Jay McCarroll Takes Tim Gunn to Task

Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll doesn’t mince words on his relationship with the show’s much-loved fashion guru Tim Gunn in this New York magazine interview:

Mccarroll“It’s tough because he talked so much shit about me in the past. And it’s hard when you’re trying to figure your business out. It’s fine. Power to him. He’s having his heyday, but I also don’t think he’s an authority on any designer’s life. He went to school for sculpture or something. I don’t think that he’s ever, to my knowledge, started a fashion line and therefore should not be the adviser or the fuckin’ creative director … how dare you pretend to know what I should be doing with my company? It’s none of your business, dude — you’ve never started a fashion line. You’ve never initiated showing at Bryant Park on your own so don’t tell me what my time line is to show at fuckin’ Bryant Park.

He doesn’t know what I want to do. Maybe I want to fuckin’ take a piss off the Empire State Building and call it fashion. But that’s my fuckin’ prerogative. I just hate that because middle America looks at him like, He’s so nice, he’s like a father to them. On the show he was, sure. I’m not bitter about the man. It’s kind of hurtful. At one point he said I was an embarrassment because I didn’t show yet. And it’s like, fuckin’-A, man. Maybe next season they can make Tim Gunn show a line. Five months. We’ll see how good it is. But don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”

Not bitter, not bitter at all. Here’s the rest of the interview


  1. ricardo says

    sounds like potential dialogue of plenty that is the blah blah root of standard problems in many of these judge based talent shows — rather than producing — it seems to lead to more of these moments (staged or not) to increase ratings moreso than actually accomplishing much of anything or inspiring any of these people….touring across middle america — for some people, nigger or fag roll of the tongue rather easily but don’t have a hateful pitchfork mentality bothering them to maintain something so dreadfully black and white.

  2. Cory says

    N: Totally agree. Kara was working that show, and she has a successful business in LA. I remember when Jay was supposed to have a series, “Project Jay”, as part of the stipulation for winning, which ended up being one show in which Kara helped him with the dress for Heidi Klum’s red carpet appearance. Jay couldn’t keep it together and Heidi lost faith in his work and timing so she dropped his dress altogether. Jay, sadly, doesn’t have the nerves and ambition to make it in the fashion world. He’s drama, which makes for great tv and ratings (which is why he won) but doesn’t make for good “real world” business application. Jay, you’re out. Auf wiedersehen.

  3. Da says

    Damn! now if only they can find an ex American Idol winner to dish it out the same way about Simon Cowell’s ‘qualifications’ my life will be complete.

  4. Marco says

    I think Jay is the most talented of the three winners yet. His line is the only one I found to be inspiring and his new stuff is damn cool.

    I think Tim was just trying to give Jay a kick in the ass and capitalize on the win. He’s said the same regarding Daniel Vosovic not doing much of anything.

    Time is a ticking and the window of opportunity is short. Make it work, bitches. Or you’ll end up like Chloe.

  5. peterparker says

    I personally wouldn’t want to wear anything designed by someone who looks as though he should be designing for plus-sized women who shop for clothing at K-Mart.

  6. Wolf says

    He’s the youngest bitter old queen I have ever seen or heard. I blew his Project Runway prize by turning it down. he screwed up his own potential series. He’s just pathetic. PLEASE Andy. If we must keep extending these “so-called” Reality Stars 15 minutes of Fame could we please keep it to the ones that at least have a bit of talent or who at least are pretty on the eyes.

    McCarrol, she got EVERYTHING she deserved.

  7. Da says

    “He’s the youngest bitter old queen”,
    “she got EVERYTHING she deserved”
    Posted by: Wolf |

    You’re not being consistent with your use of pronouns there buddy 😉

  8. Jay says

    For better or worse, Tim Gunn and everyone else at Project Runway have a direct self-interest in the (quick) success of all winners. It completely undermines the show if it’s winners cannot make it in the fashion world. What talented designer would bother with it in the future if there’s no upside?

    In contrast, look at American Idol. Love or hate Simon Cowell, some of those contestants who have either won or come close to winning have subsequently done some amazing things in a very short time. Kinda makes enduring all of his crap during the show very worthwhile.

