Gay Men Attacked, Robbed in Orlando

Parliament_house_orlando_1Days before Orlando, Florida’s annual Disney Gay Days event is set to begin, two groups of men have been attacked and robbed after leaving that city’s well known Parliament House nightclub.

The police are not treating either incident as a hate crime. While the victims were left scared, according local news station WFTW, at least one of them, who had just won a trophy at the Orlando Fringe Festival Awards, was left with his sense of humor intact.

Chad Cronon: “I was able to use this ‘Fabby Award’ as a fabulous weapon to defend myself against this attack. When I did that, that’s when the hammer came out, and I got popped in the back of my head. And as soon as I got hit in the head, Matthew got hit in the ribs and in nose, and we finally got away.”

Who needs lipstick lesbian crimefighters when one has a Fabby Award?

In all seriousness, be extra aware if you’re planning a visit to the Parliament House anytime soon.