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Change of Heart Bears Fruit for Once-Biased Scottsdale Bar Owners


Last December I posted about Scottsdale bar owner Tom Anderson's decision to convert his bar Anderson's Fifth Estate to a bar that serves the gay community after making headlines in 2006 when he banned a transgender woman following complaints she was using the women's bathroom.

ScottsdaleIn December, Anderson said he had decided he wanted to "change Scottsdale" after a number of high-profile anti-gay hate incidents there. He also saw a need in the nightlife community for a new gay venue.

Anderson's decision seems to have paid off. The club, which now has lines it never saw before, was lauded in the Arizona Republic over the weekend, and tells the story of Anderson's transformation after the unfortunate 2006 incident:

"For more than a year afterward, Anderson was the subject of dozens of newspaper and television stories pitting him against the GLBT community and its allies. He became known as the club owner who kicked out a transgendered woman. This happened as people were questioning whether Scottsdale was becoming hostile toward the GLBT community, after a gay couple was assaulted outside a restaurant and after Mayor Mary Manross refused to observe GLBT month in June, instead, proclaiming it to be Human Relations Diversity Observance month. Anderson, who owns the club with his wife, Roberta, resolved the dispute in November 2007 by building a gender-neutral restroom. Anderson said that during the controversy over the discrimination complaint he met with members of the GLBT community. One of the things he learned was how underserved the community was in Scottsdale, with only one bar, BS West, in the area. Anderson said he saw both a business opportunity and a chance to be part of a community he'd come to know and enjoy. The Andersons reopened the club as Forbidden in December, a month after the resolution. The 5,500-square foot club can hold 325 people and is open five days a week, up from three when it was Anderson's Fifth Estate. Now, more than 700 people come through on Fridays and Saturdays each, more than double what Fridays used to draw."

Uproar turns straight bar into gay hot spot [arizona republic]

News: Sean Penn Badgley, Scottsdale, Hello Kitty, Giorgio Armani

road.jpg Sean Penn: The future Harvey Milk ends his 11 year marriage.

Pennbadgleyhot02road.jpg Penn Badgley: hot and bothered.

road.jpg Censorship debate continues surrounding the BBC's dubbing, and then undubbing of the word "faggot" from The Pogues' Christmas tune "Fairytale of New York". Times Online: "The present consensus is with MacGowan – that there is nothing wrong with using the word 'faggot' in this context. Lighten up, you Milly Tants. My unfashionable counterview is that there is something very wrong in using it, that Radio 1 was right in its original decision and should have shown more balls and stuck by it. 'Faggot' is a term of anti-gay abuse; in this song it is most definitely an insult...To say that you’re offended these days is to risk being accused of being humourless; of not getting the joke. It’s the same risk you run as a woman who is offended by the endless parade of breasts in magazines such as Nuts. The new casual homophobia is couched as a perfectly acceptable, knowing joke, and coincides with a general feeling that gays have had quite enough equality: equal age of consent; civil partnership ceremonies (but not marriage). That we are getting a little too big for our boots."

road.jpg First shots of Edward Norton as Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk.

Hxroad.jpg Fashion designer and Project Runway contestant Jack Mackenroth talks to NYC's HX magazine about his reaction to Sarah Jessica Parker on the show and his cameo in the upcoming Sex and the City movie, among other things: "When I watched [the reaction] back I was like, 'I am so gay.' Which is fine. I embrace the gayness. I’m super-gay. I’m a big ol’ queen...[The Sex and the City cameo] was completely unrelated. A friend of mine knew the person that was casting the extras, so he called me up and said they needed a gay guy with a good body, and I was like, 'Alright!' But she’s super-nice and totally genuine. It was very painful for her to do the critiques because she doesn’t like being mean."

road.jpg Fans swarm Giorgio Armani as he visits his NYC Soho Armani Exchange store: "Everyone rushed him and started asking for autographs. It was mayhem."

road.jpg Hello Kitty for Men, coming soon.

