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Wax Beckhams Open Kissing Booth at DC's Cherry Blossom Festival


As part of a promotion for the 2008 Cherry Blossom Soccer Tournament, wax versions of David and Victoria Beckham opened a 'kissing booth' near the Mall in DC.

The last time the stiff couple made a headlining appearance was in December 2004 in a celebrity nativity scene. At that appearance, an attacker punched the figures, damaging them, and then fled. It appears they've recovered quite well from their injuries, but they are looking just as stiff.

More photos at Popbytes.

Wax Barack Obama Wins Presidency


As Barack Obama's wax figure was unveiled at Madame Tussaud's in Washington DC yesterday, it appeared they had already elected the senator from Illinois.

Obamawax_2As the figures were unveiled, Obama's figure was revealed to be standing behind the desk in the Oval Office. Bill and Hillary Clinton stood to once side, and JFK and Jackie Kennedy stood to the other. The figure was unveiled on the eve of the Potomac Primary. Today, delegates from Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC hang in the balance.

ABC reports: "[Marketing manager Shameka] Lloyd said that the exhibit's placement of the figures - with Obama directly behind the desk and Hillary off to the side - is only meant to serve as a way to put the spotlight on Obama for the day. On Tuesday, the wax version of both Obama and Hillary Clinton will be moved out of the Oval Office exhibit and over to the Washington Links & Current Affairs hall, while those of Bill Clinton and the Kennedys will return to the Presidential Room. 'Given that this is an election season we said, 'Hmm, why don't we just take a little peek at what could possibly be the outcome of this election season?' Not that we're saying we want it to go one way or another, but Barack Obama is our newest figure and so the spotlight is on him today,' said Lloyd."

It's not over till it's over.

See the unveiling video here.

Camilla Parker-Bowles Goes in for a Full Body Wax


Two years after she married Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles has finally been accepted into the Royal Family...at Madame Tussaud's wax museum in London. The cream suede LK Bennett shoes and a Philip Treacy clutch bag were donated by Camilla herself, and she picked her own peepers from a "tray of eyes" the sculptor showed to her.

Unfortunately, she's missing one of her signature gigantic hats.


The Royal Family, however, still keeps their distance, as you can see. So does the Princess (not pictured) who dubbed her "the Rottweiler," according to the AFP: "Looking on from 4.5 metres away is the waxwork of Diana, who blamed Camilla for contributing to the breakup of her marriage to Charles."


According to the AFP, "The London museum admitted that it was only now exhibiting a likeness of Camilla, who married her longtime lover Charles on April 9, 2005, because the British public had finally warmed to her."

They better not warm to her too much or she may melt.

Waxy Leonardo DiCaprio Makes Its Debut


Following up on my post from Monday, I'd say they did a pretty good job.

A New Face for Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio looking a little plastic to you? He should. He's the latest celeb to be enshrined at London's Madame Tussaud's wax museum and will go on display on August 16th. One more shot after the jump.

His global warming documentary, The 11th Hour, hits U.S. theaters the following day.

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Justin Timberlake: Bringing Waxy Back

For all our Justin Timberlake news, click here.

Madame Tussaud's in London took advantage of the opening of Justin Timberlake's European Tour to unveil their latest wax likeness.

Justin_wax_2 Justin_wax_3

As far as waxy's verdict on a few adoring fans? Obviously not interested.


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