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Did Grey's Anatomy Go a Gay Too Far for ABC Execs?


Here's a clip of Patrick Dempsey on Ellen yesterday sticking to the talking points about Brooke Smith's sudden departure from Grey's Anatomy

The Guardian writes: "Series creator Shonda Rhimes has made a point of stating that the decision to axe Hahn was not because of her sexuality. 'Clearly it's not an issue,' she argued in a statement, 'as we have a lesbian character on the show – Calliope Torres.' Rimes's attempt at damage control might have been more convincing had Thursday's episode not had Dr Torres cheat on her girlfriend with resident 'man whore' Dr Mark 'McSteamy' Sloan – an experience she thoroughly enjoyed."

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News: Giant Rat, RENT, Seth Green, KGB Attack, Sia

road.jpg Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth kicks off gay-bashing over MRSA staph infections.

Giantratroad.jpg Scientists discover ancient skull of a rat that was the size of a car: "The creature lived about four million years ago, weighed about a tonne and ate mostly soft vegetation. It was so big that it probably spent much of its life semi-submerged in water, like a hippo, to reduce the stresses caused by its size."

road.jpg EVICTED: Broadway musical RENT to end run on June 1st after 5,012 performances.

road.jpg Warrantless wiretapping will be a "walk in the park" comapred to the plans that National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell has for cyberspace that would give the government the authority to examine the content of any e-mail, file transfer or Web search.

road.jpg Seth Green wins the prize for cheesiest mustache ever.

road.jpg Yesterday, I posted that a judge ruled Dennis Kucinich could participate in the Las Vegas MSNBC debate. At the last minute, the Nevada Supreme Court overturned that decision. Here are the details: "The Supreme Court's unanimous order said that blocking the debate unless Kucinich got to participate would be “an unconstitutional prior restraint” on the news network's First Amendment rights. Justices also said the lower court exceeded its jurisdiction by ordering Kucinich's participation even though “he first requested and was denied relief” from the Federal Communications Commission."

road.jpg HARD LABOR for Homosexuality: Sentence handed down in Cameroon.

Gayrussianjournalistroad.jpg KGB and militia raid apartment of Russian gay TV journalist: "A group of his gay friends soon arrived to support the journalist. They offered to be witnesses of the search. But the militia and KGB agents forced them to leave. The hard disk from the journalist’s computer was confiscated, along with a video camera and a flash memory stick. Mr. Padsasonny is said to have fled Gomel and is now in hiding."

road.jpg Miss the American Idol premiere? Here are last night's four audition tragedies.

road.jpg Australian singer Sia (you may remember her "Breathe Me" song that covered the final moments of Six Feet Under) is a lesbian. She also says she was "born out of the butthole of a unicorn called Steve."

road.jpg For British man with gigantic 13 1/2-incher, bigger is not better.

Mcdreamyroad.jpg McDreamy wants to show he's more than just a suit.

road.jpg mtvU looking for people willing to talk about their HIV-positive status or how AIDS/HIV has affected them in some way: "MTV's college channel, mtvU, and the Kaiser Family Foundation have teamed up to develop an anti-stigma campaign in partnership with POZ Magazine. The goal of the project is to challenge common misperceptions about people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States. The heart of the project will be a collection of photos and stories about real people who are either HIV positive, or are HIV negative but have in some way been affected by the virus. We are seeking a diverse group of people willing to be featured online and perhaps on-air with their photo, their HIV status, and their story about why HIV is an important issue to them. If you are U.S.-based person, 18 years of age or over and would like to lend your face and story to this project, please contact as soon as possible. No direct link to HIV/AIDS is necessary - an interest in the issue is sufficient."

road.jpg George Michael lands multi-millon dollar deal for his memoirs: "one of the biggest book deals ever concluded in UK publishing."

News: Mariah Carey, Vermont, Darren Manzella, Dolce & Gabbana

road.jpg New York City department of health eyes bathhouses after new report on increase in HIV infections in men under 30.

