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Rush Limbaugh Blames Gay Marriage For Incest: AUDIO

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Gays can legally marry in most states, and this is why an anonymous father and daughter in New York are planning to get married. Or so goes the logic of sentient bloviating mass that names itself Rush Limbaugh:

Do you remember how everyone laughed when we warned you people about this very thing happening once society started to redefine marriage and redefine what makes up a legitimate relationship?

Nevermind the fact that no state government, much less the federal government, will recognize this as a legitimate, legal marriage. Or that the "inbred redneck" is a pernicious stereotype about the South that has existed for generations. Or that the practice of incest predates the gay rights movement. Or that it was once just accepted as de rigueur amongst the wealthy. Or that it even appears in the Bible. Repeatedly. But no, gay marriage was what opened the floodgates and were gays not allowed to marry then we wouldn't be dealing with fathers marrying daughters.

You can listen to Limbaugh spew his inanities AFTER THE JUMP...

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Rush Limbaugh Blames Democrats 'All Out Assault' on Marriage and Religion As the Cause of 'National Angst' - AUDIO


On Rush Limbaugh's radio program today, the right-wing blowhard called for an "entire shift in national attitude" and blamed the Democratic Party's 'all out assault' on marriage, religion, science, and education as the root cause of our nation's "angst."

Said Limbaugh:

Standards have deteriorated, morality is no longer allowed to be defined or used. Nobody is allowed to pass judgement on what's obviously right or wrong. There's no foundation, there aren't any guardrails's no wonder people who are rooted in the great traditions and institutions of this country may think they are crumbling, because they're routinely assaulted - they, the people, and the institutions. 

Limbaugh, for those still counting, is currently on his fourth marriage. He's also previously asserted that "if you believe in God, you can't believe in manmade global warming."


[via Media Matters for America]

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Rush Limbaugh Schooled on the Word 'Tranny': VIDEO


Last week, after Laverne Cox appeared on the cover of TIME magazine, Rush Limbaugh took a call from a transgender listener named Tina who spoke to him about the word "tranny" and why people find it offensive.

Limbaugh told the caller "I've been for trannies for a long time."

Said the caller: "I did hear you using that term. And a lot of us do find that to be rather offensive because of the way that its been historically used."

Limbaugh then explained that he had heard Alec Baldwin use the term:

“He has made a lot of homophobic comments, and he wrote this big apologia. And he used the term tranny as though it were hip, and an inside baseball term that made him cool with the transgender [community].”

The caller explained to Limbaugh that the word is often used derisively, to which Limbaugh replied, "Well how do people know you're a tranny?"

The conversation then turned more personal, with Limbaugh questioning the caller about the difficulties she has finding a romantic partner, and asking questions about how trans women might "trick" men, and how sexual suspicion can be a difficulty.

Said the caller: "Sometimes people have oral sex or anal sex in the dark."

To which Limbaugh replied: "Oh, that’s right! I didn’t even think of that! Oh, you’re right. Because everybody — yeah. Aw, gee."


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Rush Limbaugh: Jan Brewer is Being 'Bullied' into Vetoing Arizona Anti-Gay Bill — AUDIO

Rush Limbaugh says Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is being bullied into signing SB 1062, the bill that would allow businesses to discriminate against gays based on religious beliefs, Politico reports:

Limbaugh“Religious beliefs can’t be used to stop anything the left wants to impose, unless they’re Muslim religious beliefs and then we have to honor those. But any other religious beliefs are not permitted,” Limbaugh said. “The left will not allow them. Now, the current thinking is that Gov. Brewer will probably veto the bill, which, you might think on the face of it will make her a hero with the news media and the rest of the left.”

Sure, it might make her a hero, he said — “for five minutes.” And then she’ll go back to being a “near criminal conservative Republican,” Limbaugh continued, because “their reaction will be, what took her so long? Why did she even consider not vetoing this?”

“She’s being bullied by the homosexual lobby in Arizona and elsewhere,” he said. “She’s being bullied by the nationwide drive-by media, she’s being bullied by certain elements of corporate America in order to advance the gay agenda. I guess in that circumstance bullying is admirable. In fact, this kind of bullying is honorable.”

Listen to Limbaugh's rant, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Rush Limbaugh Asks Offensive Question About Michael Sam and the NFL Showers: AUDIO

RushlimbaughIn an all-too-expected reaction, Rush Limbaugh took to the airwaves on Wednesday to stake his right wing claim on the topic of out football player Michael Sam.

Media Matters reported on the statement:

LIMBAUGH: By the way, I probably shouldn't ask this, but if it's OK for a man who has sex with other men to be in a shower in an NFL locker room with other men, is it OK for a guy to be in a shower with women?

Listen to the absurdity, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Rush Limbaugh: 'If You Believe In God, You Can't Believe In Global Warming'

During a recent speech which announced the creation of the State Department's Office of Faith-Based Community Initiatives, John Kerry described "global climate change" as "a challenge to our responsibilities as the guardians--safe guarders of God's creation." Those comments apparently didn't sit well with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, who spoke out against Kerry's remarks on his soon-to-be-dropped radio show earlier this week:

"See, in my humble opinion, folks, if you believe in God, then intellectually you cannot believe in manmade global warming … You must be either agnostic or atheistic to believe that man controls something that he can’t create."

Thankfully, ThinkProgress presented overwhelming evidence to the contrary in their report, stating that:

"In reality, millions of church-goers in the United States already recognize that the evidence for climate change is undeniable. A December 2012 survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute found that strong majorities of most American faith traditions agreed that the recent string of natural disasters were the result of climate change, especially among mainline protestants (65 percent) and Catholics (60 percent)."

Of course, those attempting to support Limbaugh's assertion may argue that popular opinion does not necessarily dictate the rules and teachings of any particular church. Luckily, ThinkProgress goes on:

"What’s more, scores of religious institutions have responded to our shifting environment in ways that fully acknowledge humanity’s role in creating the crisis. The United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church (USA), and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America have all issued statements or launched initiatives aimed at acting on global warming, and the United States Council of Catholic Bishops has an entire section of their website dedicated to combating climate change and its disproportionate impact on the world’s poor." 

Praying-in-churchApparently, Pope Francis even recognizes the existance of the phenomenon, and made it apparent as part of a prayer earler this year:

"Please, I would like to ask all those who have positions of responsibility in economic, political and social life, and all men and women of good will: let us be ‘protectors’ of creation, protectors of God’s plan inscribed in nature, protectors of one another and of the environment."

Unfortunately, according to ThinkProgress, Limbaugh isn't alone in expressing this erroneous sentiment, and chronicled similar statements made by members of Congress:

"On Tuesday, Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL) told constituents that 'It wasn’t just a few years ago, what was the problem that existed? It wasn’t global warming, we were gonna all be an ice cube. We’re not ice cubes. Our climate will continue to change because of the way God formed the earth.' North Carolina Republican Virginia Foxx lamented that some environmentalists 'think that we, human beings, have more impact on the climate and the world than God does.' Representative John Shimkus (R-IL) told a congressional hearing: 'The earth will end only when God declares it is time to be over. Man will not destroy this earth. This earth will not be destroyed by a flood.'"

Perhaps all of these public figures should consult those sitting next to them on Sunday before speaking on behalf of their entire congregations (or religion). 



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