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Petition Drive to Repeal Omaha's LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance Fails

Right-wing religious groups have failed in their petition drive efforts to repeal Omaha, Nebraska's LGBT non-discrimination ordinance, the World-Herald reports:

City_omahaA church-led effort to repeal the ordinance did not gather enough signatures in time to launch a referendum immediately, organizers said Thursday.

The Omaha Liberty Project, sponsor of the petition effort, needed to submit roughly 11,400 valid resident signatures to the city today to potentially force a vote in May's general election.

The group's volunteer petition circulators led months of signature gathering and community-organizing efforts, its leader said, but didn't collect enough signatures to account for potentially ineligible entries. The group has already missed a deadline to place the issue on the primary ballot.

Organizers blame their failure on getting a late start, lack of education on the issue, and not public opinion.

Nebraska Woman Found Guilty of Faking Anti-Gay Hate Crime


Charlie Rogers, the Lincoln, Nebraska lesbian who claimed she was attacked by three men who broke into her home and carved "dyke" into her stomach before setting her house ablaze pleaded no contest and was found guilty, the AP reports:

Charlie Rogers entered the plea Monday afternoon in Lancaster County Court and was found guilty of the misdemeanor charge of false reporting. Lancaster County Judge Gale Pokorny ordered sentencing for Feb. 14.

Rogers also claimed the men spray-painted slurs on her walls. Her original claims prompted hundreds of people to gather for anti-hate rallies. The police later uncovered overwhelming evidence that she had lied.

Rogers faces a maximum one year jail term.

News: Justices, Aerosols, Gaza, 'Impeach Obama' Robo-Calls

1NewsIcon Did the 2012 election really mark the end of political homophobia and transphobia?

1NewsIcon WainwrightgapRufus Wainwright and husband Jörn Weisbrodt star as "married love" in Gap's new ad campaign, "Love Comes In Every Shade." "This campaign celebrates these diverse, optimistic views on family and the many forms love can take," said Gap CMO Seth Farbman.

1NewsIcon The Film Experience on the ins and outs Alexander Skarsgård starring as Tarzan: "Though I think the discovery themes of the Tarzan franchise warrant a more 'who is that?' choice, Skarsgård deserves more big screen opportunities (I was sad when he missed out on Thor since he's the closest thing that showbiz has to a Norse God) and his Swedishness and comfort with nudity are surely good signs for the exotic vine swinger."

1NewsIcon Mark Guenther, Executive Director of CAGLCC (Capital Area Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce), was arrested and charged with unlawful entry earlier this month after a male neighbor woke up to find Guenther standing over him.

1NewsIcon Chris Geidner at BuzzFeed spoke with a number of Supreme Court experts, many of whom named the same four people as potential Supreme Court justice nominees: Kamala Harris, Pam Karlan, Goodwin Liu and Paul Watford, a judge who was named more than any other. Geidnder provides background on Watford: "A judge on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Watford was named by more of the panel than anyone else — and is by far the least well-known possibility of the four. Nominated to the appeals court by Obama in 2011, the Senate confirmed Watford in May — with support from nine Republicans, including Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham."

1NewsIcon Three South African men have been arrested for at least one of eight seemingly connected anti-gay murders.

Gazarocket1NewsIcon Three people were killed and eleven were injured during a series of rocket attacks on Israel, including hits against Tel Aviv, from the Gaza Strip, which Israel has also been hitting with artillery as tensions between the Israelis and Palestinians flare up.

1NewsIcon Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson and fiance Justin Mikita hosted friends, family and supporters at the launch of Tie the Knot, a charity which donates sales from bow ties to marriage equality causes.

1NewsIcon Robert DeNiro and Jay-Z are in a fight over phone etiquette.

1NewsIcon Gwyneth Paltrow, the writer.

1NewsIcon This is Sheldon Stephens, the man who claimed Elmo voice Kevin Clash had sex with him when he was only 16 and then took it back. [Update: link fixed!]

1NewsIcon The Conservative Majority Fund is running a robo-call calling for an "Impeach Obama" movement: "We suspect that Obama is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and that there may be grounds for impeachment as is laid out in the Constitution. Further, he may not even be a US citizen—because nobody, I mean no one, has seen an actual physical copy of his birth certificate! Impeachment is our only option."

Foxcoverage1NewsIcon Are you absolutely, positively shocked to hear that Fox News barely mentioned gay marriage wins and out Sen-elect Tammy Baldwin following this month's elections?

1NewsIcon Male model Rob Wilson got started on The Price Is Right.

1NewsIcon The City Council in Grand Island, Nebraska, overturned the mayor's veto of employment protections for the city's LGBT staffers, but not for the entire city itself.

1NewsIcon Would you let Lindsay Lohan play with your look?

1NewsIcon This Tumblr is devoted to exposing racist tweeters and their faces!

1NewsIcon An explanation for the incredible picture below: "This simulation shows the various types of aerosols - particles and liquid droplets - suspended in the Earth's atmosphere. It was created using the Goddard Earth Observing System Model, a global atmospheric simulation designed at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. The model aims to study the climate system."


