Video Sportrait: Alexandre Despatie

Here’s someone who has been absent from these pages for far too long. French Canadian diver Alexandre Despatie, in a tribute from Towleroad reader Alan Light, is one athlete we’ve been flipping over for a while.

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  1. MississippiTim says

    Mmmm…Alexandre Despatie.

    Been in love with that bulge…er…boy…since the 2004 Olympics.

  2. TC says

    I want to know..does he just have BIG ballz or big ballz & dick??I have never seen a bulge like his in a Speedo in my life…makes my mouth salivate :-).and I workout in the pool alot

  3. rudy says

    Taut? He could use a shave and a decent haircut but that is obviously not where the majority who encounter him focus.

  4. alexie says

    FYI: I read that this great-looking athlete originates from 1/4 greek ancestry (maternal grandmother). We need to see more of him!

  5. Vallery says

    He is so sexy when he talks French. Hes from Laval Quebec so its his first language…and damn you just melt!!!

  6. Ryan says

    Just to dispel a myth, the supreme hunk is not that short. He’s actually 5’9″. He started diving professionally at 13, and heights don’t often have to be updated in sports, so most of the data on his height on the web is incorrect.