Mark Foley Rehab Stay Extended; Movie “Flying Off Shelves”

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  1. sam says

    I’m sure Foley signed on to do Strike Force when he found out it was starring former cute twink Christopher Atkins, (not so) fresh from his underage sex opus, Blue Lagoon.

  2. Kurt says

    Oh, c’mon Andy, it’s not THAT hammy. But still, I’m totally laughing to myself after watching that. It’s a pure pop culture moment of bliss. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Marco says

    it’s pretty hammy, Kurt. And friggin’ hilarious.

    I guess it settles the “can known gay actors play straight believably” question.

    The answer is NO.

  4. kuros says

    no matter what foley does or what happens to him he will continue to receive his FULL congressional benefits package for the REST OF HIS LIFE