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'Looking' Back RECAP: Episode 18, 'Looking For Home' - FINALE SPOILERS


Low ratings (and cranky commenters) be damned. I sure hope this show comes back for a third season. It’s no secret that Looking isn’t the most tightly paced drama on television, but, two seasons deep, that should no longer be a surprise. What it’s got going for it though is its cinematic feel, layered performances, and stories of some (not all) gay men that we don’t often see on television.

Having seen the entire second season and how it so brilliantly mirrored last season’s narrative arc, I think a third round of episodes — even a shortened order — could provide some necessary closure. Last season we got to glimpse Patrick’s attempt at a relationship with Richie. This season he played house with Kevin. We need one more to put the triangle to rest.

Even if you’re over Patrick’s romantic troubles, I’m just not ready to say goodbye to Doris (Lauren Weedman) and Eddie (Daniel Franzese). Please, Emmy voters, pay attention to these two star-making performances. Their characters added so much to the series, and buoyed the sort of navel-gazing narcissism that can, at times, plague the central trio.

Let’s dig into tonight’s finale, AFTER THE JUMP

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'Looking' Back RECAP: Episode 16, 'Looking For Glory' - SPOILERS


The back half of this season has really been rewarding viewers who have stuck with this show and invested in the characters. We're only one episode into the next phase of Kevin (Russell Tovey) and Patrick (Jonathan Groff)'s relationship, and already there's been plenty of developments. Without the excitement and drama of the affair, how will their romance take shape?

Let's chat a little about what went down tonight,  AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Russell Tovey Apologizes for Saying He's Glad He Never Became 'Really Effeminate' or a 'Tapdancing Freak'

(Photo by Christopher Turner - visit his website here.)

Looking actor Russell Tovey apologized earlier today on Twitter for heavily-criticized remarks he made in an interview with The Guardian earlier this week.

Tovey talked about growing up on stage and the role his father played in his coming out process:

"I was so envious of everyone who went to Sylvia Young Theatre School. I wanted to go but my dad flat-out refused. He thought I’d become some tapdancing freak without qualifications. And he was right in a way. I’m glad I didn’t go. That might have changed…I feel like I could have been really effeminate, if I hadn’t gone to the school I went to. Where I felt like I had to toughen up. If I’d have been able to relax, prance around, sing in the street, I might be a different person now. I thank my dad for that, for not allowing me to go down that path. Because it’s probably given me the unique quality that people think I have.”

Tovey's remarks set off a firestorm on social media by people who saw them as 'femmephobic'.

Tovey took to Twitter overnight and apologized, saying his remarks were misunderstood:

"I surrender. You got me. I'm sat baffled and saddened that a mis- fired inarticulate quote of mine, has branded me worst gay ever...If you feel I have personally let you down, I'm sorry, that was never my intention...I'm proud to be who I am and proud for others We're in this together, I want you to know whatever you think I meant, I didn't...I'm gonna ride this out, and one day we will all look back on this moment with a half smile of fascination and amusement...Until that day I'm gonna carry on being me #lowersflag x"

'Looking' Back: Episode 15, 'Looking For A Plot' - RECAP


For an episode titled “Looking For A Plot,” this may have been one of the most eventful episodes of the series yet. While the ‘plot’ in the title refers to a burial plot and not the narrative arc, it still felt like a response to some audience members who keep throwing the word 'boring.' Tonight was an example of what this show is capable of at its best.

On top of some of the larger developments that happened throughout the episode, tonight was also a showcase of the immensely talented Lauren Weedman as Doris. She’s been the acerbic comic relief, but thanks to her relationship with Malik (Bashir Salahuddin), she’s becoming a more fleshed out character. In “Looking For A Plot,” Doris became a richly textured character, and Weedman’s masterful performance lent depth to Doris as she laughed, cried and danced her heart out to “Walking On Sunshine.”

 Let's dish on the trip to Modesto, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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'Looking' Back: Episode 14, 'Looking For Gordon Freeman'


It's often easy to forget that Looking is technically considered a comedy, but tonight's episode, "Looking For Gordon Freeman," seemed to have more laughs than usual. Sure, there were the usual zingers from Daniel Franzese's Eddie ("You know a party's really awesome when everyone starts talking about AIDS,") and Doris (Lauren Weedman), but there were a few other laugh-out-lines from the rest of the cast, too (like when Murray Bartlett's Dom responded "Isn't that just for porn?" when asked about Tumblr). Then again, maybe everything Dom says is just funnier in a Sia He-Man wig.

Of course, all those small moments are nothing compared to the big, cringe-worthy tirade Patrick (Jonathan Groff) unleashed on a party stuffed with all the primary players.

Let's discuss the fallout and everything that led up to it, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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'Looking' Back: Episode 11, 'Looking Top To Bottom'


The third episode of Looking’s second season, “Looking Top To Bottom,” was a big step for Patrick (Jonathan Groff) and Kevin (Russell Tovey), but, maybe it’s the Dutch courage talking, it wasn’t my favorite episode.

One of the series’ strengths is the chemistry between the actors. Even though characters came together (at the rugby game, at a breakfast, etc.) they still felt like they were enmeshed in separate stories playing out in proximity to one another, rather than playing off each other and adding dimension. It felt like a transition episode. Since the group started the season off all together, now they’re starting to drift off into their own complications to play out the rest of the season. We'll consider this a set-up chapeter, and hopefully we'll see more overlapping in the coming weeks.

Dive in to some more thoughts on tonight’s episode and share yours, AFTER THE JUMP

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