John Barrowman Gets Cheeky with OK Magazine


OK Magazine trailed John Barrowman on the day of his civil partnership to Scott Gill. The couple wed in late December in Cardiff, Wales.

JohnbarrowmanBarrowman wore a kilt to the ceremony and was captured flashing his Torchwood castmate Eve Myles. Said Barrowman: “We wanted to be ourselves, and so I flashed Eve. And like a true Scot, I had nothing on underneath.”

He also told the magazine about how he met his partner of 13 years: “I was doing a play in Chichester and Scott was brought down to see the play by a mutual friend of ours. He told Scott: ‘You’ve got to see the guy in the play, he’s naked for the first seven minutes!’ So Scott certainly knew what he was getting!”

On relationships: “Relationships are work. We’ve had clashes but what I have learned from my parents is never go to bed angry…We are a couple who will get through any humps or bumps in the road. But we are not in an open relationship…If we ever split, we’re rational. We’ll talk about it. But I don’t have as much money as Paul McCartney and I’m not married to a gold-digger.”

On George Michael and open relationships: “People cruise and I don’t have a problem with George Michael doing it, because it is part of the culture. The press see it as salacious, but straight people cruise too, they have sex in public. But it’s not a big news story because it’s heterosexual. But I want people to see that there are other aspects to a gay life. It’s important for gay relationships to be recognised. Then men won’t have to cruise parks for sex or be bludgeoned to death on Clapham Common by gay haters for cruising in dark places because they are scared to be seen being intimate with each other.”

On kids: “I would love kids. I have a particular celebrity friend who says she will have a child with me. But there’s nothing in the works just yet! We would adopt a child too, probably a young child or teenager. I’m a big kid myself. I’m a big kid in a man’s body.”

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  1. Cory says

    AMEN. It’s refreshing to see an openly gay public figure display a more postive attitude on relationships. Georgie boy doesn’t speak for me on open relationships in gay culture. Personally, I’ve always believed that if someone I dated wanted an open relationship, then there is something wrong in the relationship or we are just “friends with benefits”, since the one major distinction between a partner and friends is sharing one of the most intimate experiences two people may have, the sexual intensity between two individual who care deeply for one another.

  2. Jack says

    Finally, a gay man (and celebrity) that sounds reasonably sane and sharp. Didn’t think anything of John B. before. Now he’s on my radar. Hope he continues to shed more positive insights into the “gay experience,” in an effort to help society see that gay men are no different from straight men, except when it comes to sexual partners.

  3. Barton says

    I use to think an open relationship was taboo. Now, as a man in my early 40’s I’m seeing it differently. While I prefer a closed relationship, I wouldn’t make it a deal breaker. Not because I’m desperate, just because my sex drive might not be as intense as someone elses. Regardless of open/closed debate, I think relationships all come down to trust. If you trust your partner (ie. he practices safe sex, open communications, etc..), you have more than most.

  4. Jeff says

    You know, I never knew of John Barrowman until I was looking for someone who sang a particular song that I wanted to learn. The song was “The Promise” and his was one of the only recordings that I could find of this song after doing an extensive search. I ordered the CD and have since learned how that song goes. John has a very pleasing voice and I truly enjoy listening to him.

    A few years after getting the CD I “found” him on “Putting It Together” on PBS. He was an adorable looking man. Those eyes are amazing!

    I never knew he acted also and I certainly didn’t know he was gay until I read about him here. To read more and more about him and to see clips of his performances makes me like him even more.

    He’s an excellent entertainer and by all accounts a “good guy” and a truly marvelous representative of an out and proud gay man.

  5. Zeke says

    As a married, gay, Scottish-American man, this man makes me proud on SO many levels.

    My husband and I wore the kilt, and thistle boutonnieres, for our wedding too. Clearly Barrowman, like my husband, has impeccable taste in fashion AND men! HA!

    Personally, THIS is the kind of gay “idol” and gay “hero” that I would like gay youth to see more of.

  6. Gino says

    I love our boy John B. and wish him all the best. But after looking at the OK mag photos, Scott Gill scares me.