Nebraska Woman Accused of Faking Horrific Anti-Gay Hate Crime Still Claims It Happened: VIDEO


Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary including the fact that she was identified buying the zip ties, gloves and box cutter used in the alleged attack by a clerk at Ace hardware, Nebraska lesbian Charlie Rogers continues to insist she was attacked, attacking Lincoln, Nebraska police for a botched investigation in a new video posted to YouTube this week.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

WefoundudykeRogers claimed in July that three men broke into her home, tied her up, carved 'dyke' into her stomach and then tried to set her home ablaze. They also allegedly painted slurs on her walls. Rogers reportedly crawled from her house, naked and bleeding and screaming for help before reaching the doorstep of a neighbor's home.

She was charged with faking a hate crime. There has been no plea agreement and the case is expected to go to trial.

The Journal Star reports:

Police Chief Jim Peschong challenged Rogers’ accusations. Investigators worked the case hard, he said Tuesday. Police brought in an FBI agent to put an outside set of eyes on the case. The chief said investigators interviewed all the key players at least once, and several of them multiple times.

“We took this particular case seriously from the get-go,” Peschong said. Investigators, he said, never found evidence to back up Rogers’ story.

He declined to say exactly when investigators started to suspect Rogers lied, but said it was “awhile after” the alleged attack. “It was quite a bit later on, and then all of a sudden, things that she was telling us were not adding up,” Peschong said. “We couldn’t get anything to support some of her claims she was making.”

Police said they found no sign of a struggle at Rogers’ house, no blood on the bedspread where she said the men cut her and a forensic pathologist from the FBI determined that Rogers made the cuts herself or they were done with her permission, according to her arrest warrant.

Says Rogers in the video: "The perpetrators of my crime are still out there. They are. It wasn’t me. I wouldn’t say I did it then, and I won’t say I did it now. I am innocent.”


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Grand Island, Nebraska Rejects LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance; Councilman Does Not Want 'Gay-Friendly' City


The Grand Island, Nebraska City Council last night rejected an ordinance that would have prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The Omaha World-Herald reports:

GrandislandThe council voted 8-2 against the proposal after rejecting separate amendments that would have postponed a decision for 30 days and placed the ordinance before voters.

The measure would have made it illegal to fail to hire or promote based on sexual orientation.

The proposal also would have outlawed failing to rent or sell a house to gays, lesbians, bisexual or transgender people, or failing to wait on people in any business in the city due to their sexual orientation.

Councilman Larry Carney said he proposed the ordinance because “fair play and justice do count.'' Carney said Grand Island should not be a place that tolerates discrimination.

But Councilman Mitch Nickerson said the city of about 50,000 should not be a “gay-friendly'' city. He said the ordinance was in opposition to city morals.

Watch a report from NCN while the hearing was still underway, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay Friendly Council Man Hangs Up On 'Silly' Homophobic Radio Host

BengrayOmaha City Councilman Ben Gray was not having right wing radio host Tom Becka's "silliness" during a recent debate about the Nebraska city's LGBT-inclusive anti-bias laws, laws Gray successfully lobbied to passage. Becka claims those laws are unnecessary because, according to either his willful ignorance or desire to be a Limbaugh-like blowhard, discrimination doesn't exist.

Despite mountains of evidence presented during hearings on the law, Becka claims, "You have no proof, there's no evidence of people losing their jobs because of their sexuality."

Here is more of that conversation, via AKSARENT:

Becka: ...There are people with agendas and politicians that will use it for votes when the reality is there's not a problem. There's all sorts of laws that are passed all the time by both sides, the left and the right of feel-good legislation, of laws that aren't necessary but because somebody has an agenda and some special group wants to get something through even though there's no need for the law. I mean, you'd agree with that, right?

Gray: Not necessarily, no. I mean that there's things that go on because people have different agendas. They do it all the time, but... I didn't do this because I have a specific agenda.

Becka: But yet you have no proof, there's no evidence of people losing their jobs because of their sexuality.

Gray: Yeah, there's been proof and documentation that was presented at the public hearing.

Becka: Well, how many? ...[When] the other side isn't there to defend themselves, I'm not sure that qualifies, do you?

Gray: You know... we passed a law... There has been documentation that there is discrimination that exists. It exists at all levels from the time you're a child to the time you're an adult. That has been documented and pointed out by several studies and several organizations. So, to assume that it doesn't exist would be purely... it would be stupid, quite frankly, because there's enough evidence that says that it is.

Becka: ...It [discrimination] doesn't stop with the government forcing something on businesses.

Gray: Well, most businesses already have it as a policy...

Becka: Well then, why do you need the law?

Gray: For those that don't.

Becka: Because we can't allow people to make their own free choices?

Becka then tries to push the argument into a more extreme direction, claiming that if people like Gray believe in anti-discrimination laws, they should start advocating for overweight or unattractive people, at which point Gray says Becka is being too "silly" and hangs up, like any person with common sense would do.

Here is a link to the audio, which begins around the 3:55 mark, if you want to take a listen for yourself.


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