Ann Coulter to be Investigated for Voting Fraud

PieholeI mentioned it briefly some time ago when it was discovered that Ann Coulter had used an address that wasn’t her own when voting in Palm Beach county in Florida. Now it appears to be catching up with her.

Allegations that Ann Coulter voted knowingly in the wrong South Florida precinct February 7 will be referred to the state attorney “within 48 hours,” Palm Beach election supervisor Arthur Anderson said yesterday.

Coulter’s registration showed an address that wasn’t hers. Coulter listed the address of her realtor, though the realtor, Suzanne Frisbie, says she wasn’t living there.

According to Anderson, since the charges of fraud arose, Coulter has made “efforts to distract and divert focus on the process regarding this complaint.”

What will her piehole have to say about this?

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  1. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    I can’t comprehend this woman. Is she crazy? Did her first boyfriend dump her after realizing he was gay? Was her father gay? Is she gay? She just seems like a terrible person to me.

  2. Richard says

    Did you hear the Ann Coulter joke on 30 Rock last night on NBC? Alec Baldwin’s character apologizes for being late for a meeting saying, “Sorry I’m late, I was at Ann Coulter’s 60th Birthday Party”. LOL

  3. Larry says

    This woman is, IMHO, one of the most morally reprehensible people around. Her labeling several of the 9/11 widows as “bitches” was easily one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen, at least until Rush Limbaugh made fun of Parkinson’s patients. What scares me is there are people who feel that she is on target. But then I spend a lot of time scared about the world we live in.

    I’d love to see voter fraud bring her down…

  4. rudy says

    Rob, Please re-read your comment. Why do you equate being gay (or having a father or former boyfriend who is gay) with being, at a minimum, incomprehensible or crazy and, at worst, a terrible person? Surely you did not intend to make this argument. What is your point? Seems like a hell of a lot of self-loathing and internalized homophobia being unintentinally expressed.

  5. Wayne says

    Rudy, Ms. Coulter is an extremely outspoken opponent of the Gays, which is what Rob is referring to I believe. I didn’t read his comments to mean that she was crazy because she had gay relatives, but more to the point of she had a negative experience with someone gay in her life and that’s why she’s such a lunatic when it comes to our peeps.

  6. Rey says

    Rudy, Rob’s comment to me seemed more to say that she may be such a nutjob (and so obsessed with demonizing gay people) due to her not being able to handle her own (or somebody’s she loved’s) sexuality.

  7. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    Rudy – Just as Wayne and Rey suggested, I did not mean to express being gay means you are crazy or a terrible person. Far from it.

    I was just wondering if she had an experience with someone who is gay that she couldn’t handle, including possibly herself. Sorry if it upset anyone. Thanks to Wayne and Rey.

  8. rudy says

    Come on people. Read Rob’s comments as written. Do not interpolate. Rob equated (or speculated about a causal relationship between) being gay and being crazy. I have no doubt that Coulter is seriously disturbed and that may be what Rob was trying to say but as structured his argument asserts that she is incomprehensible, crazy, or a terrible person because she is gay (or because her father or boyfriend is gay). Just because these are comments in a blog does not mean that we should not challenge sloppy thinking and writing. I think I agree with what Rob was trying to say but that is not what he actually wrote.

  9. says

    I assume that Rob was being facetious, referring to Mark Foley’s semi-excuse for being a pedophile.

    Anyway, I’d SO love to see Ann Coulter’s arrogant ass wrapped in federal orange. I seriously doubt that it’ll ever happen, but wouldn’t that be perfect?

  10. Rey says

    OK, now Rudy, you are the person who should reread Rob’s comments without injecting some of your own damage into them.

    I was giving you a pass because I too prefer even the most trivial weblog posts to contain descriptive and exact language but when somebody posts comments to a very queer blog, unless they’re screaming explicitly hateful crap, I’m going to read them within the context they were posted.

    You should too.

  11. khem says

    How fitting that you used the screen cap of her interview on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) when she humiliates herself by cementing her blatant lack of credibility and showcasing her sad delusional state by insisting that Canada was an active participant in the Vietnam war. I hope they find her guilty. It will be sweet justice for this crooked harpy.

  12. rudy says

    Exactly Rey! Read the comments within their context, just make sure to engage your brain. Rob did not say what he later clarified that he intended. Sloppy thinking and sloppier writing by both of you. What the hell do you mean by “injecting [my] own damage? That is not even Web-English much less standardized language.

