Gay Men Attacked, Robbed in Orlando

Parliament_house_orlando_1Days before Orlando, Florida’s annual Disney Gay Days event is set to begin, two groups of men have been attacked and robbed after leaving that city’s well known Parliament House nightclub.

The police are not treating either incident as a hate crime. While the victims were left scared, according local news station WFTW, at least one of them, who had just won a trophy at the Orlando Fringe Festival Awards, was left with his sense of humor intact.

Chad Cronon: “I was able to use this ‘Fabby Award’ as a fabulous weapon to defend myself against this attack. When I did that, that’s when the hammer came out, and I got popped in the back of my head. And as soon as I got hit in the head, Matthew got hit in the ribs and in nose, and we finally got away.”

Who needs lipstick lesbian crimefighters when one has a Fabby Award?

In all seriousness, be extra aware if you’re planning a visit to the Parliament House anytime soon.


  1. Leland says

    ANDY TOPPED BY NICK LACHEY whose shirt barely hangs off his muscular shoulders and exposed luscious chest, his thick-lipped mouth and arms wide open, the teasing waistband of his black Calvin’s an invitation to the big Nick that lies below, Lachey….Now that I have your attention: check out page 20 of the latest “Advocate” where there’s a photo and brief Q&A with Mr. Towleroad himself under a picture of the former lackey for the horse-mounthed, talentless, boob-for-brains Ms. Simpson. Clearly, Andy should have been on top.

  2. Leland says

    “horse-mounthed” — mouthed/mounted? I guess one would call that Freudian typing.

  3. Joshua says

    I live in Orlando, its a great city very gay friendly and they go out of their way to make it a diverse city. If your coming to gay days stay away from P-house. Its in the worse area of Orlando. So much bad stuff happens over their not because people are gay but because it is the ghetto. If you want to go to a club go to southern nights, pulse or lava lounge on lake Ivahhoe they are all in the downtown metro area and safer. Look forword to seeing all of you at the magic kingdom

  4. says

    Joshua, it isn’t that bad at Parliament House. It’s been a gay bar for over 30 years. It’s not the nicest part of Orlando, but it’s safe as any other bar or club. If people come for Gay Days, they are probably looking more for special events like at Parilaiment House, than sitting around in a lounge like Lava.

  5. says

    I’ve been going to the Parliament House for over 30 years and I have never been dumb enough to walk down South Orange Blossom Trail, which I believe is the real story here. Nobody deserves to be assaulted, ever, but the SOBT is possibly the seediest stretch of road in Florida and no prudent person would venture there after dark. The grounds of the Parliament House club and hotel complex are enclosed by a fence, including the parking lot, and all is patrolled fairly rigorously by their security. I’ve never felt unsafe there.

  6. Oscar says

    Stay away from Orlando, Fl. It is in the Florida Bible Belt. No part of the city is safe for gay people. It is built for straight families and not for gay families. If you have to come to Florida come to Miami Beach or better Key West. Orlando has no beach no show your body in the latest Speedo. The other two do.

  7. Alan In Vermont says

    I just got back from GayDays and had a GREAT time.

    I went out to Parliament House on Friday night to see Abigail and Martha Wash and it was excellent (Especially Abigail, what a beautiful voice live!)

    The crowd was diverse, the weather was beautiful and everyone seemed to be having a blast.

    Orlando was nothing BUT welcoming and fun. I’d go back in a minute.

    In these times of nastiness and trouble, it was good to see at least one event go off without a hitch.

  8. Georgenfla says

    The Parliment House has been a dump for years, and resides one of the dumpiest-high-crime areas in Whorelando. One should always be very careful when one is cruzing for sleeze. Reap what you sew.

  9. rjp3 says

    Parliment House itself has fixed itself up and so has the shady neighborhood. My first trip there after midnight back in 1997 was my first real trip into a ghetto – scary stuff. Cops with dogs busting prostitutes in run down hotels. Drug dealers on the sidewalks. Not nearly that bad in 2007. I have always assumed it an easy target for crime but it has always been fine while there. I think there is a “suburban” way to get there from the opposite direction from the highway. When traveling with locals they go that way.

    I would still not for a minute walk off the property at night – not even to go to a near by gay bar. NEVER.