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Roger Federer and Andy Murray: Gay Man in Pro Tennis Should Have No Problem

Andy Murray and Roger Federer were asked in Rome today how they would feel about an out gay player in men's tennis.

Said Federer: Federer

"I don't think it would be a problem. We're very relaxed. We don't play a team sport and see each other all the time. ... We're very open. So whatever happens, happens. I don't know if there are any (gay players). So far from what I've heard, no. But that could change, possibly because of the case in the NBA."

Said Murray:

"I would hope there are no issues on the tour. You know, there have to be some players who are probably gay but I don't think other players have any issues with it and hope tennis deals with this well. I saw the Jason Collins thing in basketball and the player and the owners were respectful and happy about his decision and so I think it is a good thing."

Last week, Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish became the first pro tennis players to sign on to the LGBT anti-homophobia group Athlete Ally.

Novak Djokovic Strips Down for 'Vogue'


Vogue takes a liking to the "lean, mean tennis machine," splashing him across their front page.

Has Anna Wintour rejected Federer?

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DAVID WILSON: An interview from a new documentary project, Marriage Equality: Byron Rushing and the Fight for Fairness, which "follows Massachusetts State Representative and Civil Rights Movement veteran Byron Rushing, who together with a group of progressive Black clergy and activists, successfully won the hearts, minds and votes on the emotionally divisive issue of same sex marriage..

TWEENER: Federer hits another through-the-legs shot on day one of the U.S. Open.

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CHINA'S GOT TALENT: Stunning pianist who lost both his arms in an electrical accident.

IDIOTS WEIGH IN: How long does it take for the Earth to go around the Sun?

WILLIAM TELL: Roger Federer serves a can off a crew member's head during a Gillette shoot. Fake or no?

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Here's Your Chance to Lick Roger Federer


Even if you suck at tennis. In February, Austria plans to release 400,000 stamps honoring the world #1 tennis player.

Swiss Info reports: "It is not the first time Federer has been put on a stamp: Switzerland issued one in 2007 – the first Swiss personality to be paid this honour during his lifetime."

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Watch: Roger Federer Knows How to Use What's Between His Legs


Here's the amazing shot that took Federer to match point in his semifinal against Novak Djokovic yesterday at U.S. Open. This is why the Swiss is #1.


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