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road.jpg Captain of Yale tennis team apologizes to gay group for inappropriate initiation ritual: “During dinner on Nov. 10, team members wearing women’s underwear and fishnet stockings had posed as members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and entered several residential college dining halls, where they sang and danced on tabletops, students who saw the incident said. The witnesses said the team’s initiates had signs on their backs that read, ‘I’m a faggot. Insert Here.'”

Cicillineroad.jpg Openly gay Providence mayor David Cicilline lauded for city improvements despite a ne’er-do-well family: “Last year, news broke that the mayor’s brother, John M. Cicilline, had racked up $5,880 in parking tickets and fines, making him one of the city’s biggest scofflaws. The older brother eventually paid $2,300 in August to settle the matter. Then, earlier this month, the older brother and a now-disbarred lawyer were indicted on federal corruption charges. Prosecutors said the two men requested more than $100,000 from a couple facing drug charges. According to the indictment, the two lawyers said they would use the money to set up a drug deal so their clients could expose it to authorities in the hopes of winning a lighter prison sentence.” Folks are speculating Cicilline may make a run for Rhode Island governor. Says the mayor: ”I think people judge you on who you are and what you stand for.”

road.jpg A meditation on top chefs and E-Z Bake Ovens: does cooking make you gay?

Franco_1road.jpg Overexposed: 18 actors you won’t be able to avoid in 2007.

road.jpg Would you like fries with that Federline?

road.jpg New Jersey schoolteacher Daniel Curcio settles with school district for $270,000 in lawsuit over discrimination claims: “In the lawsuit Curcio filed in October 2004, the Spanish teacher said he was reprimanded for telling his students in March 2002 he was gay. Curio also said his colleagues called him a ‘troublemaker’ and made jokes about his sexuality and the school district erased his Web page because it mentioned he is gay. In November 2002, Curio said he began experiencing stress-related panic attacks and in January 2003, he took a paid leave of absence from his job. ‘That’s all because of the fact that the harassment got so bad that I couldn’t take it anymore,’ he added.”

road.jpg Air America bought by New York realtor Stephen Green.

Newyork_2road.jpg New York magazine criticized for refusing to extend health benefits to the domestic partners of its employees. “[Spokeswoman] Torrey did not explain why New York has been so uniquely hobbled by government red tape. But another staff member wryly notes that even though long-time partners of gay and single staffers don’t qualify for health care, the magazine does offer its employees ‘bereavement leave’ for the death of ‘significant others.’ In other words, if your partner drops dead because he or she couldn’t afford to see a doctor, you won’t be docked for taking the day off to attend the funeral. Now that’s progressive!”

road.jpg Bravo’s Top Design off to “shaky start”? “…the show faces a dramatic challenge. Shows such as American Idol and Project Runway have a built-in theatricality that is difficult to replicate in a show like Top Design. The Project Runway model strutting her designer’s stuff down a catwalk serves as a dramatic climax to each episode, and Top Design’s before-and-after shots of the design space just don’t have the same emotional kick.”


  1. Chris says

    That Top Design one is sort of bollocks..What about Top Chef, which has no before and after, or runway or anything..You barely even see the food before its scarfed down.

  2. says

    HGTV already did a show exactly like Top Design. It was called Design Star and it was pretty entertaining.

    I’m kinda surprised by the hype over Top Design… I suppose they have better PR than HGTV.

  3. Jake says

    As someone smack dab in that psycho interior design world, the most drama that you can witness comes when some jewish yenta from Scarsdale gets a scratch on their furniture.

    Anyone who can hire an interior design is by default, in serious need of a variety of handlers to care for someone who can’t necessarily care for themselves.

  4. 000000 says

    Not that I didn’t realize every last one of those 18 actors would be white, but I expected at least the pretense of variation. My powers of avoidance would put the post to shame, for at least half of those people.

  5. hoya86 says

    Funny, I had the same thought about those 18 actors (and for a couple of them, that term is a stretch), but what can you do? In all likelihood this years best supporting actress, actor, and best actor will be black. Not bad.

    As for Top Design. Not good. I did, however, like Top Chef. Bravo did a good job showcasing personalities rather than trying to make it about the food. The one thing that bothered me was the presence of the hostess – Padma (sp?) whatever, she’s the wife of Salmon Rushdie and for the life of me, can’t figure out why she’s on that show. She does not add a spoonful of value and it’s obvious that the girl from Food & Wine thinks she’s an idiot.

  6. Giovanni says

    Agreed 0000 it’s kind of a drag but like hoya 86 sez this awards season is looking pretty good for poc – who would have thought hollywood would be more progressive than the net.

    Re Top Design – I think maybe Todd Oldham is too nice for t.v – at least for this format plus it would have fun to have a hottie like Thomas Obrien or even Oprah’s Nate – not that Oldham isn’t cute – just a little tame.

  7. anon says

    Technically, the first openly gay governor was Jimmy McGreedy in NJ (after he came out he served a few more months until after the election). So RI could only be the first state to elect an openly gay man or woman as governor.

  8. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    I adore David Cicilline and I find many in the state do as well, gay or not. RI may have its frightening “old family” shadiness, but David isn’t a part of that. and he’s gay, so, well, yeah I like that

  9. Zeke says

    I appreciate the Yale tennis team’s attempt at a heartfelt apology for the disgusting hazing incident but I can’t help but question their sincerity, or at least their understanding of the origins of such a homophobic display, when they say things like, “The outing was an ignorant and distasteful attempt at humor and in no way reflects our personal beliefs.”


    When a person is sitting around dreaming up ways to haze an underclassman in the most humiliating way that he can think of, what other than a BELIEF that gay is shameful and disgusting, and what, other than a BELIEF that the insinuation that a person is gay is the ultimate degrading insult, leads a person to act out in such a blatantly homophobic way?

    Having underclassmen dress in women’s clothing with signs that say, “I’m a faggot. Insert here”, doesn’t just come to a person out of the blue. It comes from a BELIEF that gays, especially feminine gays, are shameful, disgusting and less than worthy of respect. This is the same BELIEF, though to a lesser degree, that leads some assholes to beat gay men to death with baseball bats.

    If they don’t realize, or acknowledge, that this was most certainly a reflection of their personal beliefs, the apology is worthless, no positive lessons were learned and no growth or enlightenment will come from it.

  10. says

    “Top Design” is nothing but “Project Runway: Home Edition”. I think I’ll pass on that, thank you. “Project Runway” is getting really annoying in that way where a show is getting way too big for itself. Besides Tim Gunn isnt even gonna be back. AND MICHAEL WAS ROBBED!!!

    Oh and not to put down the feminine but I’m getting really bored seeing gay men as JUST hairdressers, fashion designers, and interior decorators. Wasnt reality tv supposed to open more doors? I thought Bravo was the (sorta)gay network? That’s why I’m sticking with my MTV. “Parental Control”, anybody? “True Life”? “Date My Mom” How about “Next”(my favorite!)? =)

  11. says

    I got to photograph Mayor Cicilline for a magazine interview a few months ago.

    I have a bit of a crush on him :)

    The interview was before his reelection to his second term and he was typically cagey about his intention for the governor’s office saying he was running for mayor of Providence and only that. But though our governor’s election is 4 years away, he is constantly mentioned in the list of possible Dems in ’10 (both in the gay and mainstream press). We currently have a Republican Governor who will term limit out of office in ’10.

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