Gay Man Elected Leader of Parti Quebecois


Andre Boisclair, an openly gay 39-year-old, was elected leader of the separatist Parti Quebecois yesterday in Canada, after surviving a scandal surrounding his admitted cocaine use while serving as a government minister.

The Canadian Press reports that rivals “stepped gingerly around Boisclair’s use of the illegal drug while he served in Lucien Bouchard’s cabinet in the late 1990s.” Perhaps that’s because when Boisclair admitted he had used the drug, his poll numbers soared.

In his victory speech, Boisclair pledged to “hold a referendum on Quebec sovereignty as soon as possible.”

Quebec’s Frontrunner for “Party” Leadership [tr]


  1. busytimmy says

    I would agree with Michael if he were still using coke, however if past drug use/abuse disqualifies one from being a role model…. we are in big trouble.

  2. says

    I really don’t want Quebec to seperate, but I think the principle of democracy, true democracy permits that if self-autonomy is what the people of that province desire, that’s what they should attain.

    Its not up to the rest of Canada to determine what Quebecers want.

    Its approximate to Britain determining what the people of the United States want and is in their best interests.

    I think/hope a compromise can be reached between the desires of complete autonomy (independent statehood) and some kind of quasi federalist independence. Even if Quebec seperates, they would still be intimately connected to Canada through geography and history, making “complete seperation’ a mythological possibility.

  3. Ted B. says

    Don’t annoy the Texans too-much. Part of the Treaty that admitted the Republic of Texas into the Federal Union gives Texas the right to subdivide into up-to-five separate states. While that might only increase their Congressional delegation by maybe one congressman, that would result in TEN senators from Texas. YEE-Ha!

  4. Peter says

    I anticipate Austin and Houstin would be about as blue as good ol’ new york city. Sorry, new york came to mind because I’ve got track 5 of madges new cd blazin’ baby…!

  5. says

    >>Andre Boisclair, an openly gay 39-year-old, was elected leader of the separatist Parti Quebecois yesterday in Canada, after surviving a scandal surrounding his admitted cocaine use

    WOW!! A Gay cokehead, who wants to divide the country, and possibly start a civil war. The goddamn Canucks ought to be in love with this bastard.

  6. luscious loulou says

    We’ve had the very “out” Svend here in Vancouver since the late ‘80s but we knew before that.

    1979: Robinson represents the NDP and wins the Burnaby seat in the federal election at the age of 27. He will remain undefeated in the next six elections

    1988: Robinson, 35, announces on national television that he is gay. He becomes the first openly gay member in the House of Commons. He says he wants to push for gay rights. A few months later, he leads the Gay Pride parade in Toronto.

    1997: Survives a near-fatal fall while hiking, breaking his jaw and ankle. He crawls 400 metres through rugged terrain to a cottage. Robinson credits his love for partner Max Riveron with inspiring him to get to safety.

    February 2003: Elected as NDP Deputy House leader.

    2003: Robinson succeeds in getting the House of Commons to pass a law to include sexual orientation in the hate propaganda sections of the Criminal Code of Canada.

    Oct. 21, 2005: (Svend) Robinson says he’s ready for a political comeback. He holds a news conference to say he will seek the NDP nomination in Vancouver Centre.

    And Jay Croce “The goddamn Canucks ought to be in love with this bastard.”

    Well, this “goddamn Canuck” likes nothing more than someone who only becomes stronger through adversity and admits to human frailty. Perfection is usually hiding something anyway.


  7. HisHolynessDPope says

    It would be in the best interests of the US to see present day Canada dissolve and a few of the western provinces gradually join the US under conditional statehood… the increasingly dry midwest of the US needs the fresh water they have in abundance.

    What will become of Quebec?

    Probably will continue to shrink as it becomes even more isolationist and protective of a dead language.

    As long as i have first crack at those young choir boys the government can do as it pleases…

  8. michel says

    Greek survived the collapse of the Roman EMpire, but Latin didn’t: it broke up into hundreds of dialects which later became separate languages. This process is already at work with English. Beware: it’s when the rule of Latin was at its strongest that the Empire collapsed because the taxation system had largely exonarated the rich, killed the middle class and overtaxed the poor…

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