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Towletech3_1An exciting new promo trailer for Wii has been making the rounds, in anticipation of the release of Nintendo’s next generation gaming console later this month. Check it out above!

Towletech3_1The Game Show Network released Foley’s Follies, a free online game based on Pac-Man which features Mark Foley being pursued by Congressional pages. When Foley chomps into an "Instant Message" bubble, it is he who has a few seconds to chase the page boys and gobble them up. Look out for their next release, which we hope is a Ms. Pac-Man clone based on Ted Haggard.

Towletech3_1Microsoft launched, which promises that the iTunes-like downloadable program will be released November 14th. The site includes lots of Zune information and photos, and accessories; promo pages for indie bands; and lots of links to the emerging Zune community. Gizmodo got their hands on a Zune or three, and has a very thorough review here.

Towletech3_1Rick Santorum is doing it. So is Phil Angelides. Ned Lamont supporters, calling themselves Nedheads, are all about it. Using the internet for mudslinging campaign tactics allows candidates to harness the power of YouTube, MySpace, and fun Flash games to create negative campaigning that is distributed virally.

Towletech3_1Are your political leanings genetic? A group of scientists are researching the possible genetic influences on an individual’s choice of political ideologies — amid much criticism. "We can’t just fall for the fairy tale that all people are genetically
identical," Hibbing said. "Willful ignorance is unforgivable."

Towletech3_1A dire warning: only 50 years left for fishing. According to a Stanford University scientist who is part of a  major new study on marine biodiversity, "Unless we fundamentally change the way we manage all
the ocean species together, as working ecosystems, then this century is
the last century of wild seafood."

Towletech3_1YouTube was sued by ten-year-old industrial supply company, which claims that it will need to re-brand itself after a costly deluge of web surfers visited its site by accident. "The company’s site once drew a
steady 1,500 unique users monthly, Utube said, but that figure has
soared to some 2 million per month in recent weeks."

Towletech3_1If you’re deep into planning your fabulous gay Thanksgiving, you might find help at Yahoo’s newest web portal, Yahoo Food.

Towletech3_1The web reached a milestone in the month of October: there are now 100 million websites (domain names with content on them).

Towletech3_1In a surprising turn among two former rivals, Microsoft agreed to work with Novell to make support between their competing operating systems a greater possibility. Microsoft, considered monopolistic in the business world with its Windows operating system and Office applications, conceded to work with corporate customers who wish to integrate both Windows and Linux environments. Novell distributes an open-source version of Linux called Suse — a business model that is worlds apart from Microsoft’s. "To encourage more companies to embrace Novell’s open-source platform,
Microsoft has pledged not to assert its patent rights over any of its
technology that may be blended with Suse Linux."

Daniel Williford is our TowleTech correspondent.

You can visit him at his blog, Until Today


  1. TR says

    I could have sworn I read that second item about ‘Folley’s follies’ online somewhere before. Oh wait, I did. I think it was on Scottorama earlier today down to almost the same wording.

    Steal content much?

    PS- lets see if you delete this comment.

  2. says

    Actually, TR, Daniel’s post was taken from information provided on the Game Show Network site which hosts the game, which perhaps Scott saw as well. The Haggard editorializing was something I added after Daniel had written it. Perhaps too obvious a joke.

  3. RJ says

    Cool promo vid for the wii, though I’m not sure which is more interesting (or sad, depending on one’s point of view) – the bf/gf duking it out virtually or the number of guys playing all by themselves in dark rooms.

  4. SanJoMike says

    How Funny. I may be a bit out of touch… never heard of the Wii. I’m watching the Southpark episode where Cartman is freaking out because he has to wait 3 weeks for the Wii to be released. (And of course, Mrs. Garrison craps in her hand and throws it at a guy teaching evolution in her calssroom. I believe her words were “I’m not a #@%* monkey!” God, I miss elementary school!)

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