PETA Scores in Freedom Plaza


PETA member and gay Navy veteran Mike Brazell and his partner Christopher McDonough make out in Washington DC’s Freedom Plaza in order to draw attention to vegetarianism.

It may be the first time vegetarians have promoted their cause by sucking on meat.

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  1. says

    Peta’s always trying to co-opt somebody else’s struggle to further their agenda. Remember when they claimed it was more Christian to be Vegan?

  2. Jonathon says

    Ewww. I don’t see how such a public display is going to (1) encourage vegetarianism or (2) gain support for PETA.

    I really think that this attempt will backfire in the long run. Unless they’re getting creative with vegetables, there really isn’t any connection between a vegetarian diet and how “good” you are in the sack.

  3. Donald says

    Just a little harmless fun with boys in their undies. I tried being a veggie once, lasted about 1 week. All bun and no meat made Donald a cranky boy.

  4. Joe Fitrzyk says

    This gives new meaning to “tossing salad.”

    I can just see PETA’s new campagin: I’d rather go naked on a 19 year old Puerto Rican sailor than wear fur.

    Loves it.

  5. Carnan says

    Here’s a better idea for a PETA campaign: “It’s better for 1000s of gay men to die from AIDS, then it is for one lab animal to die in the search for a cure.

    Gays who belong to a reprehensible organization like PETA are an absolute disgrace. Quislings of there ilk sicken me, as they should any other self-respecting member of our community hoping and searching for an end to the epidemic.

  6. Richard Talbot says

    “Even If Animal Research Resulted In A Cure For AIDS, We’d Be Against It”…Ingrid Newkirk, PETA president

  7. Mike in the Tundra says

    I was a vegetarian for about two years. I loved the joke value, but I never thought of the “tossing the salad” one. Damn!

  8. strikefour82 says

    this is not a first for PETA… they’ve gotten flak before for their use of half naked women to further animal rights. Sex sells, but at least this time they didn’t do it at the expense of another marginalized group.

  9. says

    It seems that past several years have taken the tongue in cheek sense of humor out of the gay community. This is not grandstanding. They are just saying vegetarians DO make better lovers…and these two happen to be gay. Touching nerves don’t have anything to do with facts.

    I wouldn’t not blame PETA for failing AIDS research…blame the Bush admin, homophobia, and by golly idiots who bareback!

    Why do I even bother reading the comments…such whiny gripey people here!

  10. jack says

    To Richard Talbot: HIV is a virus. You cannot cure a virus. Never. It is – in fact – impossible. You can only create a vaccine for those that don’t have it. When they talk about a “cure” for AIDS they mean a vaccine. So anyone that has AIDS will never recover, they’ll only prolong a state of variable resistance. And anyone that doesn’t have it, can prevent it by a simple act of a buying a condom. And even with a vaccine, it will only “regain” unprotected sex from one STD – even if it was implemented, you’d still be open to all the rest. We’ve known how it’s transmitted for the better part of 25 years, so unless you contracted it before say 1988, before prevention awareness hit its peak, or if you were raped or received a bad transmission, I have no sympathy for you. If you would wish the very same suffering that I’ve seen people go through on literally millions of creatures that share 93% percent of the DNA of another human being so that you can falsely hope to outlive life or so you can screw bareback, you are one the that’s disgrace.

  11. SUNNY says

    Oh come one everyone-
    Even if you are for or against PETA, these fellas are making queer space. Do you remember that movement in the ’80s? Our goal was to reclaim “hetero only” space and make it safe for homos also. We had in-your-face stickers that said witty things like “yes, we’re the fags your mom warned you about” and made it a point to hug and kiss where only straights had kissed before: parks, clubs, even cafes. Granted, we did not do it in our underwear, but those look like shorts on a nice sunny day. Some of us becmae more involved and went on to get involved in Act Up and other movements.
    Being homo and a vegan and and American and an ethnic minority in this society, I applaud every effort to dinish violence and ensure every life is considered precious. Then again, some of you might hate that I am on your team, and that’s what makes you a hater while I’ll remain the radical fairy that says everyone deserves respect. So please don’t slaughter me just because I reject fur and leather. Better yet, ask yourself how hate is helping yourself or the planet. ‘scuse me for being all about love and peace, seems better than your hate and kill.