Gay Penguins March to a New Shelf in Missouri

TangoDo children often read non-fiction? A Missouri library has “re-classified” And Tango Makes Three, the children’s book about Roy and Silo, the gay penguin couple at the Central Park Zoo.

Parents expressed concern about the book’s content, so librarians moved it to the non-fiction section in order that it wouldn’t “blindside” readers. Now the chances are highly unlikely that its intended readers, young children, will ever find it at all.

The book’s authors, partners Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, told Towleroad: “We were only yesterday musing over a new review on our Amazon page which angrily labels our book “Brokeback Mountain for preschoolers.” This led to a wish that we could have done a take off on the movie poster with Roy and Silo in cowboy hats under the title “Brokebeak Mountain.”

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Something for the Kiddies [tr]


  1. says

    I’m not nuts about the word ‘brokeback’ now seen as synonymous with everything remotely homosexual. The invalid, tragic-mishap sound of it will linger long after the word’s source fades from the popular mind.

  2. Bill says

    Boy, these poor wingnuts have to be so vigilant these days. Now they even have to screen the penguin entertainment set forth before their future freeper kids. March of the Penguins, si, queer penguins, no.

    We must add to the homosexual agenda. Number 142 is to publish a queer storyline about every animal on Earth. Let’s keep the wingnuts on their toes.

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