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Orlando Bloom Warms Up UK Comedian David Walliams With a Kiss: VIDEO


On last night's Comic Relief charity special, UK comedian David Walliams was challenged to a competition to see if he could beat the world record for the highest number of kisses received in 30 seconds.

Walliams managed to set a new record with 55 kisses, but the real prize came before the challenge even started - when Orlando Bloom helped warm him up with a passionate smooch.

Watch the four second lip lock, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Orlando Bloom On His 'Jingle-Jangle', Filming In the Nude, and His 'Tantric Sex' Hobbit Spinoff Plans - VIDEO


Appearing on Conan this week, Orlando Bloom dished on his nude scene from last year's Zulu (and how comfortable he felt showing everyone his "jingle-jangle" as he calls it) as well as his desire to do a Middle Earth spin-off with Evangeline Lilly and Lee Pace in the form of a "tantric sex, GoPro porno version of The Hobbit".


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News: Adam Lambert, Iraq, Star Trek, Meshach Taylor

RoadFlordia Governor Rick Scott talks out of both sides of his mouth: "Asked about gay marriage in questioning from reporters afterward, Scott refused to support an overturn to the state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. He says 'people have differing views and 'what's important to me is that we don't discriminate against anybody.'"

Adam RoadAdam Lambert is all glammed up performing with Queen in Vancouver.

RoadPrince Harry busts a move while in Chile.

RoadDolly Parton performed "Jolene" at The Glastonbury Music Festival.

RoadTensions continue to escalate in Iraq as Isis declares caliphate straddling the borders of Iraq and Syria: "'We will break other borders,' a jihadist from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis) warned in the video called End of Sykes-Picot."

RoadChris Pratt chops wood. Looks good doing it

RoadBefore Shia LaBeouf decided to cause a ruckus at Cabaret, he apparently got into a fight in front of a strip club

RoadNew video game Dragon Age: The Inquisition to have gay character: "As a person Dorian will be a fully gay character who is very intelligent, and has a rather sharp wit. This wit and intelligence has been cultivated over many years in a society where outdoing peers is required, and it also makes him incredibly sarcastic."

RoadKen Watanabe to star in revival of The King and I.

RoadAs our very own Ari Ezra Waldman expressed earlier, today's Hobby Lobby ruling at the Supreme Court has a lot of people worried about the greater impact of the case for the LGBT community and women.  

RoadMoving photo portraits of LGBT couples from the 20th century.

Dog RoadICYMI, the most invested canine soccer/futbol fan out there. 

RoadGay Pride Parades saw large crowds this past weekend. 

RoadMale Model Monday: Daan van der Deen.

RoadPippa Middleton apparently missed the memo that her sister's wedding to the future King of England was a big deal.

RoadSome browmance/showmance speculation is already underway on Big Brother 16.

RoadDiplo wrote a song with Maddonna called, "B-tch, I'm Madonna."

RoadStar Trek 3 director Roberto Orci open to a gay character in the next installment of the franchise: "I would like to see that...It can be part of a character and not be the whole shebang…It doesn’t’ have to be like South Park, like ‘what have we learned today.’ It can be so normalized that it just exists. I agree it can’t be shoe-horned in. And it is not necessary for it to be the whole point of the thing. It is an ensemble and there are lots of people to represent so no one point of view should hog it.”

MeRoadOrlando Bloom makes some interesting sartorial choices for a trip to the beach.

RoadCam Gigandet made sure to ditch the shirt on the premiere of new show Reckless last night.

RoadTilda Swinton did a Reddit AMA, proves more intriguing than ever. 

RoadFirst look at Henry Cavill in Clark Kent mode in the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

RoadActor Meshach Taylor, perhaps most popular for his role on Designing Womenhas passed away at 67.

‘Romeo and Juliet’ Starring Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad Opens On Broadway: REVIEW

RJ 2


Stylish pyrotechnics, cinematic scoring, and heavy make-out sessions don’t much compensate for the lack of passion (and often, sense) in director David Leveaux’s uneven production of Romeo and Juliet, which opened on Broadway last week at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.

RJ 1Starring film heartthrob Orlando Bloom as a not-so-young Romeo and two-time Tony nominee Condola Rashad as Juliet, Leveaux’s production separates the Montague and Capulet families along racial lines.  But, aside from familial differences already evident in Shakespeare’s text—the young (in this case, black) Capulet men have hotter tempers, while their (white) Montague rivals are more into homosocial antics—the production has nothing particularly interesting to say about race or racial politics.