    In every single picture of Scott Gill, he never smiles showing his teeth. John has a huge smile on his face in every picture (understandably) but Scott has this demure, smrik like expression. Like he’s got a plan.
    It’s creepy.

    Maybe he’s just got “British teeth?”

  7. Jonathon says

    Oh John B., how I love thee!

    I am a HUGE “Doctor Who” fan, so my first exposure to John was his character Captain Jack Harkness. John also participated in the very first same-sex smooch between the Doctor and one of his companions. (I always wondered what Doctor #2 and Jamie did when the Tardis doors closed, but nevermind…. that’s another fantasy for another day.)

    I haven’t seen “Torchwood” yet, but cannot wait to see more of Captain Jack and John in all his glory. Congrats to the happy couple. Just wish it coulda been me!

  8. rudy says

    Gino, As an actor John is used to playing to the “cheap seats” so all his expressions are big. His husband is not in the business of selling himself to the audience which probably accounts for his more restrained smile. He does not look any less excited to be married than does John. Read his full body language.

    And Zeke, my favorite Scotsman, I note that you stated what you wore but you ommitted what you may not have worn. Did you and the hubby go fully tradtitional and omit the briefs? It is my opinion that the Scot warriors were legendarily fierce in part because they could withstand the “full nine yards” of wool rubbing up against “the gentiles,” as my four year old nephew terms his boys. Add to that the leather and metal “pocket” (I forget the correct term) that bounces in front when walking and you have one tough tribe. Mazel Tov to both of them!

  9. Nikko says

    Hey Jack,
    What do you mean, “gay men are no different than straight men except for their sexual preferences?!” To hell with that, I hate the world the straight man has invented with all it’s oppresive institutions! What with war, government, violence,male bravado,sports culture worship,straight smut, fuck that! Can straight men be any worse than inventing boxing, wrestling, football, golf?! Yech, straight men are the cause of all the world’s problems, why would you want to emulate their rigid, fragile, masculinity?! The alternative is not a flippant effeminacy either, but kinder, more creative, men like…many of us gay men, of course!! We are overwhelmingly more gentle, creative, feminine oriented (often too much, a balance is needed), are turned off by the world of violence and war, more compassionate, etc.

  10. miss dna says

    Nikko writes: “I hate the world the straight man has invented with all it’s oppressive institutions! What with war, government, violence,male bravado,sports culture worship,straight smut”

    But Nikko, the Ancient Greeks had all that and much more and they were quite “gay” ‘tho they didn’t have that or any word for it. Just came naturally, I guess.

  11. Dan says

    Well the Greeks had impressive accomplishments, true. I hope that modern gay men are evolving towards a being a positive presence for humanity. Being in touch with both feminine and masculine sides is a good start.

  12. Zeke says

    Rudy, we wore the kilt in the ONLY way the kilt should EVER be worn, Regimental, or as it’s called in the States, “Commando”. All the boys’ “boys” at my wedding were free and unencumbered. :)

    As for the leather pouch; that would be a sporran.

    Like Barrowman and good Scotsmen everywhere, I wore the full kit at my wedding: A kilt in one of my clan’s official tartans, Prince Charlie jacket and waistcoat, sporran, Ghillie brogues (shoes), hose, flashes, Sgian Dhub (knife tucked into hose), shoulder tartan, brooch, and kilt pin in my clan’s crest.

    With all those bells and whistles, it’s enough to make a drag queen jealous.

    It’s the ONLY way for a Scotsman to wed!

  13. adamblast says

    How I wish SciFi channel would pick up “Torchwood” already! It was a rockin’ first season that American audiences deserve a chance to see! (And yeah, that second-to-last episode is a killer if you like a gay romance now & then…)

  14. Da says

    Could they be any cuter? I think not. Especially Jobn B. He seems so cheeky, and I love the picture of him in a kilt.

