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'Looking' Back: Episode 8, 'Looking Glass' - RECAP


Count me among those who initially were unimpressed with Looking, but have really fallen for its charms. After the first four episodes left me wanting for more excitement and tension, the final stretch of the freshman season has me fully invested and loving (almost all) the characters.

Episode five, "Looking For the Future" was the turning point. By zooming in on Patrick (Jonathan Groff) and Richie (Raúl Castillo), we got to spend enough time to better understand how all their little character quirks and nuances came together in aggregate. If only we had similar time with the other characters. It makes me want to view this first, short season as almost like a prequel miniseries for what I'm hoping is an extended second season

Tonight's finale, titled "Looking Glass," certainly contained a few unexpected twists (and one expectedly adorable butt), ending the eight-episode run on a high note. 

Discuss the season finale and read our thoughts, AFTER THE JUMP ...


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'Looking' Back: Episode 7, 'Looking For A Plus-One'


In case you missed the news, despite the initial low ratings, Looking has been renewed for a second season. The announcement comes on the heels of ratings increases and creative peaks for the series. The show's slow start rubbed some viewers (including me) the wrong way, but since the brilliant fifth episodeLooking has been on an upswing.

More exciting than just the idea of more episodes is the promise of more screen time with Raúl Castillo's Richie, Lauren Weedman's Doris and Russell Tovey's Kevin. All three have been promoted to series regulars for next season. They've added some much needed charm (and humor) to the cast, and, when the core trio skirts the edges of insufferableness they've kept the show from becoming too serious. I'm eager to see their roles expand, particularly the consistently hilarious Doris.

Tonight's episode was another strong showing. Discuss what worked (and what didn't) AFTER THE JUMP ...


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Russell Tovey Makes a Final 'Pass' in His Underwear: PHOTO


It's Russell Tovey's last day in The Pass at London's Royal Court Theatre and he marked it by Instagramming this backstage photo of the cast.

That's Downton Abbey's Gary Carr next to him.

If you missed our sexy post on The Pass with lots more shirtless Tovey and Carr, click HERE.


Russell Tovey and Jonathan Groff Consider the Folsom Street Fair in New 'Looking' Clip: VIDEO


In Sunday's episode of Looking, the show will dip into San Francisco's annual leather meat market, the Folsom Street Fair.

In a new clip from the episode, Patrick (Jonathan Groff) and Kevin (Russell Tovey) spy on the fair from an office window and ponder the wonders of assless chaps.


Above, a still from the episode. See below for another, behind-the-scenes shot of Groff in his leather vest.


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'Looking' Back: Episode 3, 'Looking At Your Browser History'


The third episode of a series is often a make-or-break point. While most viewers can forgive an uneven pilot, folks expect a show to find its footing by episode three. Some fans alredy got a sneak peek at tonight's episode, "Looking At Your Browser History," on the HBO GO app, but audience reactions remain mixed

Many folks have been saying the show could have benefited by having one-hour episodes, instead of thirty-minute installments. Would a longer episode necessarily mean better episodes? 

Now that you've had a chance to see episode three, are you committed to finishing the season, or have you seen the last of Looking? See what we thought of the third episode, and share your thoughts, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Russell Tovey's Closeted Gay Footballer and 'Pass' Co-Star Gary Carr Do Some Male Bonding: PHOTOS


Russell Tovey, who has a role in the upcoming HBO gay drama Looking, is also currently starring in a play at London's Royal Court Theatre called The Pass, about a gay celebrity footballer. He's joined by Gary Carr, who appears in the new season of Downton Abbey.

Wrote the Evening Standard in a recent interview:

Arguably Tovey should be in LA, capitalising on his newly raised profile, but he’s been waiting a year to play footballer Jason in The Pass, directed by John Tiffany (Once, Let the Right One In).

“I did an early reading and thought the script was brilliant. The writer, John Donnelly, is straight but fascinated by homophobia in football.”

Via three hotel rooms, the play charts Jason’s journey to becoming a Beckham-style superstar. In the first act we see 17-year-old Jason and Ade (played by Downton’s Gary Carr) the night before they make their first team debut. As they banter about girls and sex, a chemistry develops. But is it just Jason’s tactic to outmanoeuvre his rival?

“You don’t want to say it’s a play about a gay footballer because Jason may be gay but he doesn’t identify himself as such,” says Tovey of his closeted character. “So it’s a play about how he’s betrayed friendship and signed a pact with the devil for his career. He’s not sad because he’s gay. He’s f--ked up, and it’s his choice.”

Check out some more promo photos from the production and an interview with Tovey and Carr as well as writer John Donnelly and director John Tiffany, AFTER THE JUMP...


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