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News: Frank Kameny, Saturday Night Fever, Frog God, Wales


Re-hearing petition filed in Prop 8 challenge? UPDATE: See, AFTER THE JUMP...



AP: Pioneering activist Frank Kameny talks gays and government.


Simon Cowell to remake Saturday Night Fever with Zac Efron as Tony Manero?


Point Foundation announces 2009 scholars.


Jon Voight slams Obama: False prophet.


Hell's Kitchen host Gordon Ramsey calls Australian TV host Tracy Grimshaw a lesbian pig: "Later he said he was only joking.Grimshaw, though, failed to see the humor and retaliated on her program Monday night, calling Ramsay an 'arrogant narcissist' and a 'bully.'"


Malawian court has Mercy on Madonna: she'll be allowed to adopt.


Tom Brady rescued from overturned kayak in the Charles River in Boston: “He had to be rescued. The launch guy went out and got him and got him back in the kayak. He’s been bragging about it ever since. He’s telling everyone he rescued Tom Brady.”


Joan Garry: Obama lacking 'empathy' on gay rights.


Inside a NYC fundraiser for Gavin Newsom.



Multi-colored frog worshiped as a god in India?


KXRQ-FM Radio hosts who mocked transgender children to do special segment featuring transgender advocates: "Rashad Robinson of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation said Monday that the general manager of station KXRQ-FM told him that talk show hosts Rob Williams and Arnie States also plan to apologize during Thursday's show. During their May 28 program, one of the men said he would hit his son with his shoe if he wanted to wear high heels. The other quipped that a boy who asked to wear a dress was 'a little idiot.'  Several companies threatened to pull advertising from the station after GLAAD launched a letter-writing campaign against the comments."



Welsh gay men targeted by rangers with cameras in park raids?


No biting: Adam Lambert licks Twilight director.


Mika debuts new songs in London.


Graffiti art's new respect: "Like a slow-burning fuse, graffiti has smoldered in the contemporary art world for decades: omnipresent in the streets yet not quite hot enough to catch fire in the market. But this year it exploded, with graffiti and “street art” shows in major museums and gallery spaces both sides of the Atlantic — and people have been lining up round the block to get in."



One Life to Live to out two existing male characters played by openly gay  Scott Evans (Chris Evans' brother) and Brett Claywell, and put them in a love affair.


Is Dominic Monaghan joining Grey's Anatomy?


Brooklyn Assemblyman wants all non-Jews out of Holocaust memorial: "Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind doesn't want gays, political prisoners, gypsies, the handicapped — or any other group of people persecuted and killed by the hundreds of thousands during the Holocaust — to be recognized at the city-owned Holocaust Memorial Park in Sheepshead Bay. Even though 5 million non-Jews were killed by the Nazis alongside the 6 million Jews, Hikind says that 'to include these other groups diminishes their memory.'"

UPDATE to first item, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Frank Kameny, North Dakota, Tom Brady, Playboy, Tony Dungy

 roadIn 1971 pioneering gay rights activist received a letter condemning homosexuality as "sexual perversion" from the White House Office of Personnel Management after protesting the firing of a gay employee there. Last week, Kameny was invited to the swearing in of John Berry, the openly gay man recently confirmed to head that office. How times have changed.

Trendy  roadAretha Franklin thought she had the biggest bow hat of the year.

 roadGay man appointed interim ambassador to India: "Peter Burleigh, a seasoned foreign service officer with deep expertise in South Asian affairs, will serve as America’s top diplomat in India until a permanent ambassador is named."

 roadSan Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom makes swing through South Florida, addresses LGBT community at Miami Beach's Halo Lounge.

 roadIn an unusual defeat, Madonna returns to London.

 roadNorth Dakota House rejects legislation (54-34) banning discrimination in housing, employment and credit based on a person's sexual orientation: "Rep. Corey Mock, D-Grand Forks, one of the six sponsors of the bill, noted that 20 other states already have laws barring discrimination against gays and lesbians. In those places, he said, the laws do not grant special rights, privileges or legal immunity for sexual deviants, as some bill opponents have claimed would happen here. 'There is not a person in this chamber that is not related to or friends with someone that would be affected by Senate Bill 2278,' he said. 'That means people we know and love may be evicted, denied services or terminated because they are gay, straight, bisexual or transgendered with no regard or consideration of merit.'"

 roadAshton Kutcher spends more time running around shirtless for his new movie.

