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Matt Barber: 'Non-Discrimination Policies Are Discriminatory Against Christians'

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Matt Barber is outraged after San Jose State University's InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter lost its' status as an officially recognized campus organization after refusing to comply with the school's non-discrimination policies reports Right Wing WatchBarber went so far as to say on the Faith and Freedom radio program that not allowing Christians to discriminate against gays is, itself, discrimination against Christians.

Said Barber:

"It's an excuse to discriminate against Christians ... That's all it is and it's stupid. It's just plain stupid. Imagine going to the African American organization on your campus and saying that you have to allow an open, avowed white supremacist as the leader of this African American organization, maybe a student branch of the NAACP. That is no different than what we are talking about here, but because it's Christians, and this is the truth, really the last group here in the United States that is fair game, that is an open target for discrimination such as this are Christians."

You can listen to Barber's nonsense, if you can stomach it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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NY Radio Hosts Kimberly and Beck, Who Were Fired for Transphobic Remarks, Back on the Air: VIDEO


Kimberly and Beck, the Rochester, NY radio hosts who were fired from 98.9 'Breakfast Buzz' show after unleashing a tirade of disturbing and offensive remarks about transgender people in a 'discussion' of the city's new trans health benefits, have been hired by Clear Channel station Radio 95.1.

The radio duo apologized after being let go over the offensive segment (which you can listen to HERE), saying, in part:

We are very sorry for the hurt and pain we have caused anyone, especially those in the Transgender community and their friends and families. What we said and the manner in which we handled ourselves was wrong; we take full responsibility and we deeply apologize to any and all that we offended.

Our attempt was to discuss a controversial healthcare issue; however our lack of sensitivity and understanding of the Transgender people and their plight created 12 minutes of radio we that wish we could take back...

...It is our hope that this situation can be a time of learning and understanding about the Transgender community and not a time for additional anger and insensitivity. This is a community of individuals who struggle painfully to be themselves and find the support and comfort they deserve. We believe that this can be a chance for all of us to stop the ignorance and find our humanity."

In an announcement released today about their new show, Kimberly says:

"We took some time to reflect and kind of figure out what went sideways and we made the statement that we were sorry and made amends to the transgender community and we're just glad to be back."

Kimberly and Beck say they're doing the same kind of show they have been doing for 13 years and don't deny they might say something else that gets them in trouble.

Says Kimberly:

"Oh we'll probably say stupid things. I mean, there's no doubt. We're all human...There are things that you say that in a minute you wish you could take back. It's the nature of the business. We never intend to hurt anyone."

Adds Beck:

"It's live radio. In the area where we live, once in a while we overstep our boundaries."

Kimberly and Beck do not specify the amends they made to the trans community or how their understanding of transgender people has changed in the time since the controversy. Perhaps they will do so on their show.

Watch the duo's announcement today, AFTER THE JUMP...(warning:autoplay)

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Married English TV Presenter Admits To Affair With Another Man, Drug Use

Paul ross

English television and radio presenter Paul Ross has revealed that for the past year, he has been cheating on his wife with another man, reports The Huffington Post.

Ross is the brother of television and radio presenter Jonathan, who in 2011 revealed that his daughter is gay.

Ross told tabloid newspaper The Sun that he first met former teacher Barry Olivier when he visited a dogging site near his home, to watch other couples having sex.

He also revealed that he regularly snorted mephedrone when he was with Olivier:

"I tried it. Then I got this immediate euphoria... What I didn’t know then was that it makes you feel like you are in heaven when in reality you are actually going to hell."

The affair came to an end when his wife Jackie became suspicious of her husband's whereabouts, and tracked his phone using an app on her iPad.

Jackie has pledged to stand by her husband, saying,

"I’m not wiping out a 14-year relationship for six months of madness, I’m not. Because I know he loves me. I know 90 per cent of Paul is a good man. He’s a good dad. I feel the sex was part of the mephedrone package, I don’t see it as a gay relationship, I see it as part of the drugs. I’m not letting that vile little gargoyle destroy what we’ve got.”

