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Rainbow Flag Removed from Top of West Hollywood City Hall

The rainbow flag has been removed from the top of West Hollywood City Hall after months of debate, the L.A. Times reports:

RainbowAbout 40% of West Hollywood’s population identifies as gay or lesbian, according to city surveys. There are rainbow-colored crosswalks at Santa Monica and San Vicente boulevards. And four of the five city council members are gay men.

But city council members in November unanimously voted to maintain the city’s practice of displaying only the United States, California and city of West Hollywood flags on public facilities.

Councilman John Duran said the city is shared by gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and heterosexual people and that the flag’s hanging above City Hall was inappropriate, even if the city was founded largely on gay rights.

West Hollywood “belongs to all of us,” Duran said at one meeting. “It’s not just a city of gay men. It belongs to heterosexual people as well, and City Hall belongs to everybody in this community, gay or straight, and let’s not ever give the impression that City Hall has become exclusive to only one part of the West Hollywood community.”

The flag has been on top of the building since June at the suggestion of resident Larry Block after a city councilman agreed with his sentiment, which he repeated to the LAT:

“West Hollywood is a beacon of hope for gays and lesbians throughout the world,” he said. “When tourists come into town, they’re so proud of the fact that we’re that special place for the LGBT community. … The rainbow flag is an inclusive symbol, not exclusive.”

Block says because Duran and Prang are running for county offices the removal of the flag was a political move.

Far-Right Demonstrators Torch 'Gay Rights' Rainbow in Warsaw Public Square: VIDEO


A massive rainbow public art sculpture which was not intended as, but has become, a symbol of gay rights and diversity, was torched earlier this week by far-right nationalists.

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3_rainbowAl Jazeera reports:

Warsaw's main boulevard, Marszalkowska, and neighbouring areas turned into a war zone on the Independence Day March on November 11. Row after row of mostly male youth marched along the boulevard spilling into sidewalks and side streets.They carried flags with Celtic crosses and white power fists, chanted slogans with visceral force and filled the centre of the city with fire-cracker smoke. The parade, with the number of protesters set at around 15,000, was organised by two of the most prominent far-right organisations in the country, the All-Polish Youth and the National-Radical Camp.

Few passers-by dared to stick around and watch the spectacle.

Within one hour of the start of the demonstration, participants had attacked two squats in the centre of Warsaw (Syrena and Przychodnia) and burnt down a rainbow installation in Plac Zbawicela, an artistic installation standing for diversity.

The NYT reported on the sculpture back in March, noting that already the rainbow had been set on fire four times and come under fire from right-wing groups and politicians:

What was intended as a work of public art without an overt political message beyond the need for inclusiveness, according to the artist behind it, has instead become part of a culture war over homosexuality that has been brewing in one of Europe’s most Catholic countries...

...Stanislaw Pieta, a member of Parliament from the conservative Law and Justice Party, the main opposition faction in Poland, called the placement of the rainbow on a grassy circle in front of the church a “disgusting gesture, offensive to Catholics.” He added, “It’s a provocation.”

Although city officials and the artist, Julita Wojcik, say the rainbow is not a monument to gay rights, both its supporters and opponents find they can agree on what the rainbow symbolizes.

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Rainbow Building to House Media Members During Sochi Olympics: PHOTO


The media during the Sochi Olympics is going to be housed in this building which screams "gay propaganda", USA Today reports.

Notice it’s not five colors of the Olympic rings. It’s the whole rainbow spectrum including indigo and violet. Whooops!

How soon will Putin's goverment have it whitewashed?

Stephen Colbert Wants the Rainbow Back for His Terror Alerts: VIDEO


Last night, Stephen Colbert said media confusion about the extent and severity of the recent terror threats is bewildering him:

"Without any details, I'm not even sure how panicked I'm supposed to be. At least during the Bush years I could look at this helpful chart and know that my sphincter tightness was orange. But even that's gone now because Obama gave all those colors to the gays for their rainbow."


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P!nk Attacked After Rainbow Flag Dance, Says She's Proud to Be Called a Lesbian: VIDEO


P!nk scoffed at followers on social media who called her a "lesbian" after she danced with a rainbow flag and draped it around her neck at a concert in Melbourne, Australia over the weekend.

Tweeted the singer: "Fun fact:when you twitter me and say "you're a lesbian" it really doesn't bother me at all. It's a compliment. Most of my fav ppl are, so...I'm sure all of you hate filled humans can come up with something a little worse than that?!? Come on- be creative. You have 140 characters!"

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Rainbow Flag Causes Controversy In Rochester, NY


Late last week, a dispute took place over the display of a rainbow flag at the Monroe County Office Building in Rochester, New York after the County Executive Maggie Brooks (R), declared that the county could not display the rainbow flag in support of LGBT pride because it's against county policy to display "issue-based" or "advocacy" flags. While the city of Rochester is widely viewed to be LGBT friendly, as of late, the county administration has come under fire for not being inclusive enough when it comes to LGBT rights. Unsatisfied with Brooks' ban on the rainbow flag, Democrats in the county legislature decided to display the flag regardless of the County's disapproval. However, when Staff Director for the Democratic Caucus Joe Rittler affixed the rainbow flag outside his office window, local officials quickly took down the flag and a stand-off emerged, Democrat and Chronicle reports:

"[Rittler] went downstairs to see how it looked, and when he came back, Sheriff’s Office personnel assigned to the building had arrived to take it down. There was brief talk of an arrest, but when Rittler put his hands behind his back, he said security walked past him and removed the flag.

Rittler went out and bought another one.

Rittler said security told him that all requests to hang something from the building must go through the communications office. County spokesman Justin Feasel said since the flag was affixed to the outside of the building, they were worried about damage. The county doesn’t allow items such as fliers to be affixed to the building with a similar concern about damage.

Rittler again hung the flag out his window, saying it was affixed it in the same manner, and waited with Legislature minority leader Carrie Andrews, D-Rochester, for security to come back. This time, security left them alone, and the flag remained up.

“Although they were able to remove the flags using the sheriff’s department, the LGBT community can rest assured that we will not be bullied. A new Rainbow Pride Flag is now proudly flying outside our office,” Andrews said in a statement."

According to County spokesman Feasel, neither he nor Brooks were involved in the flag's removal.


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