Gay Basher Nabbed by Undercover Cops in NYC’s Union Square

Union_squareTwo undercover cops posing as a gay couple were targeted by a gay basher, 20-year-old Tyrone George, in New York’s Union Square yesterday, the New York Post reports.

That basher picked the wrong target:

“George approached them, screamed that he hated ‘homos,’ told them to get out of his park, called them ‘faggots’ and gave the sergeant the middle finger, according to a Criminal Court complaint. Minutes later, George circled back and continued his anti-gay rant, threatened to assault them and spat on the sergeant’s foot, authorities said. With that, the cops arrested George, who struggled and said he didn’t want ‘faggots touching him,’ court papers state.”

The police officers were on the lookout for gang activity in the park when they got a rise out of George.


  1. Alex says

    GOOD! Find all the gay bashers and put them on some remote island with only men and let them see who turns gay first.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    The bashing bastard is a lot safer in the hands of the two cops than he’da been if he was in the hands of Lady Bunny and Flotilla DeBarge. They’d of whupped his ass.

  3. mark m says

    Somewhere in the cop/basher article there is a joke about cops appearing gay while “Under” Cover.

    Hilarious article… wish there were more “stings” like this one, though it sounds like gay bashing wasn’t specifically the target of the sting.

  4. says

    We gotta get out of the habit of assuming every queer basher is a repressed gay man. Sometimes, people are just homophobic dicks.

  5. says

    Excellent!! Cops all around the country should do the same. And then all gay bashers will have to think twice before acting all horny…I mean crazy!

  6. jimmyboyo says

    he was lucky they were cops and not a member of pink pistols or a martial arts trained gay or lesbian

  7. brian says

    Union Square at 1pm? That’s probably one of the tamest corners of NYC. What’s next, staging a lesbian kiss in Park Slope? Why don’t they try these stunts in the Bronx?

  8. em says

    A really good sting would be the whole park opening up into a huge dance floor with George Michael dressed in his cop gear backed up by 50 teddy girls and flashing lights.

  9. Allan says

    Wow I had no idea this happened and I live literally right on Union Square West. Glad that this would deter crime in the area, including towards the gay community.