be happy about at the end of 2014, however. In addition to his six Grammy Nominations for In The Lonely Hour, the RIAA announced today that the album has been certified Platinum.

In addition to In the Lonely Hour selling more than one million copies via physical and download album sales, it has sold an additional one million via track- and stream-equivalent albums (as computed by Nielsen SoundScan).

Watch the video for "Like I Can"  HERE if you missed it.


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