1. Chux says

    He’ll play another handsome player – Fernando Gonzalez in the semi’s after Gonzalez dismissed Nadal in straight sets last night.

  2. rudy says

    His shoes? I would not have been able to tell you whether he was wearing anything on his feet. And this from someone who has suffered from Carrie Bradshaw syndrome (over a dozen pair of cowboy boots alone) before it had a name.

  3. Robert says

    Does he shave/wax his upper body? I think I have seen shirtless pics of him with a very happy trail that doesn’t show up here?

  4. Brian says

    That vein that goes from his left pec across his shoulder and down his arm is simply mesmerizing.

    Anyone know how a guy can get that to show?

  5. phosphorous says

    Is that a didgeri he’s playing with there….We’ve had some nice performances from Hasy already this year, 09. Very best wishes in the latters. And enjoy it trememdously,..