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David Barton Claims 'Inalienable Right' To Exclusively Heterosexual Marriage: VIDEO

David Barton

Anti-gay wingnut and historical revisionist David Barton is back with more crazy talk as he demonstrates that he still has no understanding of how the U.S.'s non-theocratic legals system works. On the "Believer's Voice of Victory" episode scheduled to air on Thursday, Barton says that Christians "have an inalienable right to marriage to be a man and a woman and no other combination," which is only true inasmuch that the government cannot dictate what religious institutions are required to recognize as valid marriages. His assertion that because God was the originator of the very concept of marriage the government cannot legalize same-sex marriage, however, his is an opinion 100% devoid of any factual content whatsoever.

If you feel like watching David Barton rant crazy talk, you can find him AFTER THE JUMP...

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Cartoon Network Features Gay Kiss In Kids' Cartoon: VIDEO

Clarence Gay Kiss

Clarence is a Cartoon Network kids' show that is a bit of a blend of Adventure Time and Nickelodeon's 90s cartoon Doug, featuring a little boy and his endless optimism in the world around him and some crude humor splashed around for giggles. There's seldom little in this form of entertainment to warrant time on a gay blog, but Clarence earned attention by daring to do what virtually no kids' shows do: acknowledge the gays.

In a short clip from the most recent episode, a man walks into a restaurant and a woman waiting at a table starts fussing with her hair, clearly expecting him to be her blind date. Then in an unexpected turn, another man walks up and the two give each other a peck on the cheek before heading towards their own table together. It's sweet, and the gag plays off of misplaced expectations rather than the men being the butt of the joke.

According to The Back Lot, the script originally called for the men to have a quick kiss on the lips, but then the executives got nervous and called for a revision. That decision is annoying, but it's a far cry from the squeamish censorship of the 90s in which ABC even found familial affection between siblings Dot and Enzo in the show ReBoot to be an endorsement of incest.

You can watch the short-but-sweet clip AFTER THE JUMP...

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New Music: Sportsman, LemuelG, Black Coast, Beans On Toast, Half Man Half Biscuit, Cash + David - LISTEN

Sportsman - Taylor Swift - Begin Again (cover)

New Music, brought to you weekly by Deadly Music!, will generally avoid most mainstream music - unless it's particularly deadly - to give new, emerging and fringe artists a chance. Most tracks are available on a Soundcloud playlist, some of them on a Spotify playlist....both of which are embedded at the end of this column.



Sportsman: Begin Again (Taylor Swift Cover)

SportsmanI never expected to write about Taylor Swift for Towleroad but when Sportsman - aka Per Magnusson from Sweden, an already-proven maker of beautiful, often downtempo electro pop - drops such a beautiful cover of "Begin Again" you’d be a fool not to.

Magnusson calls himself a “pop melody whore.” This proves he’s not joking.



LemuelG: Life Cap

Lemuel G Life Cap
Just occasionally you’ll hear a track from a new artist that even on first listening is miles above the rest and suggests something seriously exciting.

This first in quite a while to reach those dizzy heights is LemuelG aka Lemuel Wilcox.  

Currently recording his debut album his debut track "Life Cap" is an obviously very personal downtempo indie pop track that comes on like a heady mix of early Radiohead and Modest Mouse with a little bit of potential Martin Grech-level misery thrown in.

A genuinely stunning debut.


Check out four more acts and some killer playlists, AFTER THE JUMP...


Black Coast: TRNDSTTR (featuring M Maggie)

Black Coast TRNNDSTTRStan Rappaport used to be a member of New York-based electro pop outfit Prinze George but has recently branched out into a new solo project.

His first track as Black Coast is a collaboration with New York poet and songwriter M. Maggie.  

A downtempo, tender electro pop number with a wash of warm synth sequences, this is an instant classic that’s up there with the likes of Wet, Naomi Pilgrim and (tried to get through a week without mentioning them) CHVRCHES.



Beans On Toast: The Chicken Song

Beans-on-Toast-The-Chicken-SongBeans On Toast is an English singer doing what he calls "drunk folk" and what generally fits into the burgeoning mini-genre of anti-folk, which also includes the likes of Ha The Unclear, The Vinegar Tits and Half Man Half Biscuit (who probably invented the genre really).

Beans On Toast is something of a scene legend, having recorded with Emmy The Great, Mumford and Sons and Frank Turner among many others.

With a new album The Grand Scene Of Things out in December, he’s just dropped the lead track "The Chicken Song," a sing-along pub folk anthem about man’s enslavement and torture of chickens.

Potentially NSFW.

Check out some more acts and a killer playlist, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Foodies vs McDonald's, A Taste Test Trick: VIDEO

McDonald's vs Foodies

You've no doubt seen this experiment done with everything from water to wine, but here's another one for the pile: can trained foodies tell the difference between fresh, organic food and standard McDonald's fast food fare? Netherlands-based LifeHunters decided to find out the answer by doing some shopping at McDonald's and re-plating the food before handing out samples to quality- and health-minded individuals at a food convention in Houton. 

You already know the results - they couldn't - but it's still a fascinating thing to see in action how much that what we believe we're eating affects our perception of quality. You'll need to turn on English subtitles, but you can watch the video AFTER THE JUMP...

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Human Rights Watch Documents Abuse Of Gays In Jamaica: VIDEO

Gareth Henry Jamaican LGBT activist

Jamaica is a remarkably homophobic nation with massive opposition to the "gay agenda" that forces gay youth to live in sewers, and even results in murder. The Human Rights Watch has taken notice of the hostilities and violence and put together a short documentary video that explores the island's abuses of and utter governmental apathy towards its gay citizens.

While not graphic or explicit, the video is a little rough emotionally. You can watch it AFTER THE JUMP...

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Lady Gaga Invites Fan to Propose to His Boyfriend Onstage: VIDEO

Lady Gaga Jay and Shaun proposal

Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga has been an extremely vocal supporter of the LGBT community from virtually day one, so much so that she's even pissed off the Russian government with her support. (Yes, Madonna has done so, too. She is also awesome.) Last Tuesday in Manchester she continued her trend of support by hosting a gay marriage proposal on-stage during her concert. After getting her heel un-stuck from her latex outfit, she called her friend Jay up on stage and telling Jay's boyfriend Shaun that he might have a question for him. And then the crowd went berserk.

You can watch the proposal and piano-only rendition of "Born This Way" AFTER THE JUMP...

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