Describing himself as an addict, Ross is now seeking counselling for his addiction to the class B stimulant:

“The person I have been over the last 14 months isn’t someone I recognise. I have done things I didn’t even think it was possible for a human being to do. I have started counselling for my drug addiction. I have had two sessions already. I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been. Jackie has been amazing through this. She is such a brave woman and she doesn’t deserve what I have put her through.”

Ben Carson: Same-Sex Marriage Is A 'Finger-In-Your-Eye To God' - LISTEN

Anti-gay activist Ben Carson joined James Dobson on Family Talk Radio last week to discuss pro-LGBT pastors, reports Right Wing Watch. Ben carson

In a bizarre exchange, Dobson, who argued that bisexual people “have sex with males and females at the same time,” said:

“If men can marry and if the things that are said about same-sex relationships and marriage and the Bible are misunderstandings, what do you do with the rest of LGBT? What do you do with bisexuality? If one of those is right and proper and holy, what about those who have sex with males and females at the same time? That’s called orgies, that’s what it used to be called, or just sleeping around with everybody and it doesn’t matter. How can a Christian minister who reads the Bible condone that?”

Agreeing with Dobson, Carson argued that same-sex marriage is offensive to God:

“Well, you know, my emphasis is that marriage is an institution established by God himself...So when you start distorting that, you’re really going pretty deep into the finger-in-your-eye to God. That’s why I have a hard time understanding why ministers are willing to do that.”

Last month, English comedian Russell Brand made a video criticizing Carson's homophobic views.

Listen to the exchange between Carson and Dobson, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Radio DJ's Sexuality Struggles Prompt Vital Conversation on Gender, Sexuality, and Hip Hop: WATCH

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DJ Mister Cee, the famed hip hop producer and DJ from NYC's Hot 97 radio station, was caught last week in another scandal involving the solicitation of a trans sex worker. Audio of the encounter was released, causing Cee to initially resign his position at the station, saying, "I'm being honest, I'm talking about who I am and what I am, and so I gotta deal with that first before I can get to the bridge that I know that I love which is being on this radio."

Mister Cee eventually rescinded his resignation, and, in the process of his whole ordeal, prompted an important conversation where the issues of sexuality, gender, race, and hip hop converge.

One of the best analyses of the Cee story was on HuffPostLive with transgender activist and Orange is the New Black actress Laverne Cox, writer and transgender activist Janet Mock, The Nation's Mychel Denzel Smith, and professor of black popular culture Mark Anthony Neal. The conversation started with these words from host Marc Lamont Hill:

"I want to be really clear with all of you watching this in the HuffPost community and beyond. I want to talk about what we're not going to to. This is not going to be a conversation about Mister Cee, per se. I don't really want to dig into the muck and mire of his personal life or get into the rumourmill or the scandal—there's plenty of places for that. What I think we want to do is have a smarter and more important conversation about what it all means. I'm less interested in talking about Mister Cee and more interested in talking about how we're talking about Mister Cee."

From there the conversation became one of the healthiest examples of how the media should and can discuss complex and uncomfortable issues surounding sexuality. It is a must-watch for anyone who has read this far into the post. 

Watch the HuffPostLive commentators' superb analysis and listen to DJ Mister Cee discuss his ordeal, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Anti-Gay Radio Listener Enraged By Macklemore's 'Same Love': VIDEO

Artemis Radio

The host of Artimis Radio on 92.9 FM in Indiana had no idea that playing Macklemore's "Same Love" would cause such a fuss, but one listener named "Craig" completely flipped out, calling the station time after time after time to rant about the station promoting their "homosexuals and gay tendencies" after Craig's own son had him listen to the song.

The host finally had enough of the caller and decided to record the conversation between the both of them. As to be expected, Craig is a devout "God-fearing man" who says that "Jesus hates gays" and seems to have missed the fact that his son might be trying to tell him something. When the host points out that America is the land of the free, Craig responds that he needs to be free of gays. After Craig rants repeatedly about how he'll never listen to the station ever again, the DJ tells him,

Please, please, please promise me that you'll never listen to this station again, and that you'll never call in again because, honestly, I could probably talk to the GM and owner here and they probably don't want you to listen to the station ever again.

You can watch the video AFTER THE JUMP...

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