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ASAPScience Investigates the Stinging Possibility of a World Without Bees: VIDEO

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The ASAPScience guys have finally weighed in on the popular topic of bee extinction in their new video and what it means for us and the rest of the world should they go extinct. Scientists have claimed the extinction of bees spells catastrophic consequences; the ASAPScience guys calmly clarify exactly what would and it’s still not pretty. Up to 70 percent of the world’s fruit, vegetables and nuts would vanish, an estimated $200 billion loss in agriculture revenue along with a drastic effect on the food chain.

Watch ASAP Science thoroughly explain bee extinction, along with the potential processes that are leading to their deaths, AFTER THE JUMP

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How Long Would Your City Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?


In The Walking Dead, Rick and his cohort of fellow survivors make their way north from the zombie infested south in search of a safe haven where they might be able to restart their lives in peace. As of the current season of the show, just over a year’s time has passed since the initial breakout and as best as we can tell the dead vastly outnumber the living across the entire country.

ZombieIf you’re a fan of the TWD (or general zombie preparedness), then you’ve no doubt wondered just how long you’d survive the zombie apocalypse. What would you pack, what would you wear, where would you go? According to Alex Alemi, a physics researcher at Cornell University, one of the most important elements factoring into your chances of survival is the city you live in.

In a paper Alemi and a team of fellow researchers recently published and presented to the American Physical Society, they explore the hypothetical outbreak of a zombie plague using models based on the spreading patterns of real world diseases.

“Zombies are unique and very different than other diseases in that victims of other diseases either get better or succumb to the disease,” Alemi explained in an interview with The Washington Post. “But zombies are the undead. They don’t get better. And the only way to stop them is for a human to kill the zombie.”

“With other diseases, no matter how many infections you model, the disease is not going to infect every single person. But in the zombie model, you really can turn every single person into a zombie.”

Along with their research paper Alemi and his team have created an interactive simulation that’ll let you model you own outbreak and manipulate different factors to produce various outcomes. Though Alemi based much of his research around the way actual diseases spread, he also had to take into account how humans would react realistically.

For instance the model assumes that once a zombie outbreak occurs transportation effectively shuts down. While most apocalyptic films depict mass exoduses from cities, it’s far more likely that roads and highways would become too deadlocked to facilitate huge movements. The simulation will take into account the average number of zombies killed by humans compared to the number of humans bitten by zombies. You can also choose the rate at which the zombies move--something else that would undoubtedly determine how quickly the virus spread.

Check out the simulation for yourself and see just how well your city would fare against the undead. Fellow statistics nerds an true zombie believers can find Alemi's paper in full AFTER THE JUMP...

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9 Out Of 10 HIV Transmissions Occurring From People Not Receiving Care: VIDEO

HIV transmission

The tide of HIV transmission rates has been stemmed over the decades, but it hasn't stopped with estimated tens of thousands of new transmissions every year. A new CDC analysis is showing that of those transmissions, 91.5% of them are coming from people who have HIV and are not receiving treatment or care, including those who are not aware that they are infected. Said Jonathan Mermin, MD of the CDC:

We could prevent the vast majority of new infections tomorrow by improving the health of people living with HIV today.

Improving health includes:

[I]n addition to antiretroviral therapy, HIV care should include risk reduction counseling on how to protect their partners, screening and treatment for other sexually transmitted infections, and treatment for mental health and substance use disorders.

All ya gotta do is TUG: Take PrEP; Use a condom; Get tested. End HIV.

Watch a video from the CDC on how we can prevent the vast majority of new HIV infections, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Stem Cell Breakthrough Opens Door To Gay Couples Having Their Own Babies


A stem cell research study at Cambridge University, England has potentially opened the door to same-sex couples having their own babies, reports CBS Atlanta.

The breakthrough achieved in the study shows that fully “manufactured” babies can be created from the skin cells of two adults of the same gender.

Reported in the journal Cell, researchers paired stem cell lines from embryos with the skin of five different adults. The experiment had been previously successful in creating live baby mice but this is the first study on humans in which engineered cells were compared to aborted fetuses to determine an identical match.

Azim Surani, Wellcome Trust project leader and professor of physiology and reproduction at Cambridge, said, “We have succeeded in the first and most important step of this process, which is to show we can make these very early human stem cells in a dish."

Although concerns regarding ethical issues have been raised, Jacob Hanna, the specialist leading the project’s Israeli arm, said the study “has already caused interest from gay groups because of the possibility of making egg and sperm cells from parents of the same sex.”

You Are Not Alone (Maybe): The Arguments for and Against Alien Life - VIDEO


It's estimated that there are 200 billion habitable planets in the our galaxy.

This PBS explainer looks at the arguments for and against the notion that we are not alone in the universe.


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Study Suggests Attractive Men Are More Selfish

Zoolander Models

We've all been there: we were introduced to that really good looking guy at a party or at the club or some other social setting, and even though he was hotter than a rooster in socks the more he talked the more turned off you got as it became clear that he was kind of a self-focused ass. According to a study at Brunel University London this isn't just happenstance. Rather, attractive men as a whole tend to be more selfish.

The study, titled "Bodily Attractiveness and Egalitarianism are Negatively Related in Males" and published in Evolutionary Psychology, took 125 male and female participants, scored them on generalized attractiveness measures, and then took part in an economics experiment where they were asked to share money with someone else. The results found that men who were ranked as more attractive tended to have a bias towards selfishness. The research also found that attractiveness was at least as important as wealth when it came to attitudes of altruism and egalitarianism. Interestingly, the same was not true for women.

Lead researcher Dr. Michael Price warned against taking the findings as gospel, however, saying:

The correlation between attractiveness and selfishness was nowhere close to being perfect, and many very attractive men will also be very altruistic and egalitarian.

Additionally, these attitudes tended to be subconscious, and being made aware of their biases helped men act against them and engage in more generosity.


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