The show’s biggest marquis draw also happens to be its greatest weakness. From the moment he rides on stage on a motorcycle and removes his helmet to star applause (as clumsy an entrance as it is derivative of Baz Luhrman’s ubiquitous 90s film), Bloom struggles with Shakespeare’s language such that it often falls flat. Though he brings with him a certain star quality (without making sense of the play’s poetry), building a character and forming chemistry with others proves difficult.

Ms. Rashad’s wide-eyed Juliet has an emotional transparency that is by contrast refreshing and endearing, particularly in a wonderfully played balcony scene. It’s a quality that sometimes works against her when the action turns to matters of life or death, though the production rarely succeeds in raising the stakes quite that high.

RJ 3As for that heavy make out session—it dominates the lovers’ first meeting, eating up more stage time than their rushed poetic exchange and setting the tone for a relationship that feels more like an ill-advised one-night stand than a tale of star-crossed love. Stage combat that seems more like dance than the result of blind rage likewise keeps the emotional stakes simmering on low.   

With the surprising exception of Brent Carver, whose innocuous Friar Laurence makes it tempting to let fate off the hook and pin the blame on him, the rest of the company is mostly quite strong. Highlights include Roslyn Ruff’s visceral performance as an equally icy and emotional Lady Capulet, and Jayne Houdyshell’s delightful and down-to-earth turn as Juliet’s Nurse. Christian Camargo’s Mick Jagger Mercutio fits well with the production’s vaguely rock-n-roll aesthetic, though at times he seems to be rushing through some of his best material. 

RJ 4Perhaps because the rival families are distinguished by their skin color, costumes in drab, muted colors by Fabio Toblini are worn by all, in various 90s silhouettes. A larger than life pre-Renaissance Italian style fresco occupies the wall of Jesse Poleshuck’s otherwise simple set, which is at times unfortunately the most compelling thing to look at on stage.  

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News: Starbucks, Romney's Pennsylvania Promise, Kanye & Kim

StarbucksThanks 6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi Starbucks staffers came out today to accept a giant "Thank You" card from 640,000 supporters of SumOfUs.org, MoveOn.org and Washington United For Marriage for the coffee company's unwavering support of equality. "We are long-standing supporters of a culture of diversity, and inclusion and equality for everybody, and I'll share this with our fellow leaders....Thank you very much," said Starbucks' VP of global communications James Olsen. See more pictures here.

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi Joseph Amodeo, a member of the executive committee for the Junior Board of Catholic Charities resigned over New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan's anti-gay politics, particularly those that involve the LGBT-inclusive Ali Forney Center. "The comments that His Eminence has made regarding same-sex couples, the LGBT community in general, and his recent in-action in response to the Ali Forney Center's plea for pastoral assistance, has left me with no other choice but to resign," he wrote.

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney promised supporters today that he will win the Pennsylvania primary.

BloomBiking6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi A majority of Latino voters support gay folk: "On the issue of whether homosexuality should be accepted by society, a majority — 59 percent — say that it should. Just 30 percent told pollsters it should be discouraged. Those numbers line up with the general U.S. public, with 58 percent saying homosexuality should be accepted, and 33 percent saying it should be discouraged."

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi HRC's response: "So much for NOM’s plan to rally Latinos against marriage equality."

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi Orlando Bloom in bike shorts, because why not?

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi Fox News hiring Jesse Jackson's daughter?

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi Mary J. Blige is sorry for participating in a controversial Burger King ad.

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi Is SNL about to lose three-out-of-four of its best actors?

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi New York police are looking for two men after discovering that French scholar Richard Descoings was cruising gay sex sites before dying in a hotel room. From the always reliable NY Post: "Descoings, 53, director of the prestigious Paris Institute of Political Studies — and a friend of French President Nicolas Sarkozy — was 'really into men,' his widow told cops, according to the sources."

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi A glance at the racial and partisan reactions to Trayvon Martin's shooting death.

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi Brian Johnson, the evangelical who consistently tries to distribute Bibles at the Twin Cities' gay pride parade, is filing a lawsuit against the city for religious discrimination. "'Johnson believes that the Bible is God's word and sets out a plan of salvation for all people,' his attorney wrote in a 26-page complaint filed in U.S. District Court of Minnesota. 'Johnson believes the Bible teaches that all people are sinners and therefore deserve God's wrath, but anyone can receive salvation by believing and trusting in Jesus Christ.'"

NerdObama6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi After admitting that Mitt Romney has the GOP's 2012 nomination locked up, anti-gay activist Bryan Fischer starts looking at Rick Santorum Perry in 2016: "If Obama wins on November 6, it might behoove pro-family leaders to meet with Rick Perry on November 7 and start strategizing for 2016."

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi Just in case you've been living under a rock, Barack Obama is a big nerd.