    What do you mean, “gay men are no different than straight men except for their sexual preferences?!” To hell with that, I hate the world the straight man has invented with all it’s oppresive institutions!
    The alternative is not a flippant effeminacy either, but kinder, more creative, men like…many of us gay men, of course!! We are overwhelmingly more gentle, creative, feminine oriented (often too much, a balance is needed), are turned off by the world of violence and war, more compassionate, etc.”
    Posted by: Nikko |

    Bravo for this post. That’s how I feel as well.

  15. Joshua says

    Gino, Scotts appearance is quite sexy actually. Sometimes a man is at his best when his mouth isn’t wide open and running off.
    But Rudy is right… actor is always **on**, so I would expect Barrowman to be the more *out* as it were, of the two.

    I hope they can be as happy as Barrowman says they are, in this day and age that would be a great thing to pull off.

  16. says

    He and his “husband” are so handsome. I’m sorry to put husband in quotes but they arent married under British law, gay marriage in Britain is still, sadly, illegal. It puzzles me as to why so many people just accept the “wedding” and “married” label when its not true. Grow some balls and fight for real equality! Like in Canada…

  17. Toto says

    To me, its very nice to see a comitted gay man that doesnt completely demonize those who decide to cruise or have open relationships. I came from a family of parents who had an “open” marriage. My parents had “friends” that they aloud each other to see from time to time. They didnt make it completely obvious to myself and siblings but I caught on as a teen. At first I was very critical and ashamed of them but as an adult I have come to see that it was what worked for them. There marriage is still strong with the same ups and downs as any couple. I cant really pass judgment on people who choose that. I find it to be small minded of people who refuse to see that not all relationships thrive the same way.

  18. TC says

    Thank you AMS for that link we would have waited more than a year probably in the USA..we’ll pay you back somehow???….

    now where are the shots of John’s Gluteus Maximus???…everyone’s so conservative when they speak of him here….he’s so fucking hot!….am I allowed to say the “f” word?..I have to read the rules of this site…thanks Andy for this blog and for keeping us informed and also the intelligent conversations that follow most f the time.

  19. says

    I didn’t know who John Barrowman was before reading this article but he does seem like a sane, sensible gay man, which is always nice to see. He’s also incredibly good-looking, which is also nice to see …

  20. Johnny says

    Cory – it’s too bad that you and others need to be so judgmental of open relationships (and I’m glad Barrowman is more open minded). It may not be right for you, but it works for many people, myself included. And after 14 years with my husband (the first 7 yrs monogamously) our relationship is stronger than ever. Plus, we get to bring whatever new ideas we learn from other sexual partners back into our own bedroom – adding even more fun to our relationship.

    I can certainly understand the appeal of monogamy, but it isn’t for everyone. The relationship between my husband and myself is deeply strong, and not held together solely by the fragile issue of sex.

  21. GBM says

    Ancient Greeks did idealize some forms of homosexual love and sex, but that doesn’t mean they were in touch with their femininity, actually quite the opposite. The homosexual ideal of two men went hand-in-hand with their mysoginistic exclusion of women from education and citizenship, who in the eyes of the law were nothing more than property and fuck vessels. Greeks approved most of sex between men of apparent age difference in a intellectual/sexual tutorship, but at the same time, they could strip away a man’s citizenship if they found out he was a bottom and therefore passively received another man’s cock. In other words, if you got fucked like a woman, you became a woman and had just as many civil rights: zero.

  22. GBM says

    And regarding Scott’s adorable smile, it seems more genuine to me than a toothy ‘cheese’ smile for every pic. But this biased opinion is coming from a fellow non-‘cheese’ smiler. : )

  23. _______ says

    Why is it so horrible for a gay man to be totally masculine? And why can’t straight men be in touch with both their masculine and feminine sides?

    Basically what I’m trying to say here is that I’m sick of people (straight or gay) telling others (straight or gay) how to fucking act, think, work, etc. Not all gay men are creative and sensitive. Not all straight men are macho and violent and cause wars. So quit the stereotyping.

  24. Walt says

    Kudos to BBC, I love the show, Torchwood, and like the charactor Jack Harkness. I watch it every Saturday, here in America. I like the other characters also, their daringness to show great emotional strengths and weakness. Keep going

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