John Barrowman Gets Cheeky with OK Magazine


OK Magazine trailed John Barrowman on the day of his civil partnership to Scott Gill. The couple wed in late December in Cardiff, Wales.

JohnbarrowmanBarrowman wore a kilt to the ceremony and was captured flashing his Torchwood castmate Eve Myles. Said Barrowman: “We wanted to be ourselves, and so I flashed Eve. And like a true Scot, I had nothing on underneath.”

He also told the magazine about how he met his partner of 13 years: “I was doing a play in Chichester and Scott was brought down to see the play by a mutual friend of ours. He told Scott: ‘You’ve got to see the guy in the play, he’s naked for the first seven minutes!’ So Scott certainly knew what he was getting!”

On relationships: “Relationships are work. We’ve had clashes but what I have learned from my parents is never go to bed angry…We are a couple who will get through any humps or bumps in the road. But we are not in an open relationship…If we ever split, we’re rational. We’ll talk about it. But I don’t have as much money as Paul McCartney and I’m not married to a gold-digger.”

On George Michael and open relationships: “People cruise and I don’t have a problem with George Michael doing it, because it is part of the culture. The press see it as salacious, but straight people cruise too, they have sex in public. But it’s not a big news story because it’s heterosexual. But I want people to see that there are other aspects to a gay life. It’s important for gay relationships to be recognised. Then men won’t have to cruise parks for sex or be bludgeoned to death on Clapham Common by gay haters for cruising in dark places because they are scared to be seen being intimate with each other.”

On kids: “I would love kids. I have a particular celebrity friend who says she will have a child with me. But there’s nothing in the works just yet! We would adopt a child too, probably a young child or teenager. I’m a big kid myself. I’m a big kid in a man’s body.”

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