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi I hate myself for saying this, but there's something really attractive about Joe Jonas.

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi Proof that conservatives have their priorities all kinds of twisted: they're protesting living saint Desmond Tutu's forthcoming appearance at Gonzaga University.

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi Prince Harry goes shopping.

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi Horror: "A growing number of Afghan children are being coerced into a life of sexual abuse. The practice of wealthy or prominent Afghans exploiting underage boys as sexual partners who are often dressed up as women to dance at gatherings is on the rise in post-Taliban Afghanistan, according to Afghan human rights researchers, Western officials and men who participate in the abuse."

NYerMurder6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi Kanye and Kim are hitting the proverbial "that."

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi If you haven't read the Ellie-nominated New Yorker article "A Murder Foretold," you should. Here's the first paragraph: "Rodrigo Rosenberg knew that he was about to die. It wasn’t because he was approaching old age—he was only forty-eight. Nor had he been diagnosed with a fatal illness; an avid bike rider, he was in perfect health. Rather, Rosenberg, a highly respected corporate attorney in Guatemala, was certain that he was going to be assassinated." It's an astonishing mystery and will soon be made into a movie.

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi Green tea and Olympic doping: "Olympic doping officials are considering whether to tweak their tests after a recent British study showed green tea might hide testosterone from the standard test used to spot it."

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi Joe Abell, the school administrator who shamed a California high school student for supporting marriage equality, apologized over loud speaker this morning.

6a00d8341c730253ef0168e9a58ce4970c-800wi North Carolina businessman Bob Page urges equality advocates to donate even more money to defeating that state's anti-gay Amendment One. "If you want to win this, understand that we have a lot more educating to do, that we need to do that on TV and radio, and that it’s going to take a lot more money.  We need everybody to dig deep and give until it hurts," he tells Pam Spaulding.

News: Carol Channing, Episcopalians, Biological Blob, Savannah

 roadBishop Gene Robinson speaks about the Episcopal church's recent moves toward accepting gays and lesbians.

Vatican  roadThe Vatican embraces Oscar Wilde.

 roadJanet Jackson is a single woman again.

 roadPepsi outraged over release of Michael Jackson hair fire video.

 roadFlorida Gay couple and lesbian couple battle for custody of child: "After considering arguments from both sides, Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Leon Firtel on June 3 found Ray was nothing more than a sperm donor. Because there was no contract before birth, he had 'no rights.'"

 roadRep. Jared Polis (D-CO) appointed to Air Force Academy Board of Visitors.

 roadESPN columnist LZ Granderson: Gay is not the new black. Pam Spaulding responds: "This nonsense about 'Is Black The New Gay,' just reached another plateau of bullcrap."

 roadBush's Justice Dept. blacklisted LGBT groups: "The Blade recently learned that among the blacklisted groups was Immigration Equality, which focuses on LGBT-related immigration issues. Also blacklisted was the immigration project for the Gay Men’s Health Crisis."

 roadJohnny Depp's dream role is to play Carol Channing.

Blob  roadBiological "blob" drifts for miles in arctic waters off Alaska: "It's certainly biological. It's definitely not an oil product of any kind. It has no characteristics of an oil, or a hazardous substance, for that matter. It's definitely, by the smell and the makeup of it, it's some sort of naturally occurring organic or otherwise marine organism."

 roadGroups assembling war chests for election marriage battle in Maine.

 roadFormer GOP Rep. Pickering's wife sues his mistress for adultery that ruined their marriage and his career.

 roadPolish European Parliament leader under fire for homophobic remark made in 2000: "The latest row has been sparked by a short video clip available online dated July 2000, in which Mr Kaminski - a member of Poland's Law and Justice Party - uses the word 'pedal' to refer to gay rights campaigners, in a TV interview. This is a derogatory Polish word for homosexual, usually translated into English as 'fag' or 'queer'."

 roadOrlando Bloom robbed of $500K in home burglary.

 roadMadonna offers tearful memorial to two workers killed by her tour stage collapse in France.

Shoot  roadFrance bans videogame in which players shoot a gun at naked gays.

 roadSavannah Morning News: Crack down on gay cruising in public.

 roadAnderson Cooper visits David Letterman. Video.

 roadMetropolitan Museum of Art "de-gays" blockbuster Model as Muse exhibit: "Room after room is shoulder to shoulder with over seven decades of queer genius, showcasing the extraordinary visions of gay men whose simultaneous status as sidelined outsiders and ultimate insiders, dressing the planet's most visible women while their sexuality was illegal, spurred them to perpetually reinvent not only what we wear but how we live in the world. That's where art comes from and that's what the museum ignores."


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