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Tampa's Gay Hustlers Set to Take Advantage of Flood of Incoming Closeted Republicans: VIDEO


The Onion delivers a potty-mouthed report on the upcoming Republican National Convention.

"You figure these delegates are so repressed and filled with self-hatred they tend to like the filthiest and kinkiest sex acts available."

Watch (warning: language, politically incorrect satire), AFTER THE JUMP...

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Romney to Travel Back in Time to Murder Liberal Versions of Himself: VIDEO


Breaking Romney 2012 news from the Onion News Network.


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'The Onion' Takes on Bullying in Saddest Satire Ever: VIDEO


Satirical media outlet The Onion takes on school bullying in a deadpan new article and video, but plenty of people are not laughing. In a piece called "Best Part Of Gay 12-Year-Old’s Day Half Hour Spent Eating Lunch Alone On Staircase", the paper writes of 'Franklin Middle School seventh-grader and closeted homosexual Ben McElroy's" solitary lunch hour:

McElroy, who sources reported has been called "faggot" on 43 separate occasions in the past month, confirmed his favorite lunch spot is strategically located on the exact opposite end of the building from both the gymnasium and the hall most frequented by the school's eighth-graders.

The 12-year-old also told reporters it "felt cool" knowing he had a little corner of the school largely to himself for a moment.

"It's good that the staircase is also near the band classroom, in case I need to run there for help," said McElroy, adding that the band teacher, Mrs. Maki, is nice to him and always smiles and says hello. "I used to try to sneak my lunch into the library, which I liked because I could read. But a librarian caught me and told me I wasn't allowed to bring food in there anymore, so I had to stop."

Watch the accompanying video, AFTER THE JUMP...

More article here.

A petition on objecting to the item has already popped up. No doubt there are those who will think this is an overreaction and people just aren't 'getting' the article. Would a bullied kid reading this article find hilariousness in his own situation? Do formerly bullied LGBT adults find humor in it? How 'bout the parents of a teen who killed himself? I didn't crack a smile. I'm usually a big fan of The Onion. Satire is best used to criticize or poke fun at stupidity or vices. Bullied teens fit into neither of those categories.

What do you think?

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Rick Santorum Condemns Gay Marriage for Two-Timing Jerks: VIDEO


The Onion News Network with breaking campaign news:

"Rick Santorum, a staunch opponent of gay marriage, launched a bold coalition today called 'Americans Protecting Marriage from Homosexual Jerks Like Nick Wiseman'. In an interview with the Boston Beacon, Santorum said 'Gay men like Nick Wiseman are endangering the institution of marriage in this country by breaking the hearts of men who have done nothing but love them with their entire souls just so they can run off with some stupid muscle-bound slut.'"


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'Just a Single, Accurate, Believable Detail'

From the folks at The Onion:

GlaadSeeking to honor filmmakers for fair and inclusive portrayals of the LGBT community, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation announced Sunday the establishment of a prestigious new prize to be awarded to any mainstream motion picture that gets even one thing right about being gay.

"We're not asking for a two-hour-long pitch-perfect exploration of the gay and lesbian experience—just a single accurate, believable detail that feels in any way telling or true-to-life," said GLAAD spokesperson Cheryl Weingardt, who promised a major cash prize and high-profile award ceremony to any Hollywood director able to deliver a film—any film at all—that includes a brief on-screen moment in which a gay character seems even somewhat authentic.

"It can be a line of convincing dialogue, an emotionally honest reaction shot. All we ask is that you have someone gay in the frame for a couple seconds without it being completely insulting to the audience's intelligence."

GLAAD To Honor Any Mainstream Film That Gets One Thing Right About Being Gay [the onion]

GOP Introduces Mystery Presidential Candidate: VIDEO


A wild card!


(via daily dish)

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