Jeb Bush Blocks Reporter Questioning Charlie Crist’s Sexuality

Bush_cristFlorida’s Attorney General and Gubernatorial front-runner Charlie Crist got some protection from Governor Jeb Bush (seen here with Crist at a September fundraiser) at a campaign stop in Orlando Friday when TV reporter Steven Cooper asked Crist a question regarding his sexuality.

Jeb Bush interrupted the reporter and said: “Put a smile on your face and don’t be such a horse’s ass.”

Bush later reportedly apologized, but the incident once again drew attention to rumors swirling around Crist.

Crist’s opponent, Independent Max Linn claimed on a Florida radio show that it was “common knowledge in Tallahassee that Crist is gay.” And the Broward Palm Beach New Times recently published reports that Crist has a long-term male lover who is a convicted thief and has had sexual trysts with a young former male field director for the campaign of U.S. Senate candidate Katherine Harris.

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