Now John Mayer Chimes in on Isaiah Washington

JohnmayerEverybody’s offering their $.02 on what should be done about Isaiah Washington, including John Mayer, who suggests on a blog entry today that rather than fire Washington, the show’s writers should out his character Preston Burke as a gay man.

He even offers up a few possible scenes. Here’s one of them:



(The band plays the final exciting beats of "Kiss You Off". Jake Shears, The SCISSOR SISTERS lead singer [himself] takes the mic.)


Thank you very muuuuuuch Seattle!!! This next song is called "I Don’t Feel Like Dancing"and tonight, we want to send this song off to a very special man in the crowd, Preston Burke, webmaster of the biggest SISTERS fan site,!!! Thanks Preston! The tea cookies you left backstage were deeelish!!!

(CROWD APPLAUDS WILDLY WHILE THE BAND LAUNCHES INTO THEIR HIT SINGLE. PRESTON, now downright sheepish, grabs his coat and small pleather DKNY bag, fumbling towards the exit.)


I think I left a scalpel in that mime today. See ya!!!



  1. soulbrotha says

    Great idea. And then have Sandra Oh’s character go into a fit of rage and call him a faggot! And then have TR Knight’s character come to his defense! Love it!

  2. 000000 says

    And I thought his idea of social progress ended with dating Jessica Simpson. Never count out a good intellect!

  3. Da says

    It’s funny writing, however…but practically it would be like the practice of hazing which consists of humuliating a guy by turning him into a “sissy homo”.

    I don’t think being gay should ever be considered a punishment, it’s a blessing! So no thanks to turning Isaiah’s character into another gay joke, I’m not that desperate for acceptance nor for a gay character on TV:)

  4. 000000 says

    “I don’t think being gay should ever be considered a punishment”
    Me either. That’s what being black is for, as Charles Knipp/Shirley Q. Liquor will demonstrate. Funny, we don’t read one alphabet about that story here at Gyllenroad, as black gay bloggers go to town on it. I guess we al have our loyalties.

  5. Xavier says

    The funny thing is that Washington has played gay before, in Spike Lee’s Movie Get On the Bus, he played one half of a gay couple that was going to the Million Man March. The character did not require him to be intimate, but it is interesting to note that he has played gay before

  6. says

    i don’t watch grey’s anatomy [i get my hottie docs in scrubs fix from nip/tuck]. and i only briefly skimmed a review of john mayer’s scenario at [hey it’s been a long week for me o k]. however, i think that if isaiah washington had overheard someone speaking of him in a derrogatory way using the “n” word in the same way that he insulted his co-star with the “f [and not the fun one]” word, we would hear screaming from him up one side of hollywood blvd and down the other. i guess it takes all kinds of bigots to populate the world. hmmm, do i see a mea culpa appearance on letterman…no i guess if that did happen it would have to be on kimmel.

  7. Cory says

    i wasn’t going to chime, but as a friend of a huge John Mayer fan, those rumors that he is dating Jessica Simpson are false. They were spread by her “camp” as lame attempts for promotion. I went to John Mayer/Sheryl Crows concert last summer with a friend and he even made a snide comment about how he is not dating a bottle blond from Texas.

  8. just sayin' says

    Tramp from Texas?? He doesn’t date Lance Armstrong!

    Posted by: Anon | Jan 19, 2007 5:57:00 PM

    Hmm, surely you meant Matthew McConaughey, right?

  9. LMNOP says

    Congrats, Cory! You are so much in the FUCKING know! I’ll bet you subscribe to PROPLE, too, and never miss Entertainment Tonight! Your take on things is about enlightening as your dim wit.

  10. Joe T. says

    Sorry to say it again, but that show is the worst anyway. My boyfriend liked it and I would be stuck sitting through it for an hour. All the stories are stolen from another show “Scrubs”, only now cast with a bunch who are totally unbelievable as medical folk (they would be better cast as capable Home Depot workers, including that half-Asian lady with the sad sack dimwitted face, who we’re supposed to think is so hip). Seriously, if you were in critical condition, would you want to be wheeled into THAT hospital? With a lot of “cool” music and that self-absorbed philosophical monologue at the end (“..why do we want to become doctors..? blah blah blah). Somehow, a lot of the public found it very watchable, though. That washington guy should just be glad for his luck-out fluke of winding up on a hit show and stop being a silly bigmouth.

