Biographer: Alec Baldwin “Too Fat” to Play Halston


Alec Baldwin has not been quiet about his desire to play the late fashion designer Halston on screen. A little over two years ago, he told the St. Louis Dispatch:

“Here’s a man who watched his 50’s, closeted, ‘Boys in the Band’-era gay culture dissolve under the weight of AIDS and become militant. By the 80’s he was surrounded by younger men he was dating and sleeping with who were the new gay, completely out there and completely outspoken. And like all groups who need federal dollars to solve a problem, they were very political. AIDs made homosexuality political. I’m not anything like this guy — I’m not gay, I don’t know about fabrics and textiles — yet I am dying to play this man!”

Even though he’s been playing the tempermental fashion diva in real life, Baldwin’s on-screen hopes have been dashed as producers replaced him with Brendan Fraser. Reportedly, Baldwin’s too old.

Halston biographer Steven Gaines, upon whose book the upcoming biopic on the designer is based, tells Page Six that it wasn’t Baldwin’s age that would have cursed him for the role, but his weight. Said Gaines: “Too old? What about too fat?” Gaines seemed to think Fraser fit the role perfectly. “This movie will do for Brendan Fraser what ‘Capote’ did for Philip Seymour Hoffman.”

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  1. says

    Personally, I would have casted Alec Baldwin. The weight could have come off and age can be hidden. He would have certainly delivered a certain flair to the role that I don’t think Fraser will.

  2. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Definetly Richard Grant, thouigh I suspect it would hurt the financing. It’s a risky topic, so they do need a “name”-star. Besides, I rather see Brenden half-naked on screen rather than Alec. Alec was “tasty” back in his Beetlejiuce, Hunter for Red October-days; but now-a-days he’s taking after his brother Daniel, rather than his brother Stephen.

  3. Mark says

    The most offensive part is: “what Capote did for Philip Seymour Hoffman”… um… Hoffman’s career is pretty spotless. And if the comment was in reference to gaining cred from playing gay, well there was Flawless you know.