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Gay Man Survives Freak Lumber Accident, Hopes God Sends Him a Boyfriend: VIDEO


A Portland, Oregon man is lucky to be alive after a freak car accident involving a shaft of lumber that pierced his vehicle.

Said Comstock: "I lived through something I shouldn’t have ... divine intervention is the only thing I can say because my hand shouldn't be attached, neither should my head...I told God, if he's going to save me from death from this and he doesn't send me a boyfriend, I'm going to call a party foul.”



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Three Gay Men in Drag Attacked, Beaten on Halloween in Portland, Oregon: VIDEO


Three gay men who were out in Portland, Oregon in drag on Halloween night were beaten, KATU reports:

It all happened around 2 a.m. along the waterfront in downtown Portland. The men - Dustin Miller, Joey Malone and Curtis Hughes - say they heard some familiar slurs from a group of about five people and then things turned violent.

One of the men kicked off his heels and used them as weapons to try to defend himself. The men say between the high heels and a cyclist passing by, the attackers got spooked enough to run off. But the three were left bleeding, banged up and wondering what had just happened.

They admit their costumes were provocative and some people might have been offended, but said they didn't expect to get beat up over it. They did file a police report, but know there is a slim chance the attackers will be caught.

Thankfully, the three men are getting a lot of support from their community, including money for dental work.


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Portland Trail Blazers Become First NBA Team to Support Marriage Equality

Trail BlazersLate last week, the Portland Trail Blazers lived up to its name, becoming the first NBA team to formally endorse a marriage equality campaign. When asked Friday about Oregon United For Freedom's November 2014 ballot initiative that would overturn the state's 2004 constitutional ban on same-sex marriages, the team had this to say:

"The Portland Trail Blazers are in support of the Freedom to Marry and Religious Protection ballot initiative. We do so as believers in individual choice as a fundamental right of all people."

The Portland Mercury, the paper that broke the story, says that the Trail Blazers have also become the first team from the "big four" professional leagues (basketball, baseball, football, hockey) to formally endorse a marriage equality ballot measure.

The team's statement followed similar endorsements by Portland's Timbers and Thorns soccer teams. 

Portland, Oregon Cabbie Who Kicked Gay Couple Out of Taxi Loses Permit: VIDEO


In late July, Towleroad reported that Kate Neal and Shanko Devoli, a gay Portland couple, were kicked out of a cab along with another friend on a dark interstate highway near Portland. The couple claimed that the driver saw them get affectionate and threw them out.

NealA second cab showed up and kicked them out after calling the other driver, they said.

KGW reports that the first cab driver has now lost his permit:

The City of Portland Regulatory Division said Wednesday that Ahmed Egal's license would be permanently revoked because he failed to get his customers to their destination safely.

Egal said he stopped the car and called 911 because the women were being abusive.

"These people are real, real drunk. And so mean," he said during the 911 call. "And I'm getting tired of it. They want to jump out of the car."

Egal said the women got out of the vehicle and he waited as another Broadway Cab driver arrived. After speaking with Egal, that driver also refused to give them a ride.

Investigators said the incident violated city code, but added that discrimination was not a factor in the decision to revoke Egal's permit. Broadway Cab was fined $1,000.

Watch KGW's report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Driver Kicks Lesbian Couple Out Of Cab For Being Affectionate

A Portland cab driver has been accused of forcing Kate Neal, Shanko Devoll and one of their friends out of his taxi and stranding the three of them along the side of a dark interstate early Friday morning. The couple claim that a Broadway Cab company driver forced them to get out of his cab after he witnessed the two of them become affectionate. A second cab driver arrived soon after but eventually threw them out of his cab, as well.

KATU11 runs down the events:

"I guess he discovered that we were a couple," Neal said. "We were showing some affection towards each other. And he started shouting some pretty hurtful and homophobic things. And then he proceeded to pull over on the freeway and let us out of the cab. I didn't realize at first what was happening, but the more he yelled, the more clear it became," Neal added.

"When he initially pulled over I said 'I do want to get out of this cab, but I don't want to get out of this cab here," Neal said. "And he would not move farther. We had no choice."

So they got out of the cab - a few miles from home - and were left there alone and in the dark. They said they had every intention of paying their fare, but didn't. "We were planning to pay for a cab ride home - that's why we called a cab," said Neal.

The couple said that a second Broadway Cab showed up, they got in and then that driver kicked them out after speaking with the other driver. At that point, they had to walk. Instead of heading along I-84 with cars and trucks whizzing by, they decided to climb an embankment and scale a fence.

The women said they made it to Northeast 102nd Avenue and flagged down an officer. They said the police officer told them that he had actually been looking for them - that he had been dispatched to find two women who had skipped out on their cab fare.

A Portland Police Bureau spokesman told us this isn't a criminal case, but the officer involved did handle it as a civil matter. "He picked us up and called the cab company and told them that we were not to pay the fare and that he was going to take us home," said Neal. "And he did - he drove us home."

The president of Broadway Cab has issued a statement on the company Facebook page which reads in part: "I would like to take this opportunity to say that Broadway Cab is fully committed to the concept and practice of non-discrimination, equal opportunity, and diversity." Read the full statement here.

The initial driver involved has been suspended and the company has begun an investigation into the incident. The entire ride was apparently videotaped by the cab's security camera and this footage will also be be reviewed.

Watch a King5 news report about the incident, AFTER THE JUMP.

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The Remarkable Gay Writer and Activist behind Portland's New Slogan

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 1.01.40 PM 1

Portland has a new slogan--"Portland, Maine. Yes. Life's good here."--with an awesome backstory.  The new slogan was announced by city leaders this Tuesday, to mostly positive reviews, the Portland Press Herald reports:

City and business leaders introduced Portland's new slogan Tuesday, saying its simplicity and versatility open up many marketing opportunities.

The new slogan got less favorable reviews from a local marketing firm. And the upbeat line about Portland's quality of life got skewered by droves of Facebook users.

The slogan – "Portland, Maine. Yes. Life's good here." – was inspired by a writer who lived in Portland, and is part of a branding effort the city expects to roll out over this summer. That effort includes a promotional video, which also debuted Tuesday, and other yet-to-be-developed strategies for promoting the city.

PrestonThe writer whose words were adapted for the new slogan was John Preston, a gay man who died of AIDS complications in 1994.  A pioneering author of gay fiction and nonfiction, Preston had lived in San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis and other cities before settling in Portland in 1979.  As Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz wrote this week, Preston penned an essay the year before he died called "Portland, Maine: Life's Good Here":

The title stems from a question Preston was asked repeatedly by his friends in New York City, who couldn't for the life of them figure out what he was doing in a city of 60,000 that looked from the Big Apple like the middle of nowhere.

"Are you ready to come back yet?" his friends would ask.

"No," Preston would reply. "Life's good here."

"I always call it the toy city, because it's so small, but it is a city," he wrote. "It has all the urban accoutrements that keep it from being just a place where a lot of people happen to live -- someplace like Manchester, New Hampshire, for example, which has more people but none of the cultured air of Portland."

During his time in Portland, Preston advocated for LGBT rights measures, and was a major force behind the city's Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Ordinance in 1992.  He probably couldn't have imagined that same-sex couples would be able to wed in Maine less than two decades after his death, and that Portland would be among the first communities to issue marriage licenses at 12:01 a.m. on December 29.

(image arsenal pulp press)


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