  13. flora68 says

    OK, enough of the pissing match. Let’s get back to Ann Coulter.

    Did you know that she’s either committed voter fraud before? Either that, or else she lied about her birth date on her driver’s license.

    In 1980, she first registered to vote in New Canaan, CT, where the legal voting age is 18. Her driver’s license listed her birth date in December 1961, but later when she moved to Washington, D.C., her DC driver’s license said she was born in December 1963.

    According to Ann Coulter’s cover story in Time magazine, “Coulter says she won’t confirm the date ‘for privacy reasons’—she’s had several stalkers. ‘And I’m a girl,’ she adds.”

    So, she’s not only evil (and spreading her evil at every opportunity), but she’s also pathologially vane and seems proud of it!

    Again, I’m picturing her in federal orange, and I’m smiling.

  14. Anon says

    What are the penalties for conviction and how many people in FL get convicted of voter fraud every year? She’s really a product of the desire for TV ratings on “news” programs. The best way to get ratings is to amp up the controversy and she obliges, but she can’t keep doing it much more unless she calls for exterminating liberals as terrorists who will destroy the US. If she starts repeating herself the invites will disappear too. You can tell the chain-smoking is taking a toll on her looks too–something she relies on for bookings. You realize TV shows basically pay her to come on and say the most outrageous things she can think of. She reminds me of “Crow” from MST3K, “What I want for Christmas is to decide who lives and who dies!”.

  15. flora68 says

    “Knowingly voting in a wrong precinct is a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison, said Mike Edmondson, a spokesman for the state attorney’s office in West Palm Beach.” -from CBS News

  16. Cory says

    This is funny. Just the other day I jokingly commented that I long for the days of Ann Coulter news. Looks like my prayers have been answered. So what does this coked-up harpie have to say for herself now?

  17. Cory says

    Omg, I am truly more at a loss for the people that try to puch peoples buttons on these blogs. Rudy, if you seriously believe a gay man equates being insane and crazy with gay you have some serious unconscious demons to face. Truthfully, I think you’re just bored and looking to get a rise out of people, as is often the case with certain people that like to debate and throw insults on these blogs…

    And Larry, I couldn’t agree more, I am continually growing weary of this world and this country. The Republikkklan party is increasingly hostile, ignorant, malisious and unrelenting. It’s frightening…

  18. Leland says

    Two books that I recently started reading both discuss Coulter, as well as many other players in the extreme right. “What Liberal Media?” and “Blinded by the Right” reveal intricacies of a highly funded information fraud industry and premeditated demagoguery that left even moi, Towleroad’s resident cynic, with his mouth agape.

    EVERY subject that should concern us are discussed therein: Coulter, Rove, Bush, Reagan, Nixon, Bork, the Olsens, Scaife’s mulitmillion dollar bankrolling of all kinds of American fascism including his goal to destroy the Clintons regardless of the cost in money and Truth, the ancien cons, the neocons, the Goldbergs, the Kristols, the Podhoretz, the Coors family-seeded Heritage Foundation, the Federalist Society, Fleischer, Bennett, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Will, Sullivan, Krauthammer, Buckley, Carlson, Matthews, Drudge [and whom he wanted to be his “fuck buddy”], Rev. Moon, broadcast network news, cable news, talk radio, the conspiracy of lies to discredit Anita Hill, the 2000 election and the GOP’s initial game plan for discrediting its results when they miscalculated that Bush would win the popular vote [which, of course, he did not] but lose the Electoral College [which, of course, he did], and their manipulations in Florida, at the Supreme Court, and in newsrooms all acrosss the country and the Gore campaign’s impotent response, gay rights, abortion rights, Iraq, et al., etc.

    “What…” is extensively documented, and “Blinded…” is the first-person, behind the scenes mea maxima culpa of gay David Brock, Coulter’s former friend, who received hosannas and beaucoup bucks from the right wing as long as he was their eager hatchet man, but who became another victim of the elaborate partisan attack machine of which he had been a part when his book about Hillary was not the crucifixion they demanded. We can never know if he would have returned to the progressive philosophy of his youth, had his sight restored, had that not occured any more than we can know whether Sir Lancelot would ever have publicly come out were it not for Perez. Regardless, we benefit from both, and readers gay and nongay can benefit far more from digesting the contents of these two books than swallowing a certain someone’s load…of military porn.