Scottsdaleroad.jpg Scottsdale, Arizona bar owner converts to a gay nightclub after year-long dispute over the banning of a transgender patron: "Owner Tom Anderson (pictured on right, with co-owner brother Ted) said he made the transition in an effort to 'change Scottsdale.' The city saw a number of high-profile anti-gay and hate crimes this year, said Sam Holdren of Equality Arizona. Anderson made headlines last year when he banned a transgender woman from Anderson's Fifth Estate after female customers complained about transgender patrons using the women's restroom. The woman, Michele DeLaFreniere, filed a discrimination complaint with the Arizona Attorney General's Office."

road.jpg A theory on Rednecks vs. Gay Marriage: "...if we are trying to explain (but not excuse) why the churchgoing divorcees oppose it, the answer is that they see homosexuality, married or not, as non-traditional. The churchgoing divorcees are not asserting their family virtue, logically conceived, but their family virtue as traditionally defined. It is the traditional definition of family virtue that prevails in the communities where the churchgoing divorcees are trying to ingratiate themselves, as a way to compensate for and cover their fractured family lives."

News: David Blaine, Amazon, Dog Reason, Manolo Blahnik

road.jpg BREAKING: Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill dropped from National Defense Authorization Act. More from Lane Hudson at the HuffPo: "There are a couple problems with this situation. First, it doesn't even make sense. The House of Representatives was able to pass a fully-inclusive stand alone hate crimes bill this year. It defies logic to tell us now that they don't have the votes now that it is attached to the Defense Authorization bill. If anything, it should make it significantly easier to pass. After all, this is legislation that I'm told is supported by about 80% of the public in opinion polls. It's also named after a kid who was beaten to death and has become an icon in American history. But, the Democrats are scared that Bush may veto the bill and they'll get blamed for trying to starve soldiers. There go the Democrats again. Scared of our own shadow."

Domroad.jpg Brazilian gay magazines are popping out of the woodwork: "following the footsteps and recent success of Junior magazine, DOM (or De Outro Modo) is the second big gay publication to debut in Brazilian newstands this year."

road.jpg TIRED? David Blaine announces what he'll do for his next trick.

road.jpg British city of Brighton first to ban racist, anti-gay "murder music".

road.jpg Gay rights pioneer Bob Kohler dies. Village Voice: "Bob Kohler, gay activist, former owner of the Loft on Christopher Street, Stonewall veteran, founder member of the Gay Liberation Front, ACT UP member, and longtime fixture of Charles Street, died on Wednesday at the age of 81. The cause of death was cancer, according to family friends. A Queens native who lost a kidney in World War II, Kolher was remembered as tireless fighter for gay rights, transsexual rights, queer youth, and people with HIV/AIDS who never gave up the struggle even as he battled illness and advancing years."

road.jpg Scare: Manolo Blahnik making shoes for men.

road.jpg Gerard Butler shows off some muscle.

road.jpg National Board of Review launches film awards season: "For 2007 They've chosen Best Picture: No Country For Old Men (The rest of their top ten is: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Atonement, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bucket List, Into the Wild, Juno, The Kite Runner, Lars and the Real Girl, Michael Clayton and Sweeney Todd." Check out the rest of the nominees here.

Amazonroad.jpg WWF: More than half of Amazon will be lost by 2030. "Almost 60% of the region's forests could be wiped out or severely damaged by 2030, as a result of climate change and deforestation...Destroying almost 60% of tropical rainforest by 2030 would do away with one of the key stabilisers of the global climate system, it warned. Such damage could have a knock-on effect on rainfall in places such as central America and India, and would also destroy livelihoods for indigenous people and some 80% of habitats for animal species in the region. The 'point of no return', in which extensive degradation of the rainforest occurs and conservation prospects are greatly reduced, is just 15-25 years away - much sooner than some models suggest, the report warns."

road.jpg Man accused in anti-gay bottle-throwing case in Scottsdale says he didn't do it: "A bouncer at a downtown Scottsdale bar told police he watched as a man coming out of a nearby bar curled his right hand around a beer bottle and hurled it through a gay man's car windshield, racking up the third gay hate crime in the city in the last year. But James Randall Walker, the 24-year-old airplane mechanic arrested for tossing the bottle, said in an exclusive Scottsdale Republic interview that his is a case of mistaken identity. 'I'm not the right guy,' Walker said."

Lukasroad.jpg Dogs can sort photos into categories, or at least know what other dogs look like: "At first, the pooches were simultaneously shown photographs of a landscape and of a dog, and were rewarded if they selected the latter, using a paw-operated computer touch screen. After attaining a good level of computer savviness, the dogs were then shown an unfamiliar landscape and dog photos. They continued to correctly identify the pictures with the dog. In the final phase of the experiment, the dogs were shown an unfamiliar dog that was superimposed on a landscape that had been used in the training phase. The animals were still able to pick out the dog in preference to an image of just a landscape. Range told New Scientist that this is proof that dogs have reasoning abilities."

road.jpg Alarm in Britain after U.S. says it has the right to kidnap British citizens wanted for crimes: "A senior lawyer for the American government has told the Court of Appeal in London that kidnapping foreign citizens is permissible under American law because the US Supreme Court has sanctioned it."