Pizza  roadHere comes the gayborhood: Pizza parlor emerges as gay bar in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

 roadHelp: Censorship in focus in Lebanon as a film is banned just days before scheduled release. "In Lebanon, a censoring body of security officers influenced by the Muslim and Christian clergies continues to review all plays and films before they are shown, cutting all scenes that might 'offend public morals.' Although the contentious sex scenes in 'Help' are far from explicit, the film features a threesome of a woman and two men. That may explain the controversy: Homosexual acts are illegal in Lebanon."

 roadNPR on Tony Dungy's invitation to join Obama's advisory council for the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Playboy  roadFormer Playboy fashion director Joseph DeAcetis sues magazine: "In a $4 million Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit, Joseph DeAcetis (pictured), 45, says his boss often 'made fun' of him because he was gay and his hair was gray. The suit says editorial director Christopher Napolitano called him and other gay men 'girls.' A Playboy Enterprises spokeswoman, Elizabeth Austin, said the company 'takes these allegations very seriously' and was conducting its 'own investigation.'"

 roadShotgun wedding: Paparazzi fired upon at Tom Brady-Gisele Bundchen nuptials in Costa Rica.

 roadIntegral ice bridge holding Antarctic shelf in place collapses...

 roadJimmy Carter's former Secretary of the Army, Clifford Alexander slams "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and Elaine Donnelly's crusade against its repeal: "Alexander called the officers' statement 'nonsense' and said the officers were 'like lemmings to the sea' and "those who would sign a petition like this without evidence are acting without facts."

 road100 attend same-sex marriage rally at Drew University in New Jersey.

 roadSan Francisco activists to protest executions of gay men in Iraq at 5 pm today, Harvey Milk Plaza.

Sportrait: Tom Brady Loses the Shirt

Brady1 Brady

New England Patriot Tom Brady was spotted modeling a pair of sweat pants in California yesterday. Just Jared reports he's in town to shoot an episode of HBO's Entourage. More at Just Jared...

News: Tom Brady, Gay Bashings, Obama Threat, Providence, XBox

 roadChicago man targeted Obama with letters containing HIV-infected blood?: "In the weeks leading up to Obama's inauguration, Saad Hussein, an Ethiopian refugee in his late 20's, sent an envelope addressed to 'Barack Obama' to offices of the Illinois government in Springfield, Ill., according to court documents. The envelope contained a series of unusual items, including a letter with reddish stains and an admission ticket for Obama's election-night celebration in Chicago's Grant Park."

Wolverine  roadA wealth of new Wolverine images.

 roadTom Brady says "I Do".

 roadSkip Bayless stands by Troy Aikman gay rumor.

 roadNew York gay group expresses optimism over marriage equality chances this year.

 roadRihanna photographed in Mexico for first time following Chris Brown attack.

 roadSame-sex marriage arguments heard in Providence, Rhode Island.

 roadOpenly gay Liverpool City Councilman Steve Radford speaks out about acquittal verdict in hate crime killing of teen Michael Causer: "The question has to be asked whether the 10-2 jury not-guilty verdict into Gavin Alker means Merseyside society thinks it’s acceptable to beat up gay people? Because, if the evidence was so clear and the people involved acknowledge their part in the attack, we need to ask if the real problem is in Merseyside society. This signals that being gay means you don’t have the right to be free on the street, that’s the sad fact."

 roadDean Trial to begin for Jonathan Russell Gunter in brutal beating of gay man in Oak Lawn neighborhood of Dallas: "Dean, 43, is awaiting yet another surgery to repair and replace teeth, but perhaps the most devastating  impact of the brutal gay-bashing he suffered seven months ago has been psychological. Once a very active, fun-loving person, according to his friends, Dean said he now has little energy and suffers from depression. 'Anybody who’s been around me before and gets around me now is going to realize that I’m different,' Dean said recently...Jonathan Russell Gunter, 32, is charged with aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony punishable by five to 99 years in prison." 

Seattle  roadVigil set for Seattle gay bashing victim at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 28 by the pillars on Boren Avenue and Pike Street.

 roadRehab for Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.

 roadMicrosoft stands by as lesbian harassed on XBox 360.

 roadPBDs, McAllen, Texas gay bar, celebrates 25 years: "The bar, located at 2908 N. Ware Rd., has done some re-inventing since owner Drew Clark on February 18, 1984, choosing to brand it with the acronym for his nickname, poor baby Drew."

 roadFred Phelps and the WBC to be counter-protested at Chicago-area university this Sunday. Incidentally, River Forest is this blogger's home town.

 roadSupreme Court ruling suggests Casper, Wyoming may never have to accept Fred Phelps' hateful Matthew Shepard in hell monument.

