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Murphy on Repealing DADT: "Now Is the Time to Make It Happen"


Last night, Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA) explained to Rachel Maddow his decision to sponsor legislation to end Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

"It's our job now to act with a sense of urgency to make it happen," he said. He told Maddow that he agrees with President Obama's decision not to suspend the policy in advance of Congress sending him a bill to sign, drawing comparisons to President Bush's unilateral decisions.

He reports having support from his colleagues, but does say some representatives of conservative districts will not co-sponsor the bill even if they've privately assured him they'd vote for it.

As for his reasoning in opposing DADT, this Iraq War vet argues:

"When you're in Baghdad in 138-degree heat like I was exactly six years ago, when you're [looking at] the guys to your left and your right or that young women to your left or your right, the fact is you don't care what their sexual orientation is, you don't care what their race is, their religion is, their creed is—you care if they can fire an assault rife, if they can kick down a door, that's what this is about. And that's why we need to repeal this, because now is the time to make it happen."

Video after the jump...

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HRC & Servicemembers United Launch "Voices of Honor" Tour to Repeal DADT

SafariScreenSnapz005 The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Servicemembers United announced today a national "Voices of Honor" Tour to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA), a former West Point professor and Iraq War vet, is the lead sponsor of legislation to repeal the unpopular policy that bars LGBT people from serving openly in the United States armed services.

Murphy said, in part:

"Our president, President Barack Obama, has stated that If Congress can get a bill to his desk repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, he will sign it into law. It is now our job, and my job specifically, to quarterback this through the Congress of the United States to do just that. I can not tell you today how long it's gonna take. All I can tell ya is that paratroopers don't quit, and paratroopers get the job done. To remove Eric_alva honorable, talented and committed Americans from serving in our military is contrary to the values that our military holds dear."

Video of Murphy's speech after the jump.

"Voices of Honor" will make stops in Philadelphia; Trenton; Virginia Beach; Phoenix; Kansas City, MO; Orlando and Tampa and will feature former Marine Staff Sgt. Eric Alva, the first American soldier injured in Iraq, among others. CNN points out that some of those involved were chosen because they're straight, as outreach to other straight soldiers.

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Rep. Patrick Murphy to Take Lead on Military Gay Ban Repeal


Iraq Veteran Patrick Murphy will take the lead in advancing legislation to overturn the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy when Rep. Ellen Tauscher moves to the State Department to be President Obama's Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, Talking Points Memo reports:

"There's major symbolic significance to that move. Murphy is a member of the House Armed Services Committee and, more importantly, a Bronze Star winner and the first Iraq war veteran to serve in Congress."

Towleroad readers may also remember Murphy's thrashing of the anti-gay Center for Military Readiness' Elaine Donnelly at hearings before the House Armed Services Committee in July 2008. If not, I've re-posted it, AFTER THE  JUMP...

Donnelly recently rounded up a group of 1,000 anti-gay retired military officers to get behind her bigoted crusade to stop the repeal of the military's gay ban.

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