News: Steve Wozniak, Compact Disc, Margaret Cho, Rehab

road.jpg Equality Arizona meets with Scottsdale, Arizona mayor Mary Manross.

Wozniakroad.jpg The apple of his eye? Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak reportedly dating Kathy Griffin.

road.jpg Scientists: HIV may stop brain cells from growing. "For some time we've known that HIV can cause a form of dementia, but this had been attributed to the loss of mature brain cells, killed off by an HIV protein called gp120. Now Stuart Lipton and his colleagues at the Burnham Institute for Medical Research in San Diego, California, have found that gp120 also slows down the division of adult stem cells called neural progenitor cells (aNPCs), thought to be important for memory and learning. When rat aNPCs were exposed to gp120, 15 per cent of them stopped dividing."

road.jpg Can he make a career reappear? Britney Spears seen overnighting with magician Criss Angel.

road.jpg The compact disc is 25 years old.

Ptowndragqueensroad.jpg Provincetown Carnival parade goes through the looking glass, as do the straight tourists: "Honey, we're not in Stockbridge anymore."

road.jpg New Republic: Don't force Dems to state support of gay marriage publicly. "Perhaps once elected, the next president could take a courageous stand in favor of gay marriage via a televised message to the nation, or he could express support for a gay marriage bill were one to arise in a state legislature or criticize state attempts to ban gay marriage or civil unions. As the leader of his party, a Democratic president who voiced support for gay marriage would immediately render such a position more politically viable for state legislators and rank and file party members. Smith says of the candidates, 'These people are managing a political problem. ...We just need to change the political dynamic.' He's right. Gay marriage advocates need to convince a substantial majority of the country that gay marriage is a moral good before pressuring presidential candidates to take a position on such a highly charged issue."

Rehabroad.jpg Amy Winehouse back in rehab, but will she stay? "Amy Winehouse is putting all her touring commitments for this month on hold until further notice in order to address her health issues. Amy will now not be performing at this weekend's V Festival in Chelmsford and Staffordshire. Her family has requested that the media respect Amy's privacy at this time."

road.jpg Gay singer/songwriter John Wallowitch is dead at 81: "The composer of more than 2,700 songs (by his own count, the majority unpublished), Mr. Wallowitch was a familiar face on New York television, beginning in 1980 with his cable-access show, 'John’s Cabaret,' in which he played piano, sang and joked. With his owlish face, oversize glasses, bow tie and sly Cheshire cat grin, he was the dandified embodiment of a traditional piano man and seemed to know every obscure show tune ever written."

road.jpg Margaret Cho's film Bam Bam and Celeste gets its San Francisco premiere: "I wrote it because I wanted to do this great fag hag and fag love story, between a girl and her best gay boyfriend. It's the fag hag lament. If you're a fag hag, they always leave with some guy, and you're kind of stuck there, just left behind."

road.jpg "Fundamentalist fearmongering set" headed to confab in Florida this weekend: "Tampa will host the Family Impact Summit, which will feature Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, failed Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer, the American Family Association's Don Wildmon, the Southern Baptist Convention's Richard Land, Katherine Harris (just when we thought we'd seen the last of her!), Ohio vote vacuumer Ken Blackwell, Bob Knight of the Media Research Center, as well as "ex-gay" promoters Nancy Heche (actress Anne's mom), and the "ex-gay-for-pay" President of Exodus International, Alan Chambers."

road.jpg Male Bondage and Barbra Streisand: they go together.

News: Al Gore, Facebook, Mike Gravel, Backstreet Boys, Scottsdale

road.jpg Al Gore wanted by voters, according to new Michigan poll: "The crowded field of presidential hopefuls isn't crowded enough to suit Michigan voters, who prefer two unannounced candidates for the Republican and Democratic nominations, a new Detroit News/WXYZ-TV poll shows. Former Tennessee Senator and TV star Fred Thompson would lead the GOP pack and former Vice President Al Gore would top the Democratic slate should they decide to run, according to a statewide survey of 400 likely Republican and 400 likely Democratic primary voters in Michigan conducted last Wednesday through Monday by EPIC/MRA of Lansing."

