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Lady Gaga Was Once Tied To A Potential Sony Betty Boop Reboot Film

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Sony’s infamous e-mail leak continues to be the pop cultural gift that keeps on giving. A series of e-mails between executives from Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures reveal that Lady Gaga was once in late stage talks to voice Betty Boop in Simon Cowell’s upcoming reimagining of the iconic character. As recently as last fall Gaga’s name was attached the project to both star and contribute music to the movie’s soundtrack. Over the course of a series of e-mails Lauren Abrahams, VP of production for Columbia, and one-time Sony co-chairwoman Amy Pascal express concern over Gaga’s involvement in the film.

Boop"It feels weirdly sexualized yet childlike (esp with Gaga) and not sure really who it’s for in a big mainstream way,” Abrahams wrote."Neither of us thinks we should do it, and we’ve also run the brand by marketing who aren’t inclined either."

Doug Belgrad, president of the Motion Picture Group, was also included on the e-mail chain and expressed a similar lack of faith in the project’s viability at the time insisting that he wasn’t all to bullish on the idea. The correspondence between Belgrad, Pascal, and Abrahams took place last fall. Since then Sony’s rumored to have backed away fully from producing the Betty Boop reboot and Gaga is no longer attached to the project.

(h/t Business Insider)

Cute, Scruffy Magician Wows Judges On 'Britain's Got Talent' - VIDEO


Memorize this name: Darcy Oake. Why? Because he could possibly become the next big thing in magic right up there with Criss Angel and David Copperfield.

He stunned the judges of Britain’s Got Talent by magically producing doves out of thin air, and that’s not the only trick the scruffy 26-year-old magician has up his sleeve…

Watch his stunning performance AFTER THE JUMP…


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Simon Cowell Says Being 'Born Gay' Would Have Saved Him a Fortune


Simon Cowell somehow thinks being born gay would have saved him a lot of money:

His glamorous girlfriends before 36-year-old US socialite Lauren include TV presenter Terri Seymour, 38, pop singer Sinitta, 49, and make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy. But instead of falling out with his lovers when they split, he has stayed pals, lavished them with gifts and even regularly taken them on holiday together.

He cracked the gag in an interview in the States hosted by Terri, 38. When she asked if he had ever feared bankruptcy he said: “Yes, particularly when I’ve had girlfriends like you lot!

“I said to someone the other day that I wish I had been born gay. I would have saved a fortune.”

What to Watch on TV This Week: 'Sons of Anarchy' Returns, Southern Charm on 'Project Runway'

As the TV season gets into full swing, check out our new weekly guide to make sure you're catching the big premieres, crucial episodes and amazing guest stars.
  • Ryan Seacrest hosts a new game show The Million Second Quiz, premiering tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern on NBC.
  • Sons of Anarchy returns for its sixth (and penultimate) season Tuesday on FX at 10 p.m. Eastern.
  • The X Factor returns with a two-night season premiere Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. Eastern on FOX. This season Paulina Rubio and Kelly Rowland join Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell as judges.
  •  Stacy Keibler is the guest judge on Project Runway Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern on Lifetime. The designers create looks for modern Southern women.
  •  On Friday’s America’s Next Top Model (9 p.m. Eastern on the CW), the models are made to walk the streets in their underwear, and one male contestant has a teary breakdown.

Simon Cowell Egged During 'Britain's Got Talent' Finale: Video

The judge was pelted with eggs by a woman who suddenly appeared on stage during a performance of "The Impossible Dream" by contestants Richard and Adam Johnson.

Violinist Natalie Holt told The Telegraph why she did it: “I basically took a stand against people miming on television and against Simon and his dreadful influence on the music industry."

Watch a video of the egging and another of Cowell's reaction to the surprise attack, AFTER THE JUMP. Holt rushes the stage at the 1:49 mark of the first clip and the tossing begins soon after.

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Drag Duo Mesmerizes Simon Cowell on 'Britain's Got Talent': VIDEO


A drag duo from Manchester called Bosom Buddies scored big on Britain's Got Talent over the weekend with a surprising rendition of "La Vie en Rose".



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