Channing Tatum Battles for Seattle


Channing Tatum dons (and removes) riot gear for the 2007 film Battle in Seattle which chronicles the World Trade Organization Seattle riots of 1999. Tatum and Woody Harrelson play riot cops in charge of quelling the anarchists who caused $20 million in damage to downtown Seattle in one of the nation’s largest political uprisings. Here are a few of the first images from the film, which despite the serious subject matter promise to offer at least a few opportunities for Tatum to pout those model lips and show off his tattoos.

More stills from Battle in Seattle here.

Channingtatum2 Channingtatum3

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  1. says

    wow, that will be so sexy seeing him beating up protesters. They caused 20mio in damage, so I hope we will see some blood!

  2. Kurt says

    Here in Seattle we’re waiting anxiously to see who’s been cast as Jim Foreman (little Seattle inside joke, sorry).

  3. Zeke says

    Is this the first time that Tatum and Woody have worked together?

    In my head a Woody has accompanied EVERY Tatum appearance!

  4. John T says

    I was there, but I don’t remember any of the riot cops looking like that. Of course, they were wearing darth vader masks and my eyes were watering from the tear gas, so I may have missed some.

    I just can’t wait to see how stupid this movie is.

  5. resurrect says

    ??? Missing what’s hot about this guy. Best part for me is the name – Tatum. At least it’s not the ubiquitous “J” delgue of the 90s – Justin/Jason/Jared/Joshua/et al.

    Woody tho – he just hangs back, lets it flow and the boomerang of sexy just keeps on returning the love.

  6. ohnoes says

    Ten bucks says Battle barely even acknowledges the WTO side of the story, and paints it all as noble defenders of justice versus mindlessly destructive zombies with no motivation except “violence”.

  7. steve says


    ever since he appeared in Will and Grace, Woody has been the sexiest guy in the WORLD

    yes…he even beats Jake in my books…but not by much :)

  8. iamfreakingamazing says

    i met him right after shes the man came out. seriously? he really wasnt that hot. looked like every other guy walkin down the street. but he was nice. a bit immature but normal, not stuck up at all.

  9. STEPH says

    i love channing i think hes amazing! hes a dedicated actor and really good in ‘a guide to recognising your saints’ amazing. send him my way! when does it come out?