Manslaveroad.jpg Janice Dickinson and manslave step out on the town.

road.jpg Outsports' Jim Buzinski and Cyd Zeigler talk to Salon about their new book, The Outsports Revolution: "We don't try to undermine gay stereotypes. We simply try to be who we are."

road.jpg Me-Me-Me talks to the Backstreet Boys. Brian: "We could get a gay [member]! We are missing a member. Some of my good friends are gay; it’s not a big deal but unfortunately, we don’t have a gay member. Not to my knowledge anyway. But if someone wanted to come out, I’d love them just the same."

road.jpg White House upset over Hillary Clinton campaign ad claiming Americans are "invisible" to President Bush: "As to the merits of it, I think it's outrageous. This is a president who, first and foremost, has helped millions of seniors across the country have access to prescription drugs at a much lower cost," Perino said. "As to whether or not our troops are invisible to this president, I think that is absurd and that it is unconscionable that a member of Congress would say such a thing." (watch spot)

Facebookroad.jpg Facebook launches "stunning" custom interface for the iPhone.

road.jpg Hillary Clinton to open for Ellen DeGeneres.

road.jpg Mike Gravel slams Hillary Clinton over gay rights stance: "By drawing upon the language of states rights, Hillary embraces the tradition of John Calhoun and the defenders of slavery along with Strom Thurmond and the segregationists. Throughout our nation's history, every time national public opinion turns against oppression, opponents of progress use states rights to present themselves as defenders of liberty in the face of federal power. States rights has always been the last refuge of the bigots. Now Hillary has given rhetorical cover to the homophobes. If she wins the Democratic nomination, opponents of gay marriage will cite her statement to justify their opposition to national marriage equality over the next decade."

road.jpg Following recent gay bashings, Scottsdale, Arizona's mayor Mary Manross is trying to make sure gays know they're welcome there.

road.jpg The way to Jake Gyllenhaal's heart is clearly through his stomach.

Scottsdale, Arizona Sees Second Anti-Gay Attack in Eight Months

Police in Scottsdale, Arizona are looking into a homophobic assault on a 27-year-old Phoenix man. The Arizona Republic reports on the attack, which took place in the early hours of the morning on July 16th:

Bswest"After leaving BS West, a downtown Scottsdale bar, Gearing and a friend stopped in a parking garage to hug goodbye. Two men came running toward them, screaming sexual slurs at them, as Gearing jumped into his car. When Gearing drove toward the men, one of them kicked in the passenger side of his car. The other slammed his fist through the back windshield of his Ford Focus. That same man raced around the car and, with his bloody fist, punched him in the jaw through the open driver's side window. 'I thought this guy must be hurt and wouldn't keep coming after me,' Gearing said. Injured, Gearing ran after the men, still talking to the 9-1-1 dispatcher on his cell phone. As he ran, he said he told the men he had a gun 'so they wouldn't attack me again.' On the tape he says, 'I'm going to shoot him,' but insists he was talking to his assailants, and not the dispatcher. When the dispatcher questioned him about the gun, he told her he had lied. Gearing said at first he did not want to tell his story, but said he was 'more mad than sad,' and hoped his ordeal 'would get others to speak out.'"

Gearing reportedly had a distressed, curse-filled altercation with the dispatcher, for which he has since apologized, according to the East Valley Tribune. Said Gearing: “She went above and beyond to stay calm and do her job right."

Gearing has met with representatives from the Scottsdale Human Rights Commission and gay-rights group Equity Arizona.

RollandThis is Scottsdale's second anti-gay attack in recent months. In December, I posted about a violent assault on Jean Rolland, 28, and Andrew Frost, 19, outside Frasher's Steakhouse. Seven man ambushed the couple as they held hands, exiting the restaurant. Restaurant employees did not report seeing anything go on outside the restaurant, though Frost sustained head injuries and blacked out during the attack.

Said Frost at the time: "It was creepy to me. I could see the bone in my jaw through one gash. I had blood pouring out of me and I actually blacked out at one point."

Rolland added, "My only hope is that they're going to brag about it and tell their friends how tough they were. How tough is it to use seven guys to take on two guys, including one 19-year-old who weighs 120 pounds?"

The December attack, unfortunately, remains unsolved.

Scottsdale police probe new hate crime [east valley tribune]
Anti-gay bias in Scottsdale? Beating revives debate [arizona republic]

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