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Radio DJ's Sexuality Struggles Prompt Vital Conversation on Gender, Sexuality, and Hip Hop: WATCH

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DJ Mister Cee, the famed hip hop producer and DJ from NYC's Hot 97 radio station, was caught last week in another scandal involving the solicitation of a trans sex worker. Audio of the encounter was released, causing Cee to initially resign his position at the station, saying, "I'm being honest, I'm talking about who I am and what I am, and so I gotta deal with that first before I can get to the bridge that I know that I love which is being on this radio."

Mister Cee eventually rescinded his resignation, and, in the process of his whole ordeal, prompted an important conversation where the issues of sexuality, gender, race, and hip hop converge.

One of the best analyses of the Cee story was on HuffPostLive with transgender activist and Orange is the New Black actress Laverne Cox, writer and transgender activist Janet Mock, The Nation's Mychel Denzel Smith, and professor of black popular culture Mark Anthony Neal. The conversation started with these words from host Marc Lamont Hill:

"I want to be really clear with all of you watching this in the HuffPost community and beyond. I want to talk about what we're not going to to. This is not going to be a conversation about Mister Cee, per se. I don't really want to dig into the muck and mire of his personal life or get into the rumourmill or the scandal—there's plenty of places for that. What I think we want to do is have a smarter and more important conversation about what it all means. I'm less interested in talking about Mister Cee and more interested in talking about how we're talking about Mister Cee."

From there the conversation became one of the healthiest examples of how the media should and can discuss complex and uncomfortable issues surounding sexuality. It is a must-watch for anyone who has read this far into the post. 

Watch the HuffPostLive commentators' superb analysis and listen to DJ Mister Cee discuss his ordeal, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Anti-Gay Radio Listener Enraged By Macklemore's 'Same Love': VIDEO

Artemis Radio

The host of Artimis Radio on 92.9 FM in Indiana had no idea that playing Macklemore's "Same Love" would cause such a fuss, but one listener named "Craig" completely flipped out, calling the station time after time after time to rant about the station promoting their "homosexuals and gay tendencies" after Craig's own son had him listen to the song.

The host finally had enough of the caller and decided to record the conversation between the both of them. As to be expected, Craig is a devout "God-fearing man" who says that "Jesus hates gays" and seems to have missed the fact that his son might be trying to tell him something. When the host points out that America is the land of the free, Craig responds that he needs to be free of gays. After Craig rants repeatedly about how he'll never listen to the station ever again, the DJ tells him,

Please, please, please promise me that you'll never listen to this station again, and that you'll never call in again because, honestly, I could probably talk to the GM and owner here and they probably don't want you to listen to the station ever again.

You can watch the video AFTER THE JUMP...

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Sandy Rios To Gays and Liberals: 'God Will Even The Score'

Sandy Rios
LGBT people and their allies have scored decisive and historic victories in recent months, both here in the United States as well as around the globe. Such rapid progress is almost certain to prompt a verbal backlash by opponents of equality. However, one recent comment made by ultra-conservative and vocally-homophobic radio host Sandy Rios proved to be a bit more ominous than usual:

"I would not want to be in the shoes of any of the left right now. I would not want to be in Barack Obama’s shoes. I would not want to be in the shoes of homosexual activists. I say that with humility and with fear for them because God will even the score, he will sort things out, he will be God and he will not be mocked. Whereas they think they are getting away with breaking all kinds of moral laws and mocking everyone in the process, they just don’t know God, they don’t know who they are up against and we do. And that should bring out some mercy in us because I wouldn’t want to be—what did that old evangelist say: ‘it’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God.’"

Thankfully, Rios' diatribe does not appear to be a veiled threat that references any specific retribution that should come from this so-called "angry God". Nevertheless, these comments come as part of a trend of especially violent comments that Rios has been making as of late. She has also recently expressed her support of the massacres taking place in Egypt, saying that she was "grateful" and claiming that the more than 600 victims were not "innocent". She also expressed an opinion that Muslim-Americans do not deserve to be protected by the First Amendment. 

Listen to Rios' foreboding comments, thanks to Right Wing Watch, AFTER THE JUMP...

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AFA's Sandy Rios Links Homosexuality to Pedophilia, Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro

RiosAmerican Family Association talk show host Sandy Rios was joined by Chicago pastor Erwin Lutzer late last week in a discussion on how the growing acceptance of homosexuality was muddying the waters of what 'love' truly means in society. Right Wing Watch reports how the two believe their disapproval of homosexual relations is warranted because pedophiles and even Ariel Castro, the Cleveland man who held three women captive in his home for a decade, claim to 'love' those they abuse. 


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Rios Radio Show: Teaching Kids About Equality Just Like Teaching Them To Use Crack

Sandy Rios
Sandy Rios of the American Family Association has already warned that the equality "freight train" is fast approaching, demanding God-fearing Christians "to bow the knee or to be crushed." More recently, on an episode of her radio show, Rios resorted to another common fear-mongering tactic: claiming that America's children are in danger. 

Rios devoted part of yesterday's show to discuss the National Education Association. More specifically, she wished to decry the NEA's commitment to including LGBT-inclusive curricula. "The NEA has been for the last twenty years indoctrinating our children," she cautioned, and went on to place the blame of our culture's recent "decline" solely on them. "I think that we can lay at the feet of the National Education Association the reason why this culture has been slouching toward Gomorrah."

Rios then brought on a guest, a South Carolina teacher pastor Ira Thomas. Both attended the NEA's recent conference in Atlanta, and were naturally appalled at the "indoctrination" they saw. Thomas was eventually the one to utter the offending quote, saying that "to me it’s like teaching people about how to use crack. It’s a dangerous game to play on."

Listen to the clip from Rios' show, thanks to Right Wing Watch, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Cumulus Media Dropping Sean Hannity And Rush Limbaugh

Cumulus Media, the nation's second-largest owner and operator of AM and FM radio stations, will not be renewing the contracts of hyper-conservative pundits Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. According to Politico, the decision comes after a breakdown of negotiations between Cumulus and Clear Channel "over the cost of the distribution rights," and supposedly has nothing to do with any comment made by either of the hosts. While this is not the first time that Cumulus and Clear Channel have had disagreements, Politico'c source, who was apparently close to the negotiations and who declined to be identified, told the news publication that "Cumulus is known to drive a hard bargain on costs, and Clear Channel is known to seek top dollar for big names...Clear Channel was unlikely to reduce the cost for distribution rights to a level that would satisfy Cumulus." As of this morning, neither company has issued a comment.

Sean hannityAccording to industry insiders, however, Cumulus has already started reaching out to other conservative personalities to potentially fill these upcoming vacancies. Others predict that Cumulus will likely use one of their existing talents to fill such slots, such as Mike Huckabee, Mark Levin, or Michael Savage, Meanwhile, Hannity and Limbaugh will likely migrate over to Premiere. It is not yet clear if either host will suffer from decreased syndication as a result. 

Limbaugh and Cumulus were already at odds earlier this year, when Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey blamed Limbaugh's tasteless comments about Sandra Fluke for their "$2.4 million first-quarter decline in revenue related to talk programming." Neither host has issued any sort of comment about their negotiations with Cumulus since then. 


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