Mayor of West Sacramento Comes Out

MayorcabalsonWest Sacramento’s Mayor Christopher Cabaldon used his State of the City address to tell his constituents that he is a gay American. After coming out to his family last year, Cabaldon says he needed to come out in his professional life as well.

“This is something I needed to say in a direct way, not in a private meeting with a reporter or at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, but to really say it at a time when I knew the community will hear my voice in a direct way…If I’m ever going to have a personal life, I wanted to be open and direct about who I was with my constituents before that happened.”

Reaction to Cabaldon’s announcement has been “overwhelmingly positive” according to the Mayor, who hoped for a day when tolerance would alleviate public figures of the need to disclose such information. The announcement “drew an abrupt standing ovation.”

Said Cabaldon: “It should be the case where I shouldn’t have to say anything about it and wouldn’t feel the need to say anything. I went to Mayor Fargo’s State of the City Address the other day and she never at anytime announced that she was straight. I know she is. It shouldn’t be that way, but we’re not in that place.”

West Sacramento Mayor: ‘I’m Gay’ [kcra]
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  1. says

    >>The announcement “drew an abrupt standing ovation.”

    How refreshing, for a change, that the announcement is not accompanied by a scandal.

    Thank you Mayor Cabaldon!

  2. Stoney says

    Robert, Damien, Barry, & Scottt, I whole-heartedly agree with you! YOU all rock!!! Larry, I see the “lol”, but are you authentic and/or are you serious that you mean what you said?! Cabaldon rocks and if you aren’t progessive enough to accept others (without judgement), then you simply need to take a step back and live within your own simple world. It’s those that have the courage and bravery to come out that are those that are really going to make a different….and not only for his/herselve, but rather, will do so for the community (even though s/he is asking for your acceptance). I’m not judgemental in ANY way, but I have to say (in an effort to be as authentic as absolutely possible), that if you can’t accept the sexual orientation for those that are willing and able to do for the greater good, then please do us ALL a favor and move away from here. (BTW, moving to the Midwest proabably won’t work unless you move past Wyoming & Nebraska because I have soooo many supporters there, that conservatism is on the discension and those two states are more accepting than I’ve ever experienced. So….., you’re gonna have to go further east than that. But be careful……cuz your judgemental attitude won’t be welcome in in Massachusetts, New York, or New Jersey, either…. Love & Kisses, from California! SMOOOCH! SMG

  3. William says

    This is so ridiculous. Judgemental is what we oughta be. You make judgment,s all the time concerning people. But because it,s a gay thing you call it courage to say I am gay in public. That,s not courage, that,s stupid. It amaze,s me how the liberal movement is trying to make everyone change like the style,s of clothing people wear. This style is in that one is out. So if you wear something not popular. Your out. Anyway grow up. Stop going with the flow and stand up for what is right. if you were intended to be male look between your legs, and it should give you a clue. Not what socity dictate,s to you. Get serious.
    and own up to the truth. If you know what that is. And the abrupt standing ovation. That,s a follow the leader thing.