Scott_jordanroad.jpg Scott Jordan, swimmer at conservative, religious St. Bonaventure University comes out to teammates: "'Scott, you're gonna get so much ass this year,' [one teammate] said to me. 'The girls are gonna be all over you.' I took the plunge. 'That’s not the kind of ass I’m looking for,' I replied...He didn’t believe me at first; In fact, most everyone I’ve come out to hasn’t believed I’m gay. But once he realized I wasn't joking around, I told him it wasn't a secret anymore. I told just three teammates that summer, purposely telling one teammate in particular because I knew he liked to gossip (yep, straight guys gossip too). As planned, gossip took care of the rest. When I got to school a month later it felt like the entire campus knew I was gay, and I had only told three people."

road.jpg Mariah Carey squeals about possible duet with J Lo: "I'd rather be on stage with a pig."

road.jpg Carson Kressley's How to Look Good Naked debuts higher than any other reality show in Lifetime's history.

road.jpg Patrick Dempsey just stands there for Versace.

road.jpg UK man convicted of two counts of assault for homophobic attack on straight teen in nightclub.

road.jpg California fringe group grades GOP candidates on their support for the "natural family". Huckabee and Paul rate highest, Romney scores a "0".

Dolceroad.jpg Dolce & Gabbana lines 'em up for Fall/Winter campaign.

road.jpg Swimsuit issue: Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson frolic in Hawaii.

road.jpg Gay nightclub proposed in Madison, Wisconsin would be one of city's largest.

road.jpg Philly anchorwoman Alycia Lane, suspended for calling a police officer "dyke bitch," was relieved of her duties: "'Alycia Lane "has been released from her contract effective immediately,' KYW-TV said in a statement Monday, the day she had been due back on air. Lane is accused of scuffling with a plainclothes female officer during a traffic dispute last month. A police complaint also said she used a sexual slur. Lane has denied the allegations. The 35-year-old newscaster previously found herself the target of critical news coverage, and snickers, after it was reported she had e-mailed bikini shots of herself to a married ESPN sports anchor and she tearfully discussed her divorce on the 'Dr. Phil" show.'"

road.jpg EAT ME: Woman commissions wedding cake in her own image.

Manzelladarrenroad.jpg USA Today takes a look at "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" 60 Minutes Army Sergeant Darren Manzella: "Manzella says he was invited to join more than 600 members of an invitation-only MySpace group, Guys and Gals Like Us, for gays who don't hide their orientation from their units. The members use pseudonyms because some gay servicemembers have been discharged for acknowledging their sexual orientation elsewhere online. Nearly 12,000 troops have been dismissed under the policy approved by President Clinton in 1993. Discharges peaked at 1,273 in 2001 and have fallen sharply since the war began. 'A lot of servicemembers are getting 'wink-wink' treatment from their commanders,' says Aaron Belkin, director of the Palm Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara, which studies the policy."

road.jpg Last year we winner flattered to win Queerclick's Gay Bloggies - this year, Frank at OMG Blog took the prize. Congrats.

road.jpg Gay-friendly gay bashed in Seattle.

road.jpg Vermont opponents of same-sex marriage step up their efforts: "Several prominent opponents of gay marriage will announce at a Statehouse press conference Tuesday morning the formation of the Vermont Marriage Advisory Council, a group that will hold hearings on the benefits of traditional marriage. Stephen Cable of Rutland, the founder of the conservative group Vermont Renewal, said the formation of this traditional marriage council is in response to what he says is the pro-gay marriage leanings of the Vermont Commission on Family Recognition and Protection. 'The council will be holding forums to delegate information on the social goods that come with the institution of marriage,' Cable said Monday afternoon. 'After that, the council will open up the microphone to hear from Vermonters.'"

News: Patrick Dempsey, Heimlich AIDS Cure, Paris Hilton, Twins

road.jpg Paris Hilton sends prison plea to the public: "During the past several days, I have had a lot of time to reflect and have already learned a bitter, but important lesson from this experience...I must also say that I was shocked to see all of the attention devoted to the amount of time I would spend in jail for what I had done by the media, public and city officials. I would hope going forward that the public and the media will focus on more important things, like the men and women serving our country in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places around the world."

Patrick_dempseyroad.jpg Patrick Dempsey the pink princess.

road.jpg Separated at birth: Anderson Cooper and porn star Mike Power?

road.jpg Inventor of Heimlich maneuver floats new theory: cure AIDS by injecting patients with malaria. "'We allow the malaria to run for three weeks, and then we cure it,' says Dr. Heimlich, now 87 years-old. In a study commissioned by Dr. Heimlich, eight human subjects have already been injected with a form of malaria in China in the 1990s, and he is now involved with a research project involving AIDS patients in Ethiopia who are initially left untreated for malaria with available medicines. 'It gives off substances that strengthen their immune systems,' says Dr. Heimlich. But leading AIDS researchers and medical ethicists say they are appalled. 'It is scientifically unsound, and I think it would be ethically questionable,' said Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health, who has been seeking a cure for AIDS since it was first identified in the 1980s."

road.jpg Moscow Gay Pride organizer Nikolay Alexeyev fined 1,000 rubles: "The court session looked like a farce. The judge refused to admit photo and video evidence proving that we had not disturbed law and order." Background...

road.jpg Most-ever politicians march in Albany Gay Pride as legislature considers gay marriage measure: " Thirty-five groups and about 300 marchers participated in Sunday's parade, which was sponsored by the Capital District Gay and Lesbian Community Council. Keith Hornbrook, executive director of the Council, said it was the biggest parade yet, drawing marchers from Glens Falls, New Paltz and Bennington, Vt. The rally at Washington Park after the parade was attended by Mayor Jerry Jennings and six other politicians -- the most ever, Hornbrook said."