  19. Shawn says

    This news item feels like the equivelant of a bank robber getting arrested for shop-lifting. Hasn’t Ann Coulter done far worse things than cast one vote from the wrong locale? Perspective!!

  20. patrick nyc says

    It is ironic that she may get her voting rights taken away for something so lame. Hey they finally threw Capote in jail for tax evasion. Either way it is sweet to see that bitch in trouble.

    I still say she’s a man, no one has bigger balls than her.

  21. Darrell says

    This woman should just shut the fuck up! they even had Calista Flockharts character “Kitty” on Brothers and Sisters do her, Where was Canada in Iraq? since she stated we were in Vietnam. Not!!!! I hope she enjoys her upcoming career as the auto centre clerk in some skank Wal-Mart in Buttfuck Texas! that’s where she will end up! Or better yet some J-list (too low for the D-list) Celebrity doing Grand Openings at a local Best Buy. she’s heading there just watch! She will be the cause of her own demise.

  22. rudy says

    Cory, Please re-read Rob’s posts and my re-posts. I said in my first post that I did not believe that he was intending to draw the conclusion that he had written. Nevertheless, he was the one who concluded that Coulter must be incomprehensible, crazy, or a terrible person because she (or her father or boyfriend) was gay. That was illogical and self-loathing but it was what he wrote. If you want to have an exlcusively internal gay debating society governed by politically correct rules that is far different from my goal. I am neither bored nor enjoy pusing someone’s buttons simply for the sake of getting a rise out of him. I do not, however, think we should encourage or tolerate sloppy thinking and writing. The stakes–our civil rights–are simply too great.

  23. Leland says

    LOL, Peter, good catch! I have no idea if the Olsen Twins political judgment is as bad as their taste in clothes, but, MEA culpa, I was referring, even though I misspelled the name, to Ted Olson, an Assistant Attorney General, uh hum, under Reagan, and onetime US Solicitor General [a position called “the 10th member of the Supreme Court”] under George II after being his lead attorney in Bush v. Gore [earlier, he also defended Colorado’s antigay amendment before the Court]. Despite his denials during his USSG hearings, he was extensively involved in various aspects of the Scaife $2.3-million financed “Arkansas Project” [Paula Jones, Vincent Foster, Whitewater, Troopergate, Cheeseburgergate] devoted to discrediting the Clintons. Brock testified against him to no avail.

    His blond wife, Barbara, who quickly informed former fair child Brock that he was no longer welcome in their circle after he failed to adequately vilify Hillary, died in the plane that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, after years as a regular right wing witch with a smile on cable “news” shows and scrawling her own vicious book on Hillary called, “Hell to Pay.” Ironic given her own demise. Sue me.

    Her mourning close friend Ann Coulter used her death as an excuse to say, “[Ted and Barbara Olson’s] was a relationship that could only be cheaply imitated by Bill and Hillary.”

    PS: Anyone in Connecticut still considering voting for Friend of George Joe Lieberman should know that the same Richard Scaife has donated to his campaign.

    As Taylor Marsh has written at the Huffington Post:

    “No wonder The New York Times just endorsed Ned Lamont. Joe Lieberman has no shame. He’ll do anything, take anyone’s money in order to win. But money from Richard Mellon Scaife? No Democrat would do that, because Scaife simply doesn’t give money to Democrats. What does that say about Joe?”

  24. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    Ooo, Rudy, harsh.

    I was merely wondering what it was that made Ann HATE so much, not that I feel she’s justified to do so. Was she angry her first boyfriend was gay? Is she angry a relative a gay? Is she angry she’s gay?

    It’s a matter of misinterpretation. I didn’t imagine anyone would ever think I felt as she appears to feel. I’ll try to do better next time. You are right, however. Considering what is at stake there is little to no room for error.

  25. rudy says

    Rob, You are a gentleman. We are on the same side in this war for our civil rights. I just want our soldiers to be as well prepared as possible. I apologize if I was needlessly harsh. As a veteran of too many battles over too many years I focus on rhetorical weakness. I am an attorney; words are my tools. I hope (and strive) to use them to strenthen our family. (Although I have been known to revert to my roots as an Hispanic cowboy and repsond physically when a family member is attacked by a bigot or a homophobe.) I didn’t date a boxer in high school for nothing! Know that I have your back.

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