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Four Arrested as LGBT Groups Protest Lack of Funding for LGBT Homeless Youth in NY Governor's Budget


Four activists from the group Queer Rising — Natasha Dillon, Jake Goodman, Melissa Kleckner and Ted McGuire — were peacefully arrested yesterday afternoon following a protest by the group in front of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's Manhattan office. At the demonstration, group members stood beside cardboard boxes that featured the names, ages and hobbies of anonymous LGBTQ youth and chanted for action from Cuomo.

Writes the group in a release to Towleroad:

In October 2011, approximately 80 LGBT organizations and community leaders endorsed the Campaign for Youth Shelter and sent Governor Cuomo a letter calling for "an additional $3-million per year in funding for the creation of 100 youth shelter beds per year."  Cuomo never publicly acknowledged the letter.

Hours after New York State Governor Cuomo released his 2012 budget proposal — which neglected to add a single penny of additional funding to provide adequate shelter for runaway and homeless youth — outraged members of the LGBT community gathered to protest outside his Manhattan office.  Activist group, Queer Rising, organized the demonstration.  Approximately two-dozen activists participated in the protest resulting in four arrests.

Every night in New York City, approximately 3,800 youth are without stable shelter, but the state and city only provide funding for fewer than 200 beds for these youth.  Up to 40% of the homeless youth identify as being LGBT. Last year, Governor Cuomo slashed this budget by 50%.


SicilianoIn related news, Carl Siciliano, Executive Director of the Ali Forney Center, the largest LGBT homeless shelter and resource center in New York, released the following statement regarding Cuomo's budget:

"Governor Cuomo's budget proposal is bad news for the 1600 homeless LGBT youth stranded on the streets of New York each night without access to a shelter bed. These youth, who suffer horribly and whose lives are in danger, deserve the attention and concern of their governor no less than the other members of our community.  With marriage equality expected to bring in over 100 million dollars in additional economic activity and tax revenue for the state, the LGBT community has a moral obligation to demand that our tax dollars protect the most vulnerable and desperate members of our community."

The Ali Forney Center was not involved in Queer Rising's action at the governor's office.

Queer Rising to Protest Cuomo, Demand More Beds for LGBTQ Homeless Youth

Activist Group Queer Rising will stage a demonstration today in front of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's office, demanding more beds and shelter for homeless LGBTQ and other youth:

HomelessJoin the Coalition behind the CAMPAIGN FOR HOMELESS YOUTH and QUEER RISING on January 17, 2012 at 4:30pm in-front of NY Gov.Cuomo's Office in Midtown to DEMAND an increase in funding for Homeless Shelter Services and Beds!

40% of homeless youth in New York identify as being LGBTQ. Since 2008, Mayor Bloomberg has cut the budget to Homeless Youth Services (HYS) by at least 50%. Last year, Governor Cuomo also cut the HYS budget by 50%.

We are demanding that an additional $3 million be added to the budget, which will provide an additional 100 beds, every year until all our youth have adequate shelter. Governor Cuomo will release his 2012 budget proposal by January 20th, at the latest.

As a second “A Box Is Not A Home” action, Queer Rising will hold this action in front of Governor Cuomo's office demanding that the $3 million be included in the 2012 budget. We will continue to advocate for our youth, we will not go away, Marriage Equality is not the only issue we care about.

Anti-Gay NY Senator Diaz to Have Presence at AIDS Walk, in Drag


Activist group Queer Rising is reacting to New York Senator Ruben Diaz's plans to hold an anti-gay marriage march in the Bronx on Sunday, the same day as the New York AIDS Walk by holding a protest along the AIDS walk route.

The group writes, in a press release:

Queer Rising is inviting AIDS Walkers and passerbyers to stop by “Ruben's Drag Race" at Riverside Drive and West 95th Street to send Senator Diaz a message: HIV must end; the hatred must end; the violence must end; the bullying must end; the teen suicides must end. “There is no place in New York City for the kind of display he has organized and New Yorkers repudiate his divisive agenda of hate.”

Queer Rising will have a large cut-out Ruben Diaz figure replete with “fabulous costume changes” that people will have the opportunity to take photos with at the AIDS Walk for $1.00. All proceeds of will be donated directly to GMHC, with suggested directing of funding to HIV/AIDS work specifically in the Bronx.

“If Senator Diaz cannot be bothered to advocate on his constituents' behalf, we will have to work to make up the difference and let them know that they are not abandoned,” said Goodman.

Photos will be available on a Queer Rising Tumblr page.

Watch: Activists Make 'Bigot Special' Target Store Announcement


These Target managers aren't happy with the announcement activist group Queer Rising just made over the P.A. system to all its shoppers: 

"Good afternoon Target shoppers. When shopping at Target, know that your money is fueling hate and discrimination. Today's bigot special - two-ply toilet tissue. Cause when you're full of shit like Target is, you need something to wipe the shame with."


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Watch: Gay Activists Hold 'Die-In' Outside U.S. Capitol


A group of LGBT activists, led by the NY-based group Queer Rising, held a "Homophobia Kills die-in" outside the U.S. Capitol on Sunday, meant to counter a rally held by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) on the final day of its 23-city hate-a-palooza tour

The "die-in" highlighted the hateful rhetoric spewed by groups like NOM and how it contributes to nationwide violence against LGBT people.



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Watch: Activists Confront NY Anti-Gay Marriage Democrat Joe Addabbo at His Birthday Fundraiser in Queens


NY State Senator Joe Addabbo had a birthday party/campaign fundraiser in Queens yesterday and several activists at Queer Rising crashed the party to remind Democrat Addabbo and his constituents of his "no" vote on marriage equality last December.

Yelled one activist: "Joe Addabbo, you took hundreds of thousands of dollars from the gay community based on a lie. You were promising votes for marriage. You lied to us!"

Addabbo told the activists they could stick around, though they were confronted by party attendees, one of whom yelled at them, "I want him to vote against gay marriage."

Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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