Jfkjrroad.jpg JFK Jr.'s "numerous bisexual encounters" detailed in new book: "I know he was attracted to me because when we danced he played with my a - - and stuff. He kissed me on the dance floor, and I kissed him back."

road.jpg Cyndi Lauper wows at opening of True Colors tour. Some excellent coverage over at NewNowNext.

road.jpg Live at the Gyllenhaal's for $20,000 month. Jake not included.

road.jpg Check out these initial reactions from Mac fanatics to the iPod introductionback in 2001: "hey - heres an idea Apple - rather than enter the world of gimmicks and toys, why dont you spend a little more time sorting out your pathetically expensive and crap server line up? or are you really aiming to become a glorified consumer gimmicks firm?"

road.jpg World's first identical twins born to two different women.

Isaiah Washington: A Status Report

Patrick Dempsey reports to Access Hollywood's Billy Bush that there have been no recent outbursts from Isaiah Washington since he returned to the Grey's Anatomy set.

Isaiah_1Said McDreamy: "It’s hard. I haven’t spent enough time around to honestly know what’s going on with him. I haven’t spoken to him about it. You do have a feeling when you look at him that something is different and that he is working on things. You can’t get away from the fact he’s doing a great job on the show. He does beautiful work. He’s very passionate about it. He allows himself to feel deeply and sometimes, that’s very difficult to contain and control appropriately...I think good will come from this."

Hollywood website TMZ caught up with Isaiah outside L.A. restaurant Orso last week (video). According to Washington, "everything is a blessing" with regard to his relationship with T.R. Knight. When TMZ asked if he had made amends with the gay community, Washington replied "I don't know. What have you heard?" When asked about his staying on the show, Washington says: "I think that's the important thing, still giving the people what they want."

ABC Must Fire Isaiah Washington Over Anti-gay Remarks

Calls are ringing out throughout the blogosphere for some kind of response from Washington and ABC. A petition has sprung up online in a bid to have ABC fire Washington for his ongoing slurs against gay people. (I wish someone would go in and correct the spelling in the petition but I suppose it's the message that's important.)

Washington_1In an interview with AfterElton, director and producer Paris Barclay gave his opinion about what should happen: "Here's what needs to happen: ABC, from Steve McPherson [ABC President] on down, need to condemn this kind of hate-speak, and Isaiah needs to be fired. It's just that simple. He needs to go. He's a homophobe and a liar, and no matter how important he may appear to be, there has to be a line on what behavior is acceptable both on the set and when representing the show to the press."

Meanwhile, GLAAD yesterday issued a statement calling for Washington to apologize and make amends, and announcing that they're contacting Washington's "people" to arrange a meeting with the actor.

Said GLAAD President Neil Giuliano: "When Isaiah Washington uses this kind of anti-gay slur — whether on set or in front of the press — it does more than create a hostile environment for his castmates and the crew of Grey's Anatomy. It also feeds a climate of hatred and intolerance that contributes to putting our community in harm's way. As Ellen pointed out in her discussion with T.R., this is a word that's used to abuse kids on school playgrounds. We also know that, tragically, this sometimes can be the last word people hear before they're attacked, beaten and possibly even killed. Washington's repeated use of it on-set and in the media is simply inexcusable. We want to sit down with him and give him an opportunity to raise public awareness about the destructive impact of these kinds of anti-gay slurs. Over the past four months Washington has become part of a significant problem of anti-gay prejudice in this country. He has an opportunity now to be part of the solution."

Unfortunately, the time for hand-holding and apologies has long passed.

Washington had his opportunity to make amends over the remarks, and instead he chose to lie.

Isaiah Washington needs to be fired from Grey's Anatomy. It is past time for ABC to take action and show that they will not tolerate the use of hateful language towards gay people now, or at any point in the future.

The longer ABC waits to formulate a response to these incidents, the more they become complicit in what has occurred.

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