In the Wild with Steve Backshall


Backshall3Steve Backshall is the BBC’s answer to Steve Irwin. He starred in a children’s show called The Really Wild Show which was cancelled, but recently appeared in an episode of Expedition: Borneo.

For those of you (like me) with an addiction to the Discovery Channel and other stations of that ilk, having hosts like Jeff Corwin, Bear Grylls, and Backshall is an added bonus. Since we can’t yet get it in the U.S., here’s a preview of what viewers got to see on Expedition: Borneo.

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  1. rjp3 says

    I like how everyone else is fully dressed to avoid scratches and bug bites …. and he is RIGHTLY STRIPPED TO THE WASTE videotaped flashing for the masses.

    yum yum yum

  2. burnssuit says

    Sadly, “Steve’s Photo Album” on his website only has pictures of animals. For some reason I find myself disappointed that a website for a children’s wildlife show doesn’t have shirtless photos of its host.

  3. jeff says

    Absolute butterface, but a little fur on the pecs goes a long way.

    And that stomach is just orgasmic.

    I have already recovered from my indignation over the gay bashing in the previous post. See how the gay man works? This is bad.

  4. miss dna says

    ooooooo Mary, he can sit on my face any ol time! Whoooooooeeeee… better yet gimme a bottle of poppers and an hour… spread open those cheeks babe ’cause it’s lunch time!

  5. QueerTwo Cents says

    Yep – Steve Backshall is HOT.

    Does anyone remember Troy Dann?

    Troy Dann was the host of “Outback Adventures” back in 1996.

    This Steve guy reminds me of him.

    Troy Dann was always shirtless on his show and what a great physique (w/hair!) LOL.

    I beleive he has his own fitness web site now.

    Ah, the memories I have of “Outback Adventures”…sigh.



  6. GBM says

    Wow, JT, I am in love with Gethin now… Thank you! And all this time I had been just getting by with the mediocre good looks of the Kratt Brothers : )

    Why does Gethin take off his shirt so much? I have no idea but I sure as hell am not going to complain that he’s lifting weights and in a lockerroom in front of a camera. Look to his jeans when he’s talking to the camera in the Nov 15 post…am i just imagining that?

  7. mark m says

    I’m not versed in Looks-Assassination, can someone tell me what “butterface” means? I’ll hold off on my rant about how some gays focus on a beautiful man’s flaws first before complimenting the rest of him.

    I thought Bear Grylls had a nice body but this bloke… WOW.

    Anyone ever see the zoologist who got close to the wild lions, Dave Salmoni? He is the hunkiest combination of handsome boyish good looks and gym-built physique. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. And he managed to get his shirt off a couple of times too during his show. These guys know what they’re doing!

  8. EireKev says

    Mark, “Butterface” means “but her face” (i.e. nice body but ugly). Can’t say I agree. And thanks for the rest of the links and suggestions guys! Some very attractive men.

  9. EM says

    I have to say I cannot STAND foppish gay men who immediately go for the ‘butterface’ or ‘gayface’ comments then cheerfully compliment the rest of the guy’s body. As if they’re god’s gift to men! Some of you mary’s really need to come down a peg or two.

    You WISH you could get this guy. Plus he is really nice. A genuine good guy who works hard for the programmes he makes.

  10. Jim Barnett says

    Yes, this cool Englishman made watching the program all the more interesting. How could anyone not enjoy going into a deep, dark sinkhole with this man? Imagine the possibilities!! And seeing him trek up the mountain and through the jungle — can anyone say “Tarzan?”

  11. Devon says

    Where the heck do you get pictures of this guy? I just learned about him from Expidition Borneo and have no luck getting hot pics of him.

    Thanks for your pics!!

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