Lagerfelt  roadKarl Lagerfelt finger puppet does New York Fashion Week.

 roadPro-gay Catholic Brazilian priest suspended for supporting free distribution of condoms: "The Rev. Luiz Couto has been suspended from his work in the northeastern state of Paraiba. Archdiocese spokesman Eisenhower de Albuquerque says the church took the action because of Couto's public stance 'in favor of the use of condoms, his support of gay marriage and his opposition to priestly celibacy.' Couto spokesman Jose Moreira says the priest is not a gay-marriage advocate but is an opponent of discrimination 'including discrimination against homosexuals.'"

 roadHomophobic workshop held in Uganda: "Stephen Langa, Executive Director of a Ugandan group, Family Life Network, has announced that his group will be holding a workshop from March 5th to 7th to provide insight on the causes and treatment of homosexuality; provide practical tips on how to prevent homosexuality behaviour in youth; expose the homosexual agenda, their tactics, strategy and methods of recruitment; and provide information and guidelines on how to respond to the homosexual agenda in an organization, community or nation."

News: Ryan Kwanten, Comet, John Varvatos, Campbell's, Ne-Yo

road.jpg Voting open for one more day of the 2008 Weblog Awards.

road.jpg Rick Warren offers sanctuary to Anglican churches that broke away from their denomination because of the anti-gay rift inspired by the ordination of Bishop Gene Robinson.

Bryantroad.jpg Florida exhibit chronicles Anita Bryant's anti-gay crusade.

road.jpg German TV News has its own weatherpussy.

road.jpg Boy George evicts "unsuitable" roommate: "O'Dowd has let his friend Antony Marnoch - freed on a £10,000 bond - use his residence as a bail address while he awaits trial for the alleged rape of a 12-year-old-boy in a public toilet...But, after a tip-off from The Sun, a judge at London's Blackfriars Crown Court lifted reporting restrictions on the case and declared it 'entirely unsuitable' for Marnoch to stay with O'Dowd in his North London property. O'Dowd claims he let Marnoch stay with him so he could visit a nearby hospital for regular cancer treatment, saying, 'That's what friends are for.'"

road.jpg LULIN: Comet to be visible to naked eye next month.

road.jpg Long Island, NY schoolmates remember Harvey Milk: "...his high school friends say they knew nothing of his love for opera, much less his sexual orientation. To them, he was an ardent if second-string athlete, a fun-loving joker and a likable pal who danced with girls around the jukebox."

road.jpg I prefer True Blood's Ryan Kwanten more scruffy than clean.

Campbellsgayroad.jpg WingNutDaily: Campbell's Soup pledging more pro-gay ads!

road.jpg A major fix of The Real World: Brooklyn's Scott Herman.

road.jpg Ne-Yo still denying gay rumors: "Here's my stand on the whole thing: I'm NOT gay, I'm NOT prejudice to anyone, I DID NOT get stomped out by Jim Jones or anyone else, I'm NOT engaged, I'M NOT STUPID. And to anyone that INSISTS on thinking that any of these things are true......FUCK YOU. To the haters....find some new material please!!!"

road.jpg Don't miss Rich at FourFour's wrap-up of the Golden Globes ceremony, which is far more interesting than the ceremony itself.

road.jpg Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen not waiting until gays can get married too.

Lobsterroad.jpg 140-year-old lobster to be returned to ocean after brief imprisonment in restaurant tank.

road.jpg Colorado Episcopalians end moratorium on gay priests: "Bishop Robert O'Neill was to ordain Mary Catherine Volland to the priesthood at St. John's Cathedral on Saturday. Volland, a longtime Colorado resident and partnered lesbian, had been a candidate for ordination in the Diocese of Minnesota. She will serve at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Denver."

road.jpg Find the other side of the world from where you are.

road.jpg John Varvatos wants to take his rock-flavored brand global: "He's made musicians and rock stars the core of his advertising campaigns, and the rock aesthetic is the foundation of his menswear. Last April, he added the ultimate piece to his music collection by opening in the former CBGB space, where his clothes are displayed among vintage books, high-end stereo equipment and a preserved wall of the original club, covered in tattered band fliers. Leveraging his love of music has helped him sell a reported $80 million worth of John Varvatos-branded clothes, shoes and accessories at retail last year alone, reaching an astonishingly broad base that reaches across generations from Zac Efron to Ian McKellen."

Tom Brady Dresses up Esquire


The New England Patriots QB throws himself into a suit for this month's Esquire.

Getting spiritual, Brady says God doesn't value him as a quarterback: "When you try to combat everything, at the end of the day you realize that you're responsible for yourself...Look at the attention I get: It's because I throw a football. But that's what society values. That's not what God values. He didn't invent the game. We did. I have some eye-hand coordination, and I can throw the ball. I don't think that matters to God."

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