News: Aiken Bush, Meat Rack Art, The Killers

road.jpg Anti-gay harpy Ronda Storms breezes through the Republican primary in Tampa’s Hillsborough County.

Casa_susanna_1road.jpg Drag isn’t just a gay thing. Some straights take it very seriously. A visit to Casa Susanna, a 60’s retreat for crossdressers in the Catskills: “These men had one foot in the mainstream and the other in the margins. I’m fascinated by that position and their paradox, which is that the strict gender roles of the time were both the source of their anxiety and pain, and also the key to escaping that pain.”

road.jpg Tim Burton shot the latest video for The Killers upcoming single, appropriately named “Bones”.

road.jpg Clay Aiken to serve Bush: “The White House says Aiken is in line to be named to the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.”

Travoltaroad.jpg From greaser to hair hopper! John Travolta as Edna Turnblad.

road.jpg The Wire kicks off its new season this Sunday on HBO. Michael K. Williams, who plays a “modern day Robin Hood” who happens to be gay, talks to AfterElton about how his character’s sexuality is just one part of a larger masculinity issue he hopes to challenge with his portrayal: “We (black men) can’t communicate to each other, so we acquaint everything with being a man [and] show no emotion and nothing weak. You know, a man can’t cry, a man can’t show vulnerability and we definitely can’t be gay. … We are still working on that as a black community. To love ourselves and to communicate with each other and accept each other and our differences. We are still calling an educated brother with proper diction an Oreo cookie. What I am saying [is], it is a lot deeper than the gay issue.”

road.jpg One photographer looks for art in Fire Island’s famed Meat Rack.

road.jpg Clive Davis says Whitney Houston is on verge of comeback but warns fans “against fans having unrealistic expectations about the album’s music production and lyrics.”