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Marco Rubio Says He'd Attend a Gay Family Member's Wedding Despite Disagreeing With the 'Choice They've Made' - VIDEO


Presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has said that although being gay is a choice, he would attend the same-sex marriage of a family member, reports Fusion.

In a wide-ranging interview which also took in immigration reform, climate change and Cuba, Rubio said that although he believes in “traditional” marriage, he would not refuse to attend a family member's same-sex wedding “because I disagree with a choice they’ve made or because I disagree with a decision they’ve made, or whatever it may be.”

Rubio added that although he is against marriage equality, he would encourage people  to petition their state on the issue:

“I would point out that we live in a free society. If people want to change the definition of marriage, they should petition their state legislature, and they can have that debate in the political arena. Who I don’t think should be redefining marriage is the court system.”

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Earlier this week, CNN's Jake Tapper called Rubio "the candidate of yesterday" because of his views on gay marriage.

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London 'Gay Conversion Therapy' Convention Cancelled Following Public Outcry: VIDEO

Mike Carducci

A “gay conversion” conference in London, England has been cancelled following public outcry, reports London 24.

The Seventh Day Adventist Church “Holy Sexuality Conference" was set to include speakers Mike Carducci, Wayne Blakely and Danielle Harrison, who all claim to have been “cured” of their homosexuality.

A petition against the conference on was signed by more than 40,000 people.

Church in Britain cancels 'gay conversion' conference following online petition on @UKChange via @mashable

— Brie Rogers Lowery (@brie_rl) April 14, 2015

PxBSLTYHntNiesg-800x450-noPadIn a statement, the church said:

“The Adventist Church recognises that the individuals invited to speak at the Holy Sexuality Conference have compelling life stories to share but equally appreciate that there are those who take a different point of view.

“We are disappointed that in a society that values freedom of speech and divergence of opinion that there are those whose wish it is to silence individuals who hold a different point of view to their own.

“We do not believe that the potential disruptions that were being planned for this event would have been beneficial either to the participants or to our friends in the LGBT community.

“As such, a decision has been made to cancel the event which had been locally organised by a group of members in the South London area.”

U.K. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said “if anything needs curing, it is the outdated belief that being gay is wrong or something to be ashamed of.”

Watch Carducci on his "addiction" to homosexuality, AFTER THE JUMP...

Last week, President Obama announced his support for  a "We the People" petition urging the government to "Enact Leelah's Law to Ban All LGBTQ+ Conversion Therapy" after it reached more than 120,000 signatures.

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Florida Teen Arrested For Hacking School Computer To Play Gay Prank On Teacher: VIDEO


An eighth grade student in Florida has been charged with a felony after changing the background image on a teacher’s computer to one showing two men kissing, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office has charged Paul R. Smith Middle School student Domanik Green with an offense against a computer system and unauthorized access.

SheriffAccording to Sheriff Chris Nocco (right), one of the computers Green accessed had encrypted 2014 FCAT questions stored on it. The 14-year-old did not access those files, but Nocco warned ominously although this was “just a teenage prank, who knows what this teenager might have done.”

However, Green - who had previously received a three-day suspension for accessing the system inappropriately - said that students would often log into the administrative account to screen-share with their friends. He explained that many students were able to access administrator accounts because the password is a teacher's last name.

Spokeswoman Linda Cobbe said the school district is now in the process of changing the network password.

Green received a 10-day suspension from school and will likely be granted pretrial intervention by a judge.

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Chicago Uber Driver Charged With Assault After Dumping Kissing Gay Men From Cab: VIDEO

Shadi Ramini

A Chicago Uber driver has been charged with aggravated assault/use of a deadly weapon and battery after kicking two men out of his cab for kissing, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The incident happened on April 1st when Mahdi Hared was driving Shadi Ramini (above) and Seth Day in the Margate Park neighborhood.

Uber-germany_injunctionRamini and Day allege that Hared drove off as Day was getting out of the car. Day suffered scrapes and bruises on his arms and torso, and road burn on his lower back.

Following the incident, Hared filed a police report claiming injuries. It appears that his passengers are unlikely to face charges.

The now former Uber driver was charged with one count of aggravated assault/use of a deadly weapon and battery.

In a statement, Uber said:

"No rider should ever have to go through an experience like this. Not only is this Chicago taxi driver's behavior unacceptable, it's in clear violation of Illinois' non-discrimination law and Uber's zero-tolerance discrimination policy as outlined in our code of conduct.”

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In June of last year, Chicago couple Steven White and Matt McCrea were kicked out of a taxi for sharing a closed-mouth second-long kiss.

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Australian Conservatives Think This Ad for Maltesers Candy Will Turn People Gay: VIDEO


Australian TV viewers have made official complaints that an advert for Maltesers in which two men kiss promotes homosexuality, reports Business Insider.

The advert, which has been running without problems in the UK and other markets for years, portrays two heterosexual men snuggling up unawares while sleeping.

Complaints to Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) have accused the ad of encouraging young people to be gay and of ridiculing gay people.

One of the complaints reads:

"I find it very offensive that while I'm watching tv with my child that an ad with a man kiss another man to come on to try and sell chocolates just like smoking and drinking alcohol leads to young people to do these things I feel strong that advertising homosexuals is try to turn young people gay."

Another offended viewer wrote:

"The two women place their boyfriends in a sexual/suggestive position while they are asleep. They are seen to kiss. The two women then laugh at what they have done. This ad is offensive because it continues to perpetuate the idea that being gay or male closeness is something to be ridiculed and laughed at."

In response to the complaints, Maltesers owner Mars Confectionery said of the “playful” ad that it would be inappropriate given the context to assume the men are of any kind of sexual orientation.

The ASB dismissed the complaints, ruling that the depiction of two men kissing would encourage young people to turn gay was an "unlikely interpretation and not one that is likely to be shared by the broader community."

On the issue that the ad promoted the idea that being gay or male closeness was something to be ridiculed, the ASB said the practical joke carried out in the ad is "not a derogatory sentiment toward homosexual men and did not depict material which discriminates against or vilifies a person on account of sexual preference."

Its worth noting that the men don't actually kiss in the ad.

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Kurt Cobain Documentary Shows New Footage Of 'Funny' 'Romantic' Nirvana Frontman: VIDEO

Kurt Cobain

Released in January, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck is the first authorized documentary about the Nirvana frontman who took his own life in April 1994, reports the BBC.

With Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain acting as executive producer, the documentary - which contains footage which has never been seen before - started in 2007 when the late musician's wife Courtney Love approached Oscar-nominated filmmaker Brett Morgen.

Love is said to have provided an archive that included home videos, audio tracks, audio diaries and around 4,000 pages of Cobain’s journals.

Morgen said:

"People didn't realize how very funny Kurt Cobain was, or how romantic he was, or what a doting father he was. Ultimately the mythology of the man is that he was in pursuit of fame, and then he didn't want fame anymore. I hope this film shatters that illusion.

“I think Kurt, the child of a divorce, was in pursuit of family his whole life, and when that became defiled that's what ultimately led him to take his own life. But I didn't make this film for fans. I made it for Frances."

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