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This Tiny Robot Will Hunt You Down and Haunt Your Dreams: VIDEO


Norwegian engineer Kåre Halvorsen has created this impressive (and terrifying) robot that looks like a miniature prototype of those alien tripod invaders from War of the Worlds.

The MorpHex hexapod robot can transform into a ball shape, roll in all directions, and shoot lasers out of its legs. Okay, so maybe not that last one. But someday….

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[via Business Insider]

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Kids React to (And Are Incredibly Confused By) Walkmans: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 4.01.29 PM

A Kids React video designed to make you laugh…and also realize just how very old you are.


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Why In The World Do We Need A Robot Kangaroo? - VIDEO


You can now add robot kangaroos to the ever-growing list of robot animals that will one day be our overlords, including the cinder-block tossing robot dogs, robot sand fleascreepy robo-spiders and the robo-cheetah.

The kangaroo is developed by a company called Festo, and while you may be wondering why the heck engineers would want to build a robot kangaroo (or "robo-roo" as we shall now call it), it’s all part of their Bionic Learning Network:

Whether it’s energy efficiency, lightweight construction or function integration – over time, nature has developed a wealth of optimisation strategies for adapting to its environment, and these strategies can be applied to the world of engineering. The Biomechatronic Footprint documents this evolution – from a natural model to a basic technical principle, followed by bionic adaptation and ending with industrial application.

Apart from counterbalacing technology that could one day help people with prosthetic legs jump more ably, robo-roo also uses kinetic energy from each jump to help power its next jump — an interesting innovation indeed.

If you’d like to see what other robot overlords Festo will destroy us with in the future, you can also check out their entire menagerie of robo-animals including robotic penguins, jellyfish and birds.

See robo-roo in action AFTER THE JUMP...


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Newly-Appointed Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich Donated To Prop 8 Campaign

On Monday, Brendan Eich (right) became CEO of Mozilla, the software community responsible for developing Firefox, the popular web browser. Formerly the multi-tiered group's chief technology officer, Eich was an understandable but not altogether popular choice for the appointment. One reason some are not pleased? He donated funds in support of California's Proposition 8.

BrendaneichDevelopers Hampton Catlin and his husband Michael have decided to boycott the Mozilla community entirely.

Beta News reports:

"Today we were shocked to read that Brendan Eich has been appointed Mozilla CEO. As a gay couple who were unable to get married in California until recently, we morally cannot support a Foundation that would not only leave someone with hateful views in power, but will give them a promotion and put them in charge of the entire organization", says Hampton Catlin.

Catlin further explains, "I certainly recognize that there are great people at Mozilla. And that lots of people there want the org to be open and supportive. However, the board could have chosen ANY of those other, awesome people at Mozilla to be CEO. Hey, I've got a crazy idea, how about a woman at Mozilla? Nope. Out of all the possible candidates they could have chosen, they chose Brendan Eich. CEO's are extremely important to an organization. Their ideas, beliefs, philosophies, and personalities drive organizations".

Catlin wrote an open letter to Mozilla as well, explaining the boycott and urging the community to remove Eich from his position. 

Statistics reported by Beta News, sourced from the California Secretary of State's office, show that Eich gave $1,000 to support Prop 8. 


The LGBT Guide To SXSW 2014: What's On Our Radar


The 2014 South By Southwest Festival kicks off this weekend in Austin, Texas and Towleroad will be providing updates on the best in LGBT-themed interactive, film and music from the week-long event. Here's a round-up of what's on our radar (click on the links for event details):

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Kids React to Rotary Telephones: VIDEO


Warning: this video is designed to make you feel antique.


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