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Watch: JetBlue Flight Attendant's Rap: 'I'm Steven Slater, Bitches'


Steven Slater is now "pimping" for cell phones, and rapping while doing so.


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Watch: JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater Tells All


On last night's Larry King, JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater gave his first full interview since his escape chute incident. Slater describes the events leading up to the incident, 

After the plane landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, Slater said the passenger with the large bag -- which had to be checked as it wouldn't fit in the overhead bin -- began berating him. With the PA microphone already in hand, he said that he thanked the "respectful" passengers on board but not the woman who Slater said had called him a curse word.

Slater said he then grabbed a few beers from the beverage cart, looked outside, opened the emergency evacuation slide and slid down. He described his thoughts at the time as a combination of "pure rage" and serenity and clarity that "I didn't need to do this anymore."

"I was just thinking, 'I'm free, I'm finally free,' " he said. "It was a nice, hot beach day, and I had a couple of cold beers."

Slater is writing a book, tentatively titled "Cabin Pressure", and must pay a $10,000 fine to JetBlue for the cost of repairing the chute.

Watch three segments, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Stephen Slater Pleads Guilty Over JetBlue Escape

Stephen Slater pleaded guilty today to one count of felony attempted criminal mischief and one count of misdemeanor criminal mischief for his August emergency slide escape from a JetBlue aircraft at JFK.

NBC New York reports: Slater

Outside of Supreme Court in Kew Gardens, Queens, Slater said "While the public interest was surprising for me, at the end of the day I am a grown-up. I must accept responsibility for my actions."

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said of the plea: "I believe the defendant has finally recognized the seriousness of his actions...under the circumstances, the disposition fairly balances the seriousness of the charges against the need for the defendant's rehabilitation."

Under terms of the agreement, if Slater completes the program and counseling, and gets in no further trouble, he would be permitted to withdraw the felony plea next year. It would be replaced with a misdemeanor conviction at that time.

Should Slater fail to adhere to the terms of the deal, his sentence would revert to the full prison term and he would be forced to serve the one to three years.


Watch: JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater Appears at Court


Former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater appeared in court in NYC this morning, escorted by gay publicist to the stars Howard Bragman.

City Room reports:

"Mr. Slater steeled himself for the storm that awaited him after the hearing before Judge Gerald. He took a deep breath and headed down the courthouse steps, answering no questions from reporters who surrounded him. He was escorted by court officers who shepherded him between two parked cars and into a double-parked sport utility vehicle. Mr. Horwitz added a fresh twist to Mr. Slater’s work history: After saying that Mr. Slater had “a longstanding, well-regarded reputation in the industry” — the airline industry — Mr. Horwitz said that Mr. Slater had “voluntarily resigned” from JetBlue on Sept. 1. As for whether he was guilty of the charges, his publicist, Howard Bragman, answered, “That’s for the court to decide.” Mr. Bragman did not answer when asked whether Mr. Slater had mental health concerns or drug or drinking problems."

A plea deal is reportedly underway.

Watch raw video of Slater and Bragman arriving at court, and the post-court press conference, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Steven Slater And JetBlue Officially Part Ways

While it's unclear if he was let go or was fired, what we do know is that Steven Slater's no longer a JetBlue employee.

Slater CNN reports: "JetBlue spokeswoman Jenny Dervin told CNN on Saturday that Steven Slater no longer works for the airline. She said that the separation occurred last week, but declined to elaborate how Slater and the company parted ways."

But according to ABC News, Slater's lawyer gave a different account on how things went down:

"...Slater's lawyer said that when the flight attendant left JetBlue on Wednesday, it was not the airline's decision. 'He was not fired,' attorney Daniel J. Horwitz told The Associated Press. The lawyer told the AP that he and Slater were still working out details with the airline, but wouldn't elaborate."

This begs the question, what's next for Slater? With his new found fame, this means he might be a season away from being a contestant on Big Brother.

An AP news report, AFTER THE JUMP.

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News: Joaquin Phoenix, Utah, Rachel Maddow, True Blood, LCR

 road George W. Bush won't comment on the "Ground Zero mosque".

Phoenix  roadJoaquin Phoenix's cryptic documentary gets a trailer.

 roadTrue Blood fans, here's the magazine cover you don't want to miss (possibly nsfw).

 roadSafe schools chief and GLSEN founder Kevin Jennings on last year's right-wing attacks against him: "As the leading proponent of stopping bullying in America, I was not allowed to be bullied out of my job. I've been preaching for 25 years that bullying is not OK. There was no way I could then say, 'OK, you can bully me.' "

 roadMore reactions on the Ninth Circuit Court's stay of the Prop 8 ruling: Jerry Brown, California Assembly Speaker John Perez, NOM, Courage Campaign's Rick Jacobs, Maggie Gallagher.

 roadLog Cabin Republicans rarely delve into gay rights issues at chapter meetings.

Road MoveOn steps up boycott of Target.

 roadFacebook location set to face off with Foursquare: "As we’ve been saying for months, it seems highly likely the Facebook is going to take a platform approach to location. That is, they’re more likely to federate other location streams (such as Foursquare’s) while they themselves remain fairly cautious with their own location services."

 roadJoe Manganiello promises more nudity on True Blood.

Slater_bragman  roadSteven Slater hires gay PR honcho Howard Bragman.

 roadJonbenet Ramsey at 20?

 roadHere's a spreadsheet of every member of the House of Representatives and their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, addresses and RSS feeds.

 roadRachel Maddow and the Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell to receive Walter Cronkite award from Interfaith Alliance: "The Walter Cronkite Faith & Freedom Award, established by Interfaith Alliance in 1998, recognizes individuals who courageously promote democratic values, defend religious freedom and reinvigorate informed civic participation. The award recognizes individuals whose actions have embodied the values of civility, tolerance, diversity and cooperation in the advancement of public dialogue and public policy on traditionally controversial and divisive issues. Mr. Cronkite served as Honorary Chairman of Interfaith Alliance until his death in 2009."

Lebron  roadLeBron James flexes for GQ.

 roadSuspect in murder of D.C. gay man claims self defense. "'Defendant McLean alleged that the decedent was forcing him to be a male prostitute,' says the affidavit. 'According to defendant McLean, the decedent held a knife to the throat of defendant McLean in the early morning hours of August 8, 2010 and threatened to kill him. Defendant McLean claimed that he began to stab the decedent in the chest and then he (defendant McLean) blacked out and does not remember the remainder of the stabbing."

 roadGay activist launches campaign to oust gay executive director of the Utah AIDS Foundation Stan Penfold, who is also Salt Lake City's first openly gay city councilmember. "Matthews, a former UAF volunteer, complains that Penfold has eliminated HIV/ AIDS prevention and support programs even as Utah’s infection rates continue to climb — tripling from 2000 to 2009. Matthews also charges that Penfold’s role as a part-time City Council member has short-changed his full-time job. 'It has been detrimental, during skyrocketing HIV infections, to have the executive director of the Utah AIDS Foundation now have his attention split with the also very pressing business of the City Council,' Matthews said."


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