Jeb Bush Blocks Reporter Questioning Charlie Crist’s Sexuality

Bush_cristFlorida’s Attorney General and Gubernatorial front-runner Charlie Crist got some protection from Governor Jeb Bush (seen here with Crist at a September fundraiser) at a campaign stop in Orlando Friday when TV reporter Steven Cooper asked Crist a question regarding his sexuality.

Jeb Bush interrupted the reporter and said: “Put a smile on your face and don’t be such a horse’s ass.”

Bush later reportedly apologized, but the incident once again drew attention to rumors swirling around Crist.

Crist’s opponent, Independent Max Linn claimed on a Florida radio show that it was “common knowledge in Tallahassee that Crist is gay.” And the Broward Palm Beach New Times recently published reports that Crist has a long-term male lover who is a convicted thief and has had sexual trysts with a young former male field director for the campaign of U.S. Senate candidate Katherine Harris.

Gov. Bush snaps at Orlando reporter [florida times-union]
Jeb Bush Defends Charlie Crist’s Sexuality [wonkette]


  1. Rad says

    That’s just Jeb stretching his presidential running chops for 2008. “I am the STRONG one!”

    Who ever thought the Republicans would be “The Gay Party”…?

  2. patrick nyc says

    Didn’t someone say on this site that all assholes are from Texas? It seems that many are from the state of Florida as well. Not all are the Bush’s by the way. Also don’t forget that Pataki and Rudy are from good old NY too.

  3. Larry says

    It’s one thing when you evade the question. I certainly did that from time to time when I was younger.

    But when you repeatedly, vehemently deny your homosexuality, only to have your hypocritical self revealed later, I have no respect for you.

  4. titus says

    jordan, regarding crist, he more modrate than bush , which isn’t saying much. he was taken to task for being “pro-gay” which of course he denied in the primary, which was dirty, dirty, dirty. he beat a conservative by almost 2 to 1, which surprised me considering how conservative floirda republicans are. however the interstat 4 corridor which runs from tampa through orlando to daytona beach is were you are going to win in florida now, and it is more and more modrate.
    bothe crist and davis (dem) oppose gay marriage, crist is against repealing gay adoption (illegal in florida), davis is for gay adoption and it is in his platform. crist supports civil unions although how hard would he work for themi don’t, i’m not sure on davis position but would assume it would be similar to crist’s.
    chances are crist will win, he’ll be dealing with a (rep) house and senate, either to the right of him or hard to right of him.
    as for being gay, don’t know. would he lie to get elected and then come out afterwards ,that would be interesting ’cause no way could he win being out.

  5. Tagg says

    In other Florida campaign news, Saturday night, after the suggestion of Amazing Racer Chip Arndt, president of Freedom Democrats, to his friend, out gay DNC Treasurer Andy Tobias (AKA “John Reid,” author of “The Best Little Boy in the World”), President Clinton made a surprise appearance at the annual Miami dinner of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force. Clinton with dinner honoree NAACP Chairman Julian Bond who endorsed legalizing full gay MARRIAGE during his address:

    “We know there was a time, not so long ago, when black people in this country couldn’t marry the person of their choice either. That’s why when I am asked, ‘Are gay rights civil rights?’ my answer is always, ‘Of course they are.’” – Bond

  6. sam says

    Crist supports Florida’s ban on gay people adopting. That makes him a class A jerk in my book. Does that mean that Crist, himself is not worthy to be a parent?

    If he’s elected (and it looks like he will be), Florida will be buying themselves a future sex scandal, because it will certainly all come out.

  7. mark m says

    A gay Republican can tap dance around the term “marriage” all they want as long as they support law that legalizes unions and provides the same tax benefits (in my book).

    But not being willing to repeal the ban on Gay Adoption?

    Can’t forgive that, sorry.

    That’s truly an example of Self Loathing. Out him.

  8. Marco says

    Add me to the chorus of “Out the fucker!” since it seems he’s against the community when it counts.

