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Kings of Leon Cover Robyn's 'Dancing on My Own': VIDEO


A new take on an old favorite.


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Two Gay Guys, Two Cups,'Call Your Girlfriend' Cover: VIDEO


Take a break from the daily grind and check out Towleroad reader Scottie and friend Riley serve up some "Call Your Girlfriend" realness, reminiscent of girl group Erato's cover of the song.  


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Robyn Does Some Gender-Bending in Snoop Dogg Collaboration: VIDEO


Swedish pop star Robyn today dropped a video for "U Should Know Better", a three-year-old track featuring Snoop Dogg from her Body Talk Pt. 2 album, and the video features a pair of gender-flipped doubles for the two singers.


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Robyn, Diddy, and Paul Rudd are in an Insane Music Video Together: WATCH


Remember the crazy video from Andy Samberg's comedy troupe The Lonely Island in which James Franco, Ed Norton, and Zach Galifianakis got married to men?

Samberg's follow-up has now arrived, and operates on the same level of genius insanity, but this time features the odd combo of Swedish pop star Robyn, Diddy, and Paul Rudd hitting a nightclub in a music video for the track "Go Kindergarten".

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Drag Racers Detox and Willam Sing an Anthem to 'Silicone' Set to Robyn's 'Dancing On My Own': VIDEO


Drag queens Detox, Willam, and Vicky Vox get their injections on in an anthem celebrating busted faces, set to Robyn's "Dancing On My Own".


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The OXD Mirror: New Music For 4.26.13



The OXD Mirror is a weekly music column brought to you by the boys of OCCUPY THE DISCO (OXD), a New York City based collective created by three music lovers, Ru Bhatt, Josh Appelbaum, and Tadeu Magalhães, who want to share their love for disco, house and dance music with the world.  


Boris Dlugosch feat. Róisín Murphy - 'Never Enough (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)'

Germany's Boris Dlugosch, known for his funky and deep house tracks, made quite the impact with his 2001 hit collaboration with Róisín Murphy, 'Never Enough.' In a somewhat suprising move, Dlugosch is re-releasing the massive tune 12 years later with a collection of new remixes. On this rework, Sweden's Drop Out Orchestra turns the hard hitting club banger into more of a subdued, daytime disco affair by including space age synths and the heavy strings that inspired their namesake. While the impetus for this re-release may not be that altruistic (a new Dlugosch and Murphy collaboration is supposedly in the works), it's quite exciting that Dlugosch (via his label, Peppermint Jams) sought out many of today's finest producers to update this classic hit. Dlugosch has even gone as far as to crowd source the next remix of this classic song, with a contest live on Beatport soliciting fan-made works. Murphy fans like myself have practically been begging for new material since her fantastic 2007 record, Overpowered, so we'll take anything we can get.


FCL - 'It's You (David Morales Remix)'

FCL's 'It's You' is somewhat of a controversial tune. The song is a remake of a track made in 1986 by a Chicago house duo called ESP. FCL's Red D & San Soda were inspired by the original in 2003 and created the 'San Soda's Panorama Bar Acca Version,' which was only available on vinyl and had a very limited press run—reserved for D, Soda and some of their friends. The song's haunting vocals and stripped down production made it an instant hit on the dancefloor, becoming the essential tune for DJs to play. After the records were found being sold online for ridiculous prices (€500!) and after hearing many accounts of DJs playing low quality versions of the the track in clubs around the world, the Belgian production duo recognized the the need to turn to Defected Records and give the song a proper digital release in order to preserve the quality of their art. With the advent of the Shazam app and and the internet, it's impossible to create a limited release these days. And there's the lament: the duo went to great lengths to preserve exclusive access to their art, but, in this digital era, they were practically forced to give the public what they wanted so they would hear it in the quality that the artists prefer. Luckily what that also means is that uber house producers like NYC's very own David Morales are given access to create their interpretations as well. In this instance, Morales adds considerable weight to the original, turning the wonderful acappella track into a floor filling summer house anthem.


Disclosure - 'You And Me feat. Eliza Doolittle'

Hot off the heels of the successes of 'Latch' and 'White Noise,' the brothers Guy & Howard Lawrence (a.k.a. Disclosure) recently debuted the third single from their hotly anticipated debut album, Settle, and have performed quite the hat trick!  'You & Me' features vocals by English singer-songwriter Eliza Doolitle and stays true to Disclosure's successful formula of vocally driven Chicago House / U.K. Garage tracks. Tad and I had the pleasure of seeing the brothers live at NYC's Bowery Ballroom (where they previewed much of the new album to our considerable delight) and were absolutely blown away by this song. It's interesting that brothers refer to this slick and breezy jam as pop music, which certainly may be true in the U.K. but it's a far cry from what's considered pop here in the states. Perhaps they're just ahead of the trend?



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