Ann Coulter to be Investigated for Voting Fraud

PieholeI mentioned it briefly some time ago when it was discovered that Ann Coulter had used an address that wasn’t her own when voting in Palm Beach county in Florida. Now it appears to be catching up with her.

Allegations that Ann Coulter voted knowingly in the wrong South Florida precinct February 7 will be referred to the state attorney “within 48 hours,” Palm Beach election supervisor Arthur Anderson said yesterday.

Coulter’s registration showed an address that wasn’t hers. Coulter listed the address of her realtor, though the realtor, Suzanne Frisbie, says she wasn’t living there.

According to Anderson, since the charges of fraud arose, Coulter has made “efforts to distract and divert focus on the process regarding this complaint.”

What will her piehole have to say about this?

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