  9. Paulo says

    I actually think Jay is quite talented. He was easily the best of his season and deserved to win. Also not sure why people are trashing his work based on the fact that he’s bigger sized and is not the sharpest personal dresser. He’s not a men’s designer. There are plenty of gay designers who make beautiful clothes for women but are a little messy or over-the-top themselves.

  10. steve says

    What a potty mouth!

    Honestly don’t people realize that it makes them sound foolish to rely on such foul language.

    Anyways if you watched the show you’d know is VERY talented. As for Kara…please all her clothes would only cater to Jennifer Lopez’s style of furs and boots…that’s not talent

  11. Da says

    “In contrast, look at American Idol. Love or hate Simon Cowell, some of those contestants who have either won or come close to winning have subsequently done some amazing things in a very short time. Kinda makes enduring all of his crap during the show very worthwhile.”
    Posted by: Jay |

    I completely disagree with that.

    If anything American Idol has a even worser track record than Project Runway, because for a show boasting over 35 million in ratings it has yielded very few stars whose success (or output quality) justifies the interest AI garners with the public.

    Most of the finalists unfortunately read like the “who’s who” of myspace.com, still there years later with a few fans in tow asking if they’ve completed that demo yet. (Head over to http://www.myspace.com/americanidolspace to find them)…The whole thing is embarassing for Idol, which is probably why they would never have those contestants back on the show just the few ones who have managed to put out 1 or 2 successful albums (Carrie, Kelly, Clay, Fantasia, Daughtry, and Ruben)…Not enough after 5 seasons and some 60 finalists imo!!

    In comparison, a show like Canada’s Star Academie, with only 2.5 million ratings, after 2 seasons had yielded 14 candidates out of 28 releasing albums with mainstream labels (50%). But that’s because the show had a whole support system in place for artists, ie casting them in follow-up shows for the station like “Total Request” where they interpret songs for the fans, and they are brought back on the show all the time.

    AI doesn’t do that: they turned Simon Cowell the richest man on television (for what tho? beating down on auditioners down on their luck and with obvious mental disabilities?) while they’ve essentially muzzled contestants and relegated them to roles of ‘background noise’ for the tv show – but that’s the American way..isn’t it?

  12. mark m says

    I kinda like Jay and I think he’s talented but he needs to develop a thicker skin. If Tim Gunn is the worst person he has to deal with in that business then he’s lucky.

  13. jay says

    DA, you are waaay out there. Who on earth outside of Canada cares one whit about “Star Acadamie?” Name one of those 14 albums that has made even a dent on the charts…

    Anyways, the point is that potential AI contestants can see an upside to placing well in the show (various new artist awards, grammy, golden globe, oscar?), as a result it attracts more real talent–and a lot of whackos too.

    That’s why Tim Gunn and the rest of the Project Runway people seriously need their top contestants like Jay and others to be demonstratively successful sooner than later upon leaving the show. Otherwise, the show will never be taken seriously be truly talented potential contestants, and it will just fade away.

  14. TAJ says

    Met and talked to this one in person one evening.
    Bitter and nasty.
    No one with this much bad energy will ever win
    over the fashion crowd…let alone the masses who
    Jay thinks are going to buy his shit.

  15. Da says

    DA, you are waaay out there. Who on earth outside of Canada cares one whit about “Star Acadamie?” Name one of those 14 albums that has made even a dent on the charts…
    Posted by: jay |

    Jay, Marie Elaine Thibert’s album sold a whopping 400k copies; that’s way more than the biggest acts in Canada and 98% of Idol finalists. She dueted with Dion in Vegas, and she’s gearing towards an international career with her next album..Wilfred Le Bouthillier sold 200k, and Marie Mai recently broke the France charts with her debut after the public there plebiscited one of her videos.

    The point being, that many tv contests in the US are a big facade of a joke. For every 1 success story that you see there are dozen more which are sent to myspace oblivion. So I think it’s cool that artists coming out of those shows are able to criticize or speak without being seen as ungrateful, while the producers are awesome (ie Tim Gunn had his turn, so must Jay.)

    I also wish some AI/Fox graduates have the balls to come out and dispell any Simon Cowell myths out there, cause he’s begging for it.

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