  11. Cory says

    LMNOP: Wtf? Do I know you? Obviously you know me to make such an (uncalled for) personal statement. My dimwit? Something tells me I could talk circles around you (FYI: It’s PEOPLE not PROPLE, but nice try fruitcake). How does my posted opinoin on a pop artist display anything about my wit? If anything, you simply have demonstrated that you’re an ass with a chip on your shoulder. If you have ever read any of my posts on here, you would hardly call my wit “dim”, but I suppose you get your jollies and hard-ons by slamming people anonymously on message boards like a pussy. However, something tells me you know me personally as this (obviously) was a personal slam. So, be a man and come out from your little protective online shell and say what you mean, or are you afraid I might AT&T reach out and slam your sorry ass back where it belongs, in the gutter… That’s all…

  12. WHYTHEHATE says

    What’s up with the hate LMNOP??? Seems you have some serious issues there my friend. I have a solution: L I T H I U M. Might help.

  13. Chrissy says

    I dont think he should be fired. Thats a dumb reason to fire anyone. It happened awhile ago, so why fire him now? That would be dumb. Words don’t kill anyone. And there are some people that will disagree with what others do. So? Thats life. Thats Reality. Whats said is said. Whats done is done. He said something wrong. Apologized. It’s over.

  14. LMNOP says

    CORY: No I do not know you personally;however, should I have that misfortune, I would most certainly say the same thing to your face. Your response to my post verifies my theory that you are truly what you write– a post-modern nihilist who not unlike your heros who grace the cover of PEOPLE have nothing to add to intelligent discourse other than perhaps the need to be dusted once in a while! Bye the bye– I apologize for the typing error. My secretary normally does these things “pour moi”. Peace!

    WHY THE HATE— No hate here– just a pragmatic realist. I have always found that those who are vapid tend to be attracted to same. Should I be accused of being hateful for recognizing this oh so prevelent distinction within the gay community, then so be it.

  15. says

    Wow, that was mental masturbation if I ever read it. I feel sorry for you. If I am so vapid why am I a PhD student at Columbia in social organizational psych? (Hint: I have a valid Columbia U email address and Columbia does not accept part-time students without full acceptance) Sadly, I do not read People, but I am certain the millions of subscribers with college educations and masters and doctorates would be flattered to know you stereotype all people who do into a category of insipid morons. I find it interesting that you have chosen to single my post out of all the previous posts as “vapid” even though there was nothing legitimately “vapid” about it. In fact, nothing I wrote referenced People magazine or any analogous publication. You know nothing of my “heroes”, or of me as you have stated, yet you find it appropriate to make sweeping generalizations regarding my character and intellect based on a silly response to a pop-culture news item posted by Andy Towel. I am greatly bewildered as to why you read this “vapid” article and its subsequent comments if this news is so beneath you. I also might add that your insults regarding the “vapid” nature of this news indirectly extend to Mr. Towle, as it is his posting we are commenting on.

    Your pseudo intellect doesn’t impress me and I am hardly insulted by your flippant, misguided commentary. If anything, you seem to be a very sad little person with a great deal of insecurity and passive-aggressive behavior. Your trite comments are amusing, as is your pathetic ersatz intellect, thank for the laugh. In all sincerity, if you ever need professional help (and it is painfully apparent you do), I can recommend colleagues and professionals who may be more than able to help you with your personal problems. Just say the word. As it appears you are looking for an argument to get your rocks off, I’m not wasting my time on you again. If we did meet in person, something tells me I could snap you in half, and don’t try to grandstand by stating you would say it to my face, you’re still not even using your real name. Go back to your parents’ basement and mental masturbate with someone who cares. Now if only I could get the five minutes back it took me to educate you on human decency and respect…

    PS: “I have always found that those who are vapid tend to be attracted to same. Should I be accused of being hateful for recognizing this oh so prevelent distinction within the gay community, then so be it.”

    For starters, it’s prevalent. Secondly, nice insult to the gay community, do you even know what you wrote? Lol

  16. Cory says

    JMG: Not a threat, just a promise. =) Besides, something tells me psychological treatment is beyond this individual, and a good old fashioned whooping wouldn’t hurt…