    What’s with the assholes who fuck us in private and then turn around and really fuck us with their asinine policies?

  9. bambambam says

    Well, look at it this way. If he gets into office tomorrow, let’s just leave him there and out him in 2008 when the Presidential election is happening.

    He will have done A LOT MORE crystal meth and male prostitute hiring by then. He’ll just go into the book of self-hating Republican homophobes when the next gay-hating Republican runs for President demonizing us.

  10. Michael D. Fein says

    I lived in Florida for 5 years and couldn’t wait to get out. It’s not that I didn’t meet any really fine, intelligent people. It’s just that the preponderance of the people I met are just plain disinterested in anything that is not directed at their immediate physical location in the world. I remember seeing the headline of a paper on Sept 12, 2001, “The Tragedy Up North.” As if 9/11 was not a tragedy for them, just for those Americans who lived up north. In other word, small minded, myopic people. I offer my apologies to all of those Floridians who do not meet the description above, and there are many of you. But I met so many of the other kind that I felt as if I was surrounded by a mental fence separating that state from the rest of the country; especially any part north of Virginia.

  11. Cadence says

    Titus, who are Mr. Bond’s religous leaders, and how can what they think effect the current policy towards gay marriage? By the way, there are just as many White religious leaders who don’t support gay marriage, not to mention all of the White politicians who actually have a hand in forming anti gay policy.

  12. titus says

    cadence, i agree completely with what you say. i was addressing the fact that many of the black religous leaders don”t see gay rights as a civil rights issue and wished more could see the simplicity of mr bonds opinion.
    when my father’s job brought us to central florida 43 years, the pastor of our church tolds that we would not find another church in 1963 florida. he was right took us twenty years. when conservative “preachers” go to “reverend” school. they must all taken hate 101, learnign to attck the weakest of humanity.

  13. Zeke says

    Today Charlie Crist “clarified” his support for civil unions. Basically he DOESN’T support state recognized civil unions at all. He only supports gay people’s rights to enter into private contracts with each other.

    Well big f*ckin deal Charlie!

    For all of those who thought Charlie Crist was a shining example of moderate Republicanism, there you go. The closet case has just revealed his true colors. And those colors are deep, deep, religious, right-wing Republican RED.

    What a total loser, a total jerk, a total asshole and a total closet case.

  14. jimmyboyo says

    There is no gurantee he will win. davis is down by 2 points in the latest polls which is marhin of error. If the turnout is high from dems and indipendents as expected then davis will win and crist will be forgotten

  15. tom says

    come on guys…we all know Jeb is a homo from way back…

    all the signs are there:

    parental neglect, the spendthrift wife, the predlection for the steam room on travel.

  16. Crixi Van Cheek says

    It doesn’t matter what kind of turnout there is in Floriduh. The Republicunts cheat. The last election, they had County Sheriff’s at the entrances and exit lanes of all the black neighborhoods. If you even thought of driving towards a voting place, they would pull you over. Just enought to put a scare into them coloreds. If you took pictures of this practice, they were confiscated for Homeland Security reasons. Florida is an evil, racists, homophobic, selfish, hateful place, in other words…Christian.

  17. jimmyboyo says


    I hear you

    BUT this year is different in that thousands upon thousands are now recording this election on cell phone cameras and small video cameras. This election will be the most “observed” election in the history of america. The FBI are now investigating republican fraud in Va. NH just busted repubs on the robo calls….etc

  18. says

    It seems to me that Florida republicans are trying their best to keep the state politically conservative, despite a rising social trend otherwise. When I lived in Florida, I thought it wierd how, being how the state is populated with everyone in communities offset from eachother, there really wasn’t much continuity in thought. Growing up in the N.East there was always a social exchange of thoughts and political views because, I guess, we just couldn’t avoid eachother, but living in Central Florida alot of people seemed